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Prayers to the Lord, our God.

Happy F.E.A.S.T

       This year is the YouTube fest and

            Celebration of Motherhood.


365 Days of Taking Care of you and begin to understand yourself to nurture a new life.

45 Days – Preconceive Knowledge

90 Days – First Trimester Knowledge

90 Days – Second Trimester Knowledge

90 Days – Third Trimester Knowledge

50 Days – PostCare Knowledge

S. No.

DAY 47 of 90


FEB 15 PART of me Series Hey Baby, it’s me. I know you are inside me and I want to take care ❤️ of you from this moment and forever that you will be with me and your daddy.
FEB 16 PART of me Series I have been longing to have you in me. I have been praying for you ever since i met your daddy. I want to welcome you to the best of my ability.
FEB 17 PART of me Series Playing music and listening to hymns is helping me know you. Wishing well and healthy and happy you.
FEB 18 Right Thoughts

Daily 5 Learnings

There are so many things one can do dear baby, you will know once you are able to read. There are few which I have read and want you to read from me  because it will help you know that one’s thoughts reciprocated into actions is one way to get your dreams into reality.

Buddha Teachings ” How would HE think” Ten Pointers

  1.  All that we are is the result of what we have thought, we are who we think. Our thoughts makes us.
  2. Right Intentions that is what really matters, care for everyone and in totality needs to be addressed.
  3. Think loving, compassionate thoughts, creating the intention of doing no harm and of refraining from unskillful actions and words, you are taking a step on right path.
  4. Embody your inner voice and live yourself with the Lord.
  5. If we speak or act with pure thought, happiness follows like a shadow that never leaves.
FEB 19 Right Thoughts

Daily 5 Learnings

  1. The way we think and act creates new habits and conditions for how we will act and think in future.
  2. Admire your own virtues from the depth of the heart, saying strongly words like I’m at peace, I’m happy, I’m joyful, I’m intelligent etc.
  3. Experience for yourself as this brings more clarity in the thoughts that occur in our minds fro something or someone.
  4. Right thoughts will definitely produce right actions. At every stage if one has the right kind of thought that can help, and someone who cares really can be the road to every new stage in life. (from childhood to adulthood)
  5. Repeated good intentions generate powerful inner voice.
FEB 20 Right Thoughts

Daily 5 Learnings

1. I care for everyone

2. I care for everyone.

3. I care for everyone.

4. I care for everyone.

5. I m the care of everyone.

Having to care for everyone means having God caring for you. Giving care to everyone means caring for God Himself.

FEB 21 New Learnings Each Day
  1. Mark everyday important by listening to the word of Lord. You ever know how much wonderous it could be.
  2. Good work needs no praise. Infact the more silently good work is done, the more praise comes from above.
  3. Envision the goodness factor in everyone, keep a log and retrospect whenever possible.
  4. Always have an open mind to absorb every view, but always believe in your own judgement.
  5. immediately change a negative thought into positive one.
FEB 22 Peace of Mind 1. Everything happens for good.

2. Whatever has been planned by the Lord shall be the best for everyone as we all are connected with each other through Him.

3. Let it happen. If things are according to our wish, its good, not according to our wish its even better. The unspoken truth of life.

4. We need to find/make our own path. A path which we are proud of when we see ourselves as how we are.

5. WE know ourselves better than anyone else. If we just have faith in what we act and think about ourselves and especially others, we would reach out goal one day for sure.

FEB 23 Valor Mind 1. There will be so many like you around, all you need to do is have patience, as with time everything is answered.

2. Hear the love stories around you. This will make you more strong.

3. Put your faith in the Lord as he knows the best for you and for everyone else.

4. Dont attempt to punish anyone by your words or actions, as each one of us has come into this world with their positives and negatives, we have to see only and only positives.

5. Get everyone together, make this as your goal.

FEB 24 Piece of Mind
  1. If you are not able to decide what  to do then do the most joyous work at the particular instant which brings most peace in your mind.
  2. Remember that parents are the sole source of knowledge and their blessings is the key to attain anything and achieve greater goals.
  3. Wherever you go spread spread as much happiness and knowledge if possible.
  4. Whenever someone shares some knowledge give blessings to the person from your heart.
  5. Its important to understand that all lives are connected hence we need to live for everyone else in their heart.
FEB 25 Power of Mind 1. If anyone ever asks from you, it means your time is needed by the person hence be ready for it every time.

2. Be courageous in stating your aspirations across in the moist polite manner possible.

3. Dont ever feel lonely as the Lord is always watching over you. Along with this there are so many souls who are with you, they shower their blessings if you do the right thing.

4. Meditation is really helpful.

5. If you can find people around you, who share the same goal as yours, always take initiative to bring them together.

FEB 26 Wonderous Mind
  1. If we get the ability to feel anyone’s pain, we also have the capability to cure the pain if we just pray.
  2. Prayers are most strong.
  3. Live the life that will help others around.
  4. Find a mentor who can guide you in the acquiring the knowledge that you wish to know and grow.
  5. The desires in you should be in favor for everyone.
FEB 27 Curious Mind 1. We will surely be at peace with ourselves once we think and act like God.

2. Renounce the fruits of your actions.

3. Humility is the key to your every action.

4. Let every movement be thoughtful and conscious.

5. Compassion allows one to transform resentment into forgiveness and fear into respect.

FEB 28 Motto
  1. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  2. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  3. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  4. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  5. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
MAR 1 Petulant Mind 1. Ageless thinking

2. Benevolence

3. Respect

4. Awake and Aware

5. Help others

MAR 2 Ultimate Thoughts
  1. Finding happiness for others , in others, from others.
  2. Be aware of the snowball effect of your thinking.
  3. Keep the mind in calm state.
  4. Be focused.
  5. When concentration is needed for specific task, use the power of observation and no need to think anything else but be at that moment.
MAR 3 Devoted Thoughts 1. Look life as a child.

2. Accept things as they are. Every moment and circumstance in life is opportunity to experience things as they are.

3. View failures as victories in wisdom.

4. Consciousness needs to be kept clean from all wrong thoughts.

5. Restrain from acting on angry impulses.

MAR 4 Insightful 1. If you do good work, you will surely get an insight to doing more good work.

2. Actions are important which should be always in accordance with well being of all around.

3. Note the thought before preparing food and try to make it consciously.

4. NO judgement can make you move on more easily.

5. Right thought means thinking kindly and letting go of all other thoughts.

MAR 5 Vibrant thoughts
  1. Pause and answer something, it gives sense of reflection.
  2. Experience the jot of spiritual living.
  3. Make every attempt to leave the mind in present and natural state without thinking about past or what could be in future.
  4. Clearing the mind can be done with reading something healthy.
  5. Every morning the first thought should be a wish to devote the day to the good of all living beings.
MAR 6 Zen 1. Practice clearing the mind by looking at something stable and still like waves of a beach.

2. Keep the mind at focus point at this moment.

3. Meditating helps to bring focus.

4. Enjoy the experiences in life as they come along.

5. Look at things like you are looking for first time.

MAR 7 Willful thinking 1. Thoughts manifests words,

words manifest as deed,

deed develops into habit,

habit hardens into character.

.”. Make thoughts about caring for others.

2. Right thought, right concentration,

right action, right motive,

right learning, right understanding,

right words, Righteous you.

3. While sitting and breathing, think yourself as pebble falling through clear water. Imagine it sink toward a resting spot on gentle sand of the water’s bottom.

4. If you are filled with many thoughts, bring yourself back to the room you are in.

5. Concentration can be achieved by knowing the to do list and completing the back log work first and moving to next work one at a time.

MAR 8 Redeeming
  1. Help others with the only intention of helping them and without wishing to get recognized for it.
  2. Set an intention of the day and repeat that to yourself, such as I will be attentive , good listener etc. It helps at the time of distraction.
  3. DO not wish to be anything but who you are and where you are right now.
  4. Compassion is understanding that all are in this together.
  5. Staying calm and being stable is the key component of understanding.
MAR 9 Appealing 1. Post and hang pictures and thoughts which you find appealing to look at and brings positivity inside you.

2. Self acceptance helps to bring the good in you.

3. Cultivate middle state of mind, not too happy and not too sad.

4. Happy person is one who is spread around with company of good books.

5. Ponder over three beautiful thoughts, generosity, loving-kindness friendliness  and compassion.

MAR 10 Gift of loving thoughts
  1. Create positive thoughts that support the immune system.
  2. Take pleasure in the daily chores.
  3. Happy people think happy thoughts.
  4. let every in-breath calm and relax the mind and every outward breath release any tension or thoughts it is holding.
  5. Discover the blessing of the inner silence.
MAR 11 Walk and Stumble 1. If we are open to experience and change, we can find ourselves to be able to deal with life’s different weathers.

2. We aren’t in charge of life and can’t control what people think of us. If we realize this we can live freely

3. Your treasure house is in yourself.

4. Be willing to listen.

5. Read a book you ll know you will disagree with , there is this way to sharpen your thinking.


MAR 12 Liquid Gold 1. One of the most important and precious love is the liquid gold from mother.

2. Every time you think of helping someone you plant a very powerful seed within your mind

3. Stop and become aware for a minute. Feel the sensations in you, your relationship with others, your mind and spirit. This helps to momentarily relieve oneself from habitual thinking and take a step towards awareness.

4. Instead of trying to think through and plan everything out, dive into the present moment and tap into wellspring of your intuitive guidance.

5. Gradually drop the ideas of who you think you should be, which you think you want to be, or who you think other people think you should be. These thoughts distracts one from living a joyful life.

MAR 13 Why walk when you can fly… 1. When you put others at the center of your life, it releases your natural desire for happiness and liberates you from your self-employed centeredness while helping you to enlighten your heart.

2. If you recognize worry for what it is, acknowledge it, put it to perspective, refuse to let it control you , that’s cultivating spiritual living.

3. Be cautious in what you believe and think of others.

4. Be grateful all the time.

5.  Kind hearts are gardens, kind thoughts are roots, kind words are flowers, and kind deeds are fruits.


MAR 14 Living Your Way 1. Find your own joy.

2. Explore your own inner self conscious.

3. Adapt to the changing circumstances.

4. Survive the difficult times.

5. Transform into the better self.

MAR 15 Words are not enough for you my babies
  1. Starting the day by reaffirming our intentions to practice loving kindness and compassion for everyone can be great beginning of the day.
  2. 2. Overcoming situation by shifting our concern from ourselves to others by acknowledging that all are on same boat
  3. Being free from judgement helps to evolve ourselves.
  4. With our thoughts we make our own world.
  5. While meditating if the talking helps to relax do so.
MAR 16 Leave your essence.. 1. All around us are different fragrances. Each having their own distinct one.

2. All around us are equipped with our own desires and own struggles to achieve them.

3. All around us come into this world with our own unique forms to survive through these challenges.

4. All around us are looking for the inner peace which resides right inside them.

5. All around us try to bring pexep to everyone who surrounds us.

MAR 17 All babies are same… 1. Just like the person’s innocence can’t be measured ,the babies cannot be compared.

2.Just like the water in the ocean can’t be measured , the babies souls’ cannot be tampered with.

3. Just like the falling leaves from the tree can’t be measured ,the babies beautiful heart cannot be seen through.

4. Just like the drops of rain from heaven above can’t be measured, the babies cries cannot be explained.

5. Just like the future of a person can’t be seen ,the babies bring their own fortune and luck.

MAR 18 Look around.. 1. Beautiful thoughts are free.

2. All living beings are Buddhas endowed with wisdom and virtue.

3. Concentration helps to be at present moment.

4. Magical things happen everyday , if we allow them.

5. Mindfulness keeps negative tendencies in check.

MAR 19 Intimidating who 1. Look for the inner oasis.

2. Direct intentions to benefiting others.

3. As soon as disturbing thought comes across shoo them away.

4. As long as one keeps thinking good for others the path for the their dreams will be cleared.

5. Sending positive vibes helps to imbibe other people’s energy as well.


MAR 20 Unleash 1. The desires can be fulfilled when we start fulfilling others.

2. Satisfaction comes when we discover our inner self.

3. Knowing oneself is the beginning of the journey.

4. Revolutionize the world with your thoughts.

5. Remember the care you have got from others.


MAR 21 Divyass Inputs as a Mom 1. Observe and getting the job done and focusing on it.

2. Don’t let the perfect become enemy of the good.

3. Trust your sillyssilly instincts.

4. Ask for help from the universe.

5. Be your own advocate.


Remember God helps those who help themselves.

MAR 22 Awareness 1. Remain mindful and awake rather than being carried away by thoughts and projections.

2. Each person has an awareness , an inner witness of the source of that person’s own intentions.

3. Raise yourself up to higher spiritual perspective by remembering that everything happens for the best.

4. Do not create pain through your thoughts.

5. Beautiful thoughts are free.

MAR 23 Mirror Image 1. Your conversation is the mirror of your thoughts.

2. Acknowledging intentions and taking responsibility for them gives possibility of transformation.

3. Mirror yourself each moment. Live in the prrspre moment.

4. Pray in front of the mirror by asking the Lord to give everyone what they need most at this time .

5. Make your mind a sanctuary for sunny and positive thoughts.

MAR 24 Rejoice and be Glad 1. Rejoice in knowing you are alive today.

2. Rejoice in understanding that life itself is a miracle.

3. Rejoice in the relationships you have and have made.

4. Rejoice in natures beautiful creations.

5. Rejoice in being yourself.

MAR 25 Holy are you.. 1. You are very spritual inside you.

2. You are holy inside you and you know it.

3. You are caring and forgiving.

4. You are adjusting and absorbing.

5. You are the love of God.

MAR 26 Blessed are you. 1. The more you are concerned about the happiness of others, the more you are building your own happiness a the same time.

2. The best way to bring peace to the world is to bring peace to ourselves through meditation and mindfulness practice.

3. Make it a point to start the day with positive and special thanks to the Lord.

4. Regard each day to be good day.

5. Focussing on what we are doing right now keeps us in the moment and replenishes us every second.

MAR 27 All that I have… 1. All that I have…is for u o Lord.

2. All that I have…is by u o Lord.

4. All that I have …is related to u o Lord.

5. All that I have ..is dedicated to u o Lord.

MAR 28 Lord I offer my life 1. Lord I offer my care to everyone.

2. Lord I offer my love to everyone.

3. Lord I offer my compassion for everyone.

4. Lord I offer my help to anyone who asks for it.

5. Lord I offer myself to You.

MAR 29 Mantras Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah |
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||Meaning:
1: Om, May All become Happy,
2: May All be Free from Illness.
3: May All See what is Auspicious,
4: May no one Suffer.
5: Om PeacePeacePeace.
MAR 30 looking forward… 1. Sometimes we look back to remember some memories that is also looking forward to.

2. Sometimes we wait for something to happen that is also looking forward to.

3. At times things happen accordingly so it becomes looking forward to.

4. Sometimes it’s unusual happening that too is looking forward to.

5. When sometime Lord’s will happen we should always look forward to it.

MAR 31 we will get there… 1. How much is the strength in getting everyone together.

2. How much of strength it is, in having a family.

3. How much of strength it is to have unity in decision making.

4. How much of strength it is in meeting new people.

5. How much of strength is inside you.

APR 1 we know You are with us 1. We know you are with us every moment and so we don’t need to worry for anything.

2. We know you are with us as we can feel you within us.

3. We know you are with us as we sense You in other people around us.

4. We know you are with us and care for us each moment.

5. We know you are with us and we promise to keep our hearts and minds clean for you to be happier each day.

DAY 45 of 45


JAN 1 Welcoming Womb Preparing the mind and body for the healthy conception begins with keeping an open mind and being adaptive.
JAN 2 Positive Thinking Staying positive is the key to bring the new life who entails within.
JAN 3 Emotionally Ready Becoming parents is one of the gifts from God. This should be one of the high points in their romantic lives.
JAN 4 Being Patient This need to b built up slowly and gradually for the parents to be.
JAN 5 Setting up Environmentally and physically consciously applying a healthy lifestyle.
JAN 6 Avoiding Stress Small and petty things may lead to this. Seamless and smooth transition needs to be made to parenthood.
JAN 7 Go Outside It restores a sense of balance to mind and body. It helps to connect with nature.
JAN 8 Mindful Meditation Trying out relaxation techniques helps to focus and strengthen oneself.
JAN 9 Treat Yourself Looking for options that helps you relax. Enjoying the moment is the underlining statement.
JAN 10 Sleep is essential Optimum Sleep is must for the body to rejuvenate.
JAN 11 Stimulate the mind By doing some kind of exercise and/or engaging in some puzzle solving activity.
JAN 12 Smile Plenty Living the day with a smile just makes up for everything.
JAN 13 Environment Friendly Its good to love the place you live and the surroundings as well. it helps to be positive.
JAN 14 Exercising a little This can bring the body into motion even if its just a 10 minute walk.
JAN 15 Healthy Check up Going for routine check up helps to get to know things about the body.
JAN 16 Diet Plan Following a healthy diet plan helps to keep the required nutrients in the body.
JAN 17 Letters to the Baby It would be nice to journal this time around for the beautiful thoughts to flow in for the new life inside you.
JAN 18 GO nuts Eating nuts in all forms at this stage makes the body stronger.
JAN 19 Get Fruity Including a fruit in the meal everyday can be a blessing and build immunity.
JAN 20 Pre-Conception Check Up It is advised to get a check up done prior to conception for the good of the baby.
JAN 21 Avoiding Caffeine and other harmful products To prepare for the baby we need to be extra cautious of what we put into our system.
JAN 22 Prenatal Vitamins Optional but useful addition to the diet supplementary.
JAN 23 Building Immunity Care and measures can be taken to boost up the immunity of the mom to be.
JAN 24 Make a Routine A nutrition full routine and healthy diet plan from the beginning helps to get into the groove.
JAN 25 Listening to Spiritual Music This helps to be in the state of melody and help to resonate positivity.
JAN 26 Being Calm Helps to relax and lowers the anxiety levels.
JAN 27 Having Fluids Drinking water, juice from fruits, fruit smoothies, yogurt helps to maintain water levels in body.
JAN 28 Maintaining Weight This can be tracked and ensured to keep as per the body mass index.
JAN 29 Informed Parent Becoming an informed parent is important in all aspects.
JAN 30 Speak Intelligent Our words should reflect positivity and be in more softer tone.
JAN 31 Reading Smartly One should start reading things which help bring balance of thoughts.
FEB 1 Loving Yourself Loving yourself is the best thing for a complete understanding of body, mind,thoughts and yourself as a whole.
FEB 2 Healthy Stocking It is very important to keep a stock of healthy food and snack options around you.
FEB 3 Engage Engaging in some activity can help to keep mind busy and channelize energy in right direction.
FEB 4 Make Peace Its important to have peace inside and around you.
FEB 5 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in Good things happening for you
FEB 6 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in Hope for everything that will come for/to you.
FEB 7 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in Joy that will come and that you will spread around.
FEB 8 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Enchantment that will come.
FEB 9 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Fondness for the new life in you.
FEB 10 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Core Values within you.
FEB 11 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Family Morals which are imbibe in you.
FEB 12 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Understanding with your partner.
FEB 13 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Prayers that will make you strong.
FEB 14 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Holyness residing in the both of you which will nurture the new life.

Ephesians 4:2

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

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