ABCs of the Day

(FEAST activity of Finding our Divinity)

Each day in our lives, which we are always grateful to see, is filled with so many mysterious set of events that we are unaware of. Most of us either have a regime of the entire day or some goals set for it. In this routine, some have their place of work and home as the two most frequent place to visit. This place of work can be encountering education for school goers, workplace for job doers, and for others home may be their best place to be.

There are times that with this regime, we may tend to feel lost at some point. Who is this we? These are those who are looking for more. More and different. Different from regular. To make a little different and bring difference, heres’ showing a reformed meaning that can be given to our Day.

When we begin our day, we can revisit these ABCs just like we visited them in our kindergarten.

A -activity of the day makes us look forward to the day. It can be our driving factor. Can be monthly activity.

B -bring smile on someones’ face. Bible study

C -clear our head and minds from unwanted thoughts and words. Also have a calender event of the day marked. Children activity

D –do it yourself (DIY) and do something which makes you happy.

E -eat and enjoy it. Also if you want make/bake/watch a recipe of the day.

F -fact of the day can be related to oneself or just to know in general about the significance of the day in history, can be events or any festivities of the day.

G -game of the day.

H -health tip of the day.

I -ideal personality who inspires us or the ideals we hope to be like someday.

J -joke of the day made by us or someone or from somewhere.

K -knowledge bit of the day.

L -loved one of the day. Learn a language

M -moral of the day which motivates us.

N -noble deed of the day.

O -origin of some culture or interesting cult.

P -prayer of the day. Pray for someone else,it helps.

Q -quote of the day.

R -riddle of the day.

S -song of the day can make our mood and that of others around us go grooving.

T -tech artefact of the day.

U -useful to someone or some useful act of the day. Being kind to someone.

V –vacationing place of day that one fancies to be there. A little trivia about it.

W -wish of the day can be pondered upon and also can be logged in some journal.

X -xperience of the day can be shared with someone and made memorable.

Y -yoga posture of the day.

Z –zumba move of the day.

There may be sometimes when we may skip the As,miss the Bs, let go of  the Cs, but we can always have the ‘Divine’ self being rejuvenated from the days’ activities which can keep us motivated. Be thankful for the wonderful day that we have seen, grateful for the life that will follow and see the new horizon each day.

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