About Us

about us put

U n I Aradhana...Praise the Lord

We are here to celebrate F.E.A.S.T. by means of

Finding, Exploring, Adapting, Surviving, Transforming into something better and be useful to someone who needs us.

Happy FEAST to all !!

Our Story

On this special occasion of International Women's Day we celebrate Women hood and with them, the Happy Go-family .

Meet the Core Elements of Our Team

find 2

Find Yourself

Base Element

So much can be looked into and look for...

explore 2

Explore Youself

Next Step

Such an amazing journey of exploration...


Adapt Yourself

is the Next Step

So much to learn during this phase...


Survive Yourself

is the one step further

Comes with Experiences ..


Transform Yourself

is Next New Step

Keep the continuum...

Next Steps...

Morals are the something with which one should be proud of..Speak up and Share.