Adapting and Evolving- is next step towards celebration of F.E.A.S.T.

Adaption can be viewed as an evolving expression. In the process of evolving one grows from within. This leads to self-improvement and development of understanding skills. This can also be a continuous practice as this forms a basis of laying the principles or morals in our lives.

In the early years of our existence, our parents lay us our ideals, as we begin our learning process from them. Then slowly and gradually teachers and other elders around us form and help us develop more variation of these ideals. We also begin to now learn from the text books although with little understanding, yet we get the knowledge of and from the past and present life of significant people. During this exercise we also have our peers playing an important role in generating more such behavioural ethics. All is left for us to choose wisely and adapt to the ones we think would suit us the best.

This adaption may not be the most impeccable ones which we choose. During this course of adaption, there may be lots of difficulties and glitches and it may not turn out to be the smoothest ride. One may not even have the freedom to have these choices, but to follow what has been told or imposed. Facing these unknown problems, what can be a superset solution?

Before that, let us understand more about adaption. To adapt to something is not easy. One needs to comprehend and examine the situation up to their analytical capability and then if and only if the power of the adapting skill will be equivalent to their grasping ability, then will it be absorbed. Phew! Eyes rolling up.

For example, sometimes when we have certain people we look up to and idealise, we tend to make a reasoning of the way in which we can try to be like them. This perception can be different for different people. This make us evolve by, the way of we adopting their behaviour and try to incorporate in our lives. This leads to the development from within, reasoned by us.

Problem occurs when we are unable to comprehend and sometimes are in the delusional state. We build a wall of thoughts and through them we don’t hear anything what our well-wishers want us to know. This is actual beginning of our adaption stage in FEAST. Here we take the failures and also learn from them and evolve from there. We understand that through the mistakes that one does , we learn more better and we also come out of a better solution for ourselves.

Then where is the solution of the faced problems? The answer is the moment the win over the inner battle of the emotions is won over by us, do we learn to recover faster. That win is simply the win over our own built wall which we now have the way to pass through, jump over it and also try and make a door through it. This door shall be the beacon of having a way in and out from our hearts and our minds and thereby learning a variety of ways to see more possible solutions. Just remember don’t close the windows of learning and let the air through them bring the wisdom that one acquires going through this phase of adaption. Happy breathing!

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