Be’ing’ Developed

(The Circle of Life-Vol I)

Today I wish to highlight two major aspects of our being. One is, which continuously develops within us every second and other is, the one after being developed. Sounds confusing!! Lets clear it together.

We come into existence by this wonderful enigmatic nature of Life. We begin to multiply in our cellular structure, take shape of actual human being in one of the safest and secure place which is our Mother’s womb. Most of us know that, before we actually experience the world outside, our connection is built through our mother and her surroundings. We may not have fully developed senses or movements but through her we are able to feel and communicate. What remains mystery is, what we grasp during that time. The only people who are aware during this process are the parents.

It may happen sometimes that parents make themselves more aware of the physical developmental aspect of our human being as oppose to our ‘be-ing’ developed while we are in the womb. Studies have shown that our process of learning starts even before our birth. This learning involves a lot of traits and persona being developed as the world is perceived from the parents. It is also proven that, this learning capacity of the growing being inside the womb is of manifold nature. Therefore, the motivation to inculcate those righteous virtues which they wish to see in their child, should be a conscious effort taken by parents.

While the parents anxiously await for their child/children to arrive, they now lay importance to not just the diet in terms of food but also in terms of the emotional being of the mother. Some of them even start conversing with their child and even get response in ways of movements and ‘kicks’. Knowing this, the parents become more interactive and also consciously take effort to present their unborn child with an environment that would be soothing for family as a whole. This opportunity of adopting virtues which are relevant and going to be prevalent, presents itself as the beginning of ‘new learning’ altogether.

When the child will come into this world parents, who will then start anticipating and expecting from their children on how-to-be, will lay a foundation of being an example for them. They will begin to realize this as the vicious circle of nature where they stood as children and their parents in front of them holding same anxiety. Similar phase being experienced by them what their parents have seen and improvising on it each time. Its relevant that most parents try to raise the bar of the upbringing of their children with every passing generation. What should be more significant as to how much the children look up-to their parents for how they wish to be in life! This establishes our ‘being’ for them from the moment we think we wish to-be-parents.


Hence, it is important for the soon to be parents, that they be in continuous and constant process of learning, adopting and applying those qualities which they wish to see in the human being, they plan to bring into this world. Help themselves develop first. Then, prepare to pass this knowledge to their forthcoming generation. At the same time, keep an open mind to modify, update and receive back from their children. Surely this shall help as those virtues which we want to see in our children, they will see in us first.

On account of Children’s Day, I wish to thank all parents who try every possible way to teach us, raise us and set an inspiring example for us. For others who still look for the inspiration and are newly parents-to-be, may they be empowered with their righteous ‘being’.

In short, keep the child in you alive!!

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