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Prayers to the Lord, our God.

Happy F.E.A.S.T

       This year is the Celebration of Parenting..

366 Days of Learnings of Parenting

Thank you Carolyn for making us parents ❤️.

From here on , I shall put down the few learnings and episodes which we shared with you especially the “firsts”.

And let’s see if this helps to make our bond be more strong.

DAY About you Something new.
0 19 April Contractions begin and I try to be as much calm as possible.  You did great helping me do that.  Finally after trying to push u a lot  so we could share same birthday you had plans of your own. Ha ha ha.
1 20 Apr mon finally at 2am u sweet angel came on my lap. Honestly tht time I had no feeling at all. As I was just hoping everything goes normal and smooth. By God’s and your graceit did. I was a bit skeptical of u will tk my milk or I cn breastfeed u but u did great my love. And by next day we had our bonding. This was after your daddy and nurses tried a lot to get you to me and we have the connection.


2 21 Apr tue Had a very pleasant and beautiful stay at hospital. Since u came at 2am on 20th I got an additional day stay offer. And we had your new born photoshoot of 48hours.
3 22apr wed the next day we got discharged and we had our lunch at the hospital and got u home. Now this moment I won’t forget as that moment a sweet melodious song came.into my ears and finally I cried thinking about you and getting u home. This was really special moment for me as I felt that I’m mom now and for u totally responsible.
4 23 apr thu now this day was little memrabyas well….I started getting heavy pain and I realii didn’t take care of me …sad face. I wasnt able to recover the way I wanted to moreso I had severe severe constipation. Hahhah. Laugh but not something I could do tht time. I felt horrible. Hehehe. Pallavi masi gave food. It was really nice and tasty .
5 24  apr fri now this day was your first Ped appointment. And it went well. Doctor over the video call said you are doing well with the breastfeeding. And I was getting enough for you . Let’s see how to goes further. Pain was a lot by now and I had almost given up as two times the pain became more. Birth pain and constipated stomach. I was just hoping I get past his phase as soon as possible. Thankfully it started working on Saturday onwards when I took the antibiotics .
6 25 apr sat we are very happy we r keeping a log of you for whole 24 hrs. And this has helped us to track your feeds and other things.
7 26 Apr sun finally I’m back on my mojo. Had a lovely hair wash and I’m so glad yourdaddy can be with me for another week without work

Yipee. All’s well. Rochit chatted for about 2hrs and had good time..

8 27 Apr mon Planned one week photoshoot for you. Hopefully it goes well. And we had nice nap plus you re giving no trouble at all.
9 28 Apr tue the photoshoot went well. We have planned dresses photoshoot as let’s c. Also daal lauki and rice today. Yes we had paneer sabji. Trying to make without spice. We did swim wear photoshoot. Your feed increased today. Came to know two people who you share your birthday with. Modern Singh’s baby boy and Bhavani one boulevard apartment friend.
10 29. Apr wed Ped appointment. Your diet has increased from today . We noticed . So I have to increymilk supply. Started manual pumping which could make it enough for you. Let’s see how it goes. U slept more the last night. We had pav bhaji and chicken mayo with raw banana chips.
11. 30 Apr thu. 10day for u. We had groceries from Costco and 99. I made paneer. U are very hungry today..ur diet has increased.
12 1may baby book has been started . Your hard disk is getting filed with ur memories.

Baby shower

Maternity photoshoot


One week

Swim wear shoot

And more videos will h coming soon.

Mother days is what I’ve planned to do YouTube channel inauguration.


13 2 may sat oiur rouitine has bnecomje of food…idli for bf, egg b hurji foir lunch, chickjen mayo for dinjner. rest ncludes

ajhwan water

amlka watrer

cocunbut water

methi tea


trying to make a diet chart includfing everythinghthat can help yoiu wityh getting all nutrients

14 3MAY SUN Expected date of arroival. but u came early in our life. we r blessed to have you on 20th of 2020. MAJOR WORK starting todayu, got the whte boad to rt tracig y schedulke and food intake to have balanced diet.

daddy wert to ofc for prints for youir baby book album.

15 4 may mon Today you are 2weeks old. Will do another photoshoot. Yaay. Just love clicking your pics. And see the change everyday . Had your doctor’s appointment today morning. So you lost weight ….sad face. Now I HV to do more to make your weight proper. I do not wish to give you formula. will try to feed you more. Hopefully your diet increase n weight too.  Pls pls eat. I think my milk is not fatty enough for you
16 5 may tue your umbilical cord fell today . We r so happy soon you will get your first bath. Your two weeks old and we r do I ng average. Yes we are tired inspite of you cooperating with us so much. Thanks for your support. We love you a lot. I m having melt downs . Sorry
17 6 may wed lot of breakdown still happening. Daddy n I not able to communicate well. Ur second week photoshoot was just you ..we couldn’t come in the pics. Daddy has gone to get the weighing machine and then to Walmart. I was making the chart for the chores and food. Food intake is morning idli chutney. Then lentils with lauki . Take two bowls of it. I add ginger powder, suanf powder, kasoori Methi, Hing for your good digestion. If ur poo is good ..I’m happy since I feel a lot for those who are not able to. And therefore I have ajwain water and Methi water for milk production. Your birth weight has still not reached and we do not wish to give you formula as it’s just artificial. Your doc is adamant to give u but we r reluctant. Please gain weight fast so we cn have better mood. Earlier for the first two weeks we were giving u feeds as per demand basis and since you nicely slept for the night we also had nice God night sleep. But after doctor has continuously told us to feed you 8 times per day. With both breast and bottle top we have started giving you scheduled feeds .we have to increase ryour weight else you will have grwoth issues…which we do not wish to see. Pls pls grow in weight. Mother Mary help us.
18 7 may thu finally good news you have put on weight and doctor is happy. We r trying to eat healthy and nutritious food. Zucchini egg omlete. Brocolli. Bread. Lettuce. Chicken mayo. Mushroom matar curry. Chicken wings curry. Main ingredients of the masalas are…jeera, garlic, kasoori Methi, ginger powder and saunf powder. Using these we r making food so it’s easy to digest for u. Love u. Yest u blasted poo poo on me. It was fun. This mother’s day il launch ur channel and then as videos in them. Sorry if u don’t like. But we want to keep all memories as much possible for u.
19 8 may fri the day was we r at home. Daddy has started working. We have dentist appointment tom for me. Made paneer curry. With tomato boiled. Waiting for you to grow up and talk to us.
20 9may sat we r regularly eating idli now. It’s an easy make and light food. Hope u like them as well. Dentist appointment was ok. Nothing to fear. Then daddy went to India Bazar and 99cents for grocery refill. We are trying to make things smooth but sometimes I lose my patience. Hope u get the patience factor from daddy. He’s the most calm person I know. He’s the best. Daddy made nice chicken gravy with chicken wings. Tomato and onion boiled and made gravy.
21 10may sun you are 20days old today. It’s mothers day. Daddy got two lovely cards for us. We also did photoshoot. I made your YouTube channel today. Will try to keep uploading videos which will be your private collection a d whenever you feel like making them public’s your wish. Hope you like this little surprise form your Mommy 😍💕💕

We had brocolli fry. Dal lauki.woth palak garlic tadka. Daddy got an option to move to Canada today. So let’s see where we will be headed. Nothing final yet just doing our research to see if it will suit us.

22 11 may mon Today you are three weeks old. We are trying to make one song video for the week. Week 1 was

Mere Ghar aayi nanhi oari

Week 2 you raise me up

Week 3 tu kitni avhi hai by puja masi.

Yest we made kale fry.

23 12 may tue had a wonderful day . We have formed a routine. Daddy n me are dividing the chores and doing them. Feels great to have daddy around. We had video call with Shilpa suman shashmita masi. Then at night anil and Anand. We had moong dal and kale with banana chips and zuchini bhaji.
24 13 may wed lovely day today as well

You don’t give any trouble at all to us. We love you eternally. Made soya and gobhi with beetroot. Daddy made dal. We r enjoying every moment with u. So our routine is as soon as you sleep we start with our work of cleaning, sweeping, bottles then food . Morning idli chutney, after oats milk then fruits lunch curd coconut water tea snacks dinner.

25 14 may thu so another feather to your pics is that we have taken a memory board to place behind you and capture all moments with caption of milestones. Today we put your first Mobil on your co sleeper. It’s nice to see u gazing it. Food we had soya chunks bhaji, beetroot , raw banana chips and bread. Pallavi masi sent evening dinner of beetroot raita orange masoor dal and sabji..
26 15 may fri the day is very lazy sleeping a lot. Family day today. Both daddy n me enjoying the time with u. U had ur first head bath today. Hope it makes u feel good. After three weeks giving u head bath. Ur hair is so pretty and I love combing them Everytime.
27 16 May sat all three of us slept together in the morning. Woke up at 1130.  Had nice khichidi and now. Sleeping with you has become a habit.
28 17 may sun Costco run

Curd, milk, dishwashing liquid,paneer, moisturizer, ghee for ladoo.


India Bazar

Mustard seeds for your pillow, green Veges , garlic, snack items .

Yes we have u hair bath. You enjoyed it a lot. These days you are pulling your hair and crying as you don’t know you are only doing it yourself…hah ahahah

Made kale bhaji, mushrooms , moong dal with brinjal and lauki. Yestoallu masi got grocery from 99cents. So I have brocolli and nice mushroom which I like…hope u like the too

29 18 may mon hada nice relaxingsleep.intbr morning with u in my arms. Then did all regular work and waiting to make second batch of ladoos. Did hair wash . Your stomach not tht well . May b cos I m not eating right. I’m triyngto do everything possible. Pls forgive me. .had masoor dal. Idli. Mushroom. Methi thepla. Kale
30 19may tue you are one month today. Will be celebrating at home. You know we always wish to have family time and this year is exactly for this. We have to be indoors for our safety and so we are having the best time with each other. Your daddy is the best husband I could ever ask for. He has been for us every thick n thin. He has been a blessing to me. I love seeing him play with u.

We got up at 325 today and awake till 615am. Different experience as everyday I’d different with u.  We switched on TV after a month. Saw back to future. Meanwhile made another batch if ladoos and made paneer and brocolli for lunch. Ditched daal. Hahaha…I love paneer ..hope u like it too….

Did laundry also and vacuuming the house

31 20 May wed waiting for one month birthday tom. Daddy worked today. So I had u. Did the photoshoot. The schedule is very tight. Want to make more videos. Uploading all videos for your channel .
32 21 may thu planning for making more videos for you. Organized a list of video series. Uterus contractions pain in abdomen like period cramps since two days.
33 22 may fri how quickly days r passing. Getting period cramps.

Series of food options

Green – kale spinach brocolli. Beetroot leaves bellpeppers

Squashes zuchini in egg,bottle guard , Tori, brinjal

Bf option idli

Other Veges

Mushroom, beetroot paneer

34 23 May sat your Daddy’s birthday today. We cut the cake on your first month . Blue cupcake. First year for daddy a dad. With you we start the journey of Parenthood from this year. We had two types of daal .moong and green moong. Chicken . Beetroot you had your second head bath and body bath. And first massage.
35 24 may sun Cisco gave Fri sat sun mom off. We r blessed to have holidays.

Story of mothers instinct


So today when u bad done poo poo I felt u may be hungry…so quickkyl daddy warmed a bottle feed but somehow by that time u fell asleep . I still felt that u may be awake and then u may take it. Luckily u got up after fifteen minutes of power nap and then again we warmed the bottle so test if u will take it. And since last few days u have been little fussy about warmness of the milk again rejected it . Daddy sed u r not hungry so let it b. But I knew u wanted it…so I kept pushing for it and then somehow u got the latch and we were a go. Thank you for making me a mother and knowing that I cn know you as me strength in being a mother.


I’m very honest il be definitely applying this theory that if I’m happy then ul b happy. So I don’t want to b a perfect mom I wan yto be happy mom .

Thank you for making me one. I’m enjoying every bit of it.


Food has bhindi mushroom daal rice . Night ..lettuce salad. Brocolli.

36 25 May mon So as you know it’s the Sunday log..which gets published on Monday as per India time. Starting from daddy’s birthday we started making food videos so you know what we eat for you. Gave you massage and head bath . Daddy did laundry and grocery from Costco 99 India Bazar.  Shashmita n UK r expecting. Nov 5 due date
37 26 May tue hi…


Video songs for everyone

Puja started with giving idea for wishing Anmol and that’s how we started making Kareoke videos .
Next was for Pallu in laws 50th . We sang …tera mujhsr hai pehle ka nata koi.
Then we sang for Pallu…bar bar
The for Sarthak ..Jo jeera wohi sikander
Then for you ..papa kehte Hain

Now for mom dad anniiwe r planning to sing a medley

Nani Teri morni by Carolyn

Janam Janam ka saath hai nibhane ko by Jain family

Tera mujhsr hai pehla ka Naya koi By Monteiro family

Eh Meri zohrajabi…by papa

Food made

Chicken gravy recorded by daddy. Kale from yesterday. Night mushroom

38 27 may wed had a tiring Tuesday as daddy was at work and Mommy became tired doing everything. Started making video to wish mom dad for their anniversary and rolin sir for Birthday. Made chicken mushroom dal rice tea . .
39 28 may thu wed log. Visit t paed ofc. Now on making video for those inspire me and daddy. Made for Rollin Sir. As his birthday today…28th. hope u get to meet him .

Paneer delight today with frozen paratha

40 29 may fri thu log

  1. Very efficient day since I did prep prev night. Made Brussels sprouts and beetroot. Recording to log for you. Rest of the time I’m busy making daddy and me videos for our anniversary.




So it’s important to understand few things before we jump into being parents

I realized this.

There r house chores which have to be simultaneously done if there is no help

I’ve divided them into 4 categories according to my convenience and requirement.

Basic necessities.

1. Make bed

2. Sweep

3. Overnight prep Morning task ( morning remove everything and keep – curd , Veges prepped , bottle guard , zuchini )

Ajwain water

Methi tea

Soaked almonds and walnuts

Oats milk with chia seeds

Idli chutney

4. Dal boil

5. Make tea

6. Rice prep

7. Overnight cut Veges prep to cook now

8. Prepare tadka.

9. Pumping parts and bootle wash.


1. Idli peanut .chutney prepare.

2. Vaccum

3. Mopping

4. Kitchen platform cleaning

5. Status of everything to b chked ( garlic peel, Veges for next meal cut, prep gravy)

6. Fruits cut and prepare.


1. Cleaning

2. Laundry – put. Fold ,keep

3. Grocery keeping


1. Outside work

2. Making videos for Carrie.




42 31 may 2020 Posting all my previous sticky notes …for reference and to remember what I have written n kept to be seen alter.

Walmart hall


Nitrate strips for aquarium

Distilled water. Dropped the ladoos for Avani. Made mushroom . Had wonderful peaceful day.

43 1 june Next mo the started. Song of the week done yest on Saturday. Day was crazy as we had to figure out a routine and go accordingly. Fish tank cleaned .. hopefully less nitrate now. Started prepping at night and checking all status at night.
44 2june Monday going very well coordinated . Yu also r giving full support by feeding sleeping and poo ping. All’s well. Brinjal Fry in curd dish if the day.

3 june

Another Smooth day. Once the weekend is planned properly and routine is set .for next two ahead tasks.s I. Terms of food then the flowe is good. This way the other things can be prepped and checked well on advance. This helps to run the house smoothly.

Made cabbage carrot fry. Had moong orange daal brocolli.

45 3june wed
Log for the US timeSo same as above added the log
46 4 june thu wed log

Had a rough tue night . First parenting mistk by me. Gave u a hot bottle of milk. Sad face. Forgot yo test it.


U had full crankiness as ibwte not able to get enough feed enough. Finally u slept atv2 a m . I kept u on breast full night for u to keep eating in case u hungry. Things were better in the morning. Hoping u healed yourself at night little. Morning u took Bottle m we were relieved. Good we have back up food and prep done at night so things are not that rough for us food wise. Made avial dal rice

Food remaining is mushroom, paneer, cabbage dah baigan

47 5 June thu log. Nice comfortable day. Doing things ahead of time. Have buffer also. Bad a rough day yest as I had given u hot bottle And couldn’t see u half hungry. Each feed. Today u took bottle finally I got relief. Made Vermicelli. And lot of other things done.

Ordered tab let’s c. Hopefully it will me make lots of movies for you . With ur daddy n me.

48 6 june Fri log

Rough day handled u full day. No help for doing any other work. Wish I had money to get help. I took rest with you. Egg bhurji by daddy.

49 7 june Sat log

Another useful addition to the family. A white boar.d very useful to keep track of work and status of it.

Soya chunk gravy dal rice beetroot brussel sprouts. For the day. Smooth and safe. Slowly u have transitioned to bassinet and so we have time for ourselves as we see u through the camera . You slept in basinet full night yest.

50 8 June mon sun log

Foodmac grocery day today.

Everyday daddy does something before he can tk bath . Today is grocery day and yest was laundry day. Got new Veges for the week. Preparing a mix of brussel sprouts , kale, cabbage , beetroot leaves and having it for the week. All nutrients will go in it.

Next week will try same with purple cabbage and other different color added to the salad dry bhaji .

Daddy made paneer bhurji for the breakfast next day. Changing the idli routine as I couldn’t get a good batter this time. Will make dosas or uttmaps with them . If time is there.

For now the routine is


Morning waters . Ajwain Methi blood platelets juice.

Almonds walnuts

Oats milk

White egg and chutney sandwich


Dal tadka tea


Dry bhaji

Grvay bhaji..for night.

Lettuce salad



This is good nutritional diet with prenatal vitamins , fish oil and most importantly the LADOOS. This makes my day . Trying to avoid sugar. But still get tempted. Esp with the cupcakes we got for multi purpose celebration


Your 50 days. 9june

Our anniversary 💕 14june

Your second month 20june

Father’s day 21 June  .4 Occasions in a row.

Also Shashi masi sent biriyani and boil Veges so enjoyed that. Put a video for it.



51 9 june Tuesday update

Smooth day with routine of morning warm water and dry fruits.d

Oats milk

Egg bhurji and bread. With tea


Dal rice green Veges



Tortiall mushroom lettuce chicken salad.

O mil


52 10 june Mon log missed

Costco a ND 99cnets

But again not tht productive day. Becomes little difficult for me to handle and give full time . Need daddybanlot. Love it daddy a lot. Had chicken lettuce salad .


53 11 June thu Wed log

Smooth day. Made kjeer Gabe Hima Shashi n pakkun all okm laundry day . Chicken rice. For dinner

54 12 june Memories of Sangeet ceremony. Made my love stories on songbn oucd witbgoogle movie.


Thu log.

So we are having smooth day with routine food. Eggs have replaced idli for a while. Rest all same. Depending on grocery  . Have back the dabbas to Hima Shashi Rice Kheer .

Today’s menu.dal rice chicken gravy beetroot brussel sprouts carrot bhaji.

Will be uploading the videos on Fri.

55 13 June sat Friday log

So grooming day for momma. Day started with bed dirty with your poo poo. So tom will b laundry day.  Having chicken Rotesri made in gravy and beetroot leaves with cabbage. I felt you have littleckkd. Die to weather change. Also  your routine if massage n body bath is set


56 14 june Compiled all videis for you to see them if we r not present to tell you. Will be making more for you to see then one day. Hope you know how much we love you. Celebration started from Saturday here…

Glad to celebrate with u as parents. Love you.

Brussels sprouts beetroot leaves special by Conrad


57 15 june Sunday log

Keeping it simple. Havingfiid home made. Will b cutting cup cake. Mostly going it PetSmart for water check and if good…getting all our friends II back. Made beetroot leaves Brussels sprouts. Moong daal. Mushroom.

Night chicken lettuce salad.

Returning the target pump for tablet.

58 16 June Mon log

We ran to Walmart …another outing…to CK for tab in discount offer. But it was not there. Let’s see which one I end up buying. Looking for a God deal.

Had the take out paneer butter masala, sarson ka saag, navratna korma. Roti n tortilla n rice daal. How the time and day flies do t understand. Really happy to have you. Love you lots.

59 17june tue log


First thing morning ur daddy sed tht u look beautiful today. So see ur pic on 16june . Then after feed you are so playful today ..we made full half n hour videos. I felt ur growing up very fast hence decided to shuffle the closet but couldn’t get chance. Will try tom.

We got TMobile offer on prints so selected 20 pics of your at Every milestone for printing. Had tortilla with paneer. Then we went out to pay gynaecologist bill at 1860 mowry avb suite 201. Then we went to laudramat for getting change of coins for laundry. Then I went to namaste plaza to get Indian stuff such honey camphor settle aloe vera juice etc.

Then we came back. Did laundry. Massage n bath. Gave u nice swing ride which you seem to enjoy.

Then made kale cabbage mix. Had idli Chutney and chicken lettuce salad. Enjoying every bit of the moment with u. Both daddy n mommy love u loads

60 18 june log for wed

Cool simple day with idli back in our menu. Love to have the peanut chutney. Saw chalk and duster and dhoni pending movie. Admiring the efforts of sushant and praying for him. He had honesty in his work. Hope he’s happy wherever he is. Hope there is world of no judgement when u grow .

Muy princess be ready for being strong. Do not do anything to seek attention. Do confide in me as I will try my best to not judge. J want to grow with u and not have any generation gap. I want u to have your opinion and choice of decision that you take. I cn help you with all options. Love you. Pray that you love me back too.

Had paneer and tortilla with green Vegie. Night had mushroom gren before with tortialla.

61 19 june Log of 18

Two events ..suman and guru anniversary and Shashi gender reveal. Now I m only bf u. Hope u likingit too . No pumping as u like being on me. But hoping I get enough to feed u once we plan ur sibbling.

Made khichidi fast fast as has a brief discussion on suahsnttopic on group.

62 20june Friday log 19 th

Cisco official holiday but still daddy was working.fulk day. So in and out he was helping but we didn’t get to next level of work which involves extra things to be prepped and done for next day.

So day was ok until at night you started becoming little cranky and so we were pretty tired getting u settled. Routine of your feeding is now every two hours from both sides. Food was simple dal khichidi and night I made mushroom gravy.


63 21 june Sat 20june log

Day was good. Dentist appointment at 11am . Planned your 2nd birthday toy story theme. You are doing very nice taking milk and sitting one one hour.  Enjoying these sessions with you making me feel connected more.

Ordered chicken biriyani and butter chicken from bawarchi Fremont and enjoyed our lunch. Meanwhile idli chutney and fruit intake goin on. Night mushroom gravy with tortilla. Enjoyed the Photosession with you. Night doing prep for cooking tom . Paneer in making. Plus grocery check and Veges cut.

Another new accomplishment ..we decided to makeover for the hall and room for better access and keeping things around. Wil be doing that on Sunday. Father’s day ….

Planned to compete Ayansh and mahi birthday gift video wishing …

64 22 june Sunday log

Daddy father’s day video made.. Photosession on bed lovely pics and videos. Have to arrange the videos on youtube. Paneer with tortilla. Costco run at 530pm .came back bath and feeds . Too tired to do makeover so will see tom.

65 23 june Mon log

Got up with all work done.

Let me list them down.

Conrad did

Water work

Peeled potatoes

Cut and marinate chicken

Made tea

Made daal

Washed utensils

Cleaned platform

Kept dal and rice for soaking

Made bhurji

Put idli for next meal

Kept chutney and curd out

Swept kitchen

Made my tray( Methi tea, papaya juice ajwain water almonds oats milk)

Microwave below cleaned

What food we ate today

Nce daddy conpletedScompleted all work nothin was left for me so I thought of making dinner. So made not so good paneer Pulao and daddy made special butter chicken gravy with three step process.

Cleaned the gas again. Rearranged the grocery area below platform .

This is half the day.

Next process was out makeover of our Hall area . Made a new area for your baby accessories . Converted the dining area in play area.

This includes your swing activity mat changing area you section photoshoot section.

Food I ate was mushroom gravy.

With tortilla which daddy got from costco yest. With milk and curd mainly.

Tom is paed appointment.



66 24 june Tue log


Nice day again lots of tasks as follows

Second month appointment paed update video all’s well.

Walgreens for pics pick up

TMobile store go gift for you

Then all this while you slept . After coming home I took bath and started doing done kitchen work.then fed you gave you thynenol.

Tn daddy went tohto his work water filling and getting some things from our as giveaway. Got your bath tub sndjumper..

Meanwhile I took care of you once daddy did laundry and bath he took you.theni strated cooking

Cutlets beetroot potato spinach. Idli chutney.utensild mushroom kale bhaji. Bottles . Sweep. Etc cut Veges. Mint cbutney

Has chicken tortilla n mushroom in the night.

67 25 june Wed log

Another lovely day. Daddy went ofc so I felt like olden days only with you with me alone this time. You were great . Had no problem .you ate and slept. No trouble. My sweet baby. I finished all kichen work while u slept. Took bath even . Enjoyed the time . Then daddy came. Mahi birthday present kept at her place. She is our neighbor. Hope you gals get to play some day.  Very helpful and kind to lend us lots of things for you. Toys/post delivery boosters etxc. We saw thappad movie. Really nice. Well acted. Had idli chutney. Mushroom. Dal khichidi. Brocolli. Daddy had hot dog. Chicken ..and beetroot potato cutlets

68 26 june Thu log 25 th


Again a lovely day. How days pass with you cant believe. U r growing up so fast. Hope u like to meet other people also. Want to teach u so many things hope u like me teaching u. So ur massage and bath was over by 230pm. Then daddy went o 99cents for fruits n Veges. We had idli chutney kale bhaji dal khichidi . Cutlet potato beetroot gravy .

69 27 June 26log

Ohn hour 7-8pm

Regular routine follows


By10am water milk n nap n feed.

Daddy time

Kitchen work

Massage and bf


Lunch 1




Momma time

Dinner Prep

Snack n tea

YouTube n Ayansh birthday video


Food khichfi.


Kale leaves





Idli Chutney




70 28 june 27 log


Had dental check-up. Last Saturday was filling.btoday was deep cleaning . Then drove to Dixon landing for getting post partum belt. Then 99 cents splurge shopping. Enjoyed.bhad made paneer last night carried that in tiffin. Fed u in the car.camw home. Gave u bath . Somehow u weren’t ready to sleep.vwevwamrwd to .u kept us busy . Made beetroot cutlets. Had with idli fry. Daddy made chicken for today get together at Shashi place.

71 29 june 28 I og

Sunday morning daddy got t few things from out for you like toys and clothes. Then we had gender reveal party for Shashi n UK. Had fun 4 hrs . Then daddy went . Then we had nice time with u.  Food had idli fry bf, chicken biriyani mushroom biriyani palak paneerSweets carrot Halwa sabudana kheer custard.


72 30  June 29 log

Had another Smooth day. Feed sleep mostly. Evening went for long drive to downtown san Jose. You are ok for one hour outing. Enjoy car seat . We had palak paneer dhahi paneer moong dal. Beetroottikki. .

73 1 july 30 June log.

D as y started little late. But went smooth. Was sleepy . Had lots of good food

Beetroot tiki

Moong dal

Navratna korma

Palak paneertea



You are growing up fast Carrie. Seeing u grow up so quickly.




74 2 july 1st log


Very smooth day with you cooperating with us. Allowed us to tk little naps as well. Same routine

Morning bf on bed till milk.

Eggs n bread with tea

Green moong dal

Lemon cake cheat day


Palak paneer nsvratra korma tortilla


Dal again

Milk again ..


75 3rd july 2 nd log

Busy day with you sweetie

Daddy had work

Started from morning with all tray of liquids . Then idli fry for bf. Tea.

Biriyani with Brussels sprouts and brocolli. Cooked. Then dal. Curd. Custard. Mango. Beetroot Rikki n milk at night.

76 4th july 3rd joy
Whttt a day..can’t imagine the happiness that I got from today. Got sooooo many gifts and books for you Carrie. Blessings to all the pple who helped . Visited five.places and got so many wonderful things. Shopping spree..Ate idli teaDalCurdIdliFruits.bananaAlso visited India few things.Listing it down1. Lots of goodie books n toys
2. Mom clothes
3. Faith book n jewelry n fairy tail
4. 4th of July outfit for you
5. Finally some decorationsCelebrated Ayansh virtual birthday
77 5july 4 sat log

Wht AAA dayyyy


Food daddy made four hours of chicken biriyani.

Putting up a pic.

Then comes most interesting part for mommy. Finally got a vission and not going to see screen anymore.started online pre school….


Details below.

Online Preschool + Program

Group Description

Hi Moms cum Teachers

Following is the process steps for Online Learning Program. ( *Completely Free*)

*1. Add your info in the ONLINE TEACHING PROGRAM sheet 2*

*2. Zoom meetings calls* will be done for respective kids in one batch. (Min size 5)

3. The *enrollment procedure* needs to be completed successfully for the classes to begin.

Also I run a *Free library* .
So let the Fun Learning Begin

*Welcome Super Multi Tasker Moms*…

1. Pls check the Group Description for details about the program.

2. Sheet 1 contains the *Teaching Material*.
Sheet 2 contains the *Details of the Kids*.
Sheet 3 contains the *Time table and Teaching pattern process*.

3.Once all data will be entered by you. Pls ping here so I can send the forms for enrollment.

Any more doubts…pls feel free to ask.

*Pls note*
Hi all,

This shall be a *Closed Group* from hereon (only the enrollers shall be part of it)

So pls do fill the details if genuinely interested in the program latest by Sunday night for the actual classes to begin.

Further steps:

1. Once details(column a-j)
are done. Ping here
2. Enrollment form shall be mailed.
3.Complete and resend.
4.Then group of 5 needs to be made.
5. Time slot to be decided by all 5moms.
Actual Interaction begins….

This shall make the further process easier for us to handle.

Kind request.🙏
Zoom call parents
Next set
After enrollment

Queries from my end
1.Al ok with one prayer common
2.All ok with recording
3.Book taking
4.Reciting by one show n tell
5. Reading homework
6 Structure? Means
7 Role play activities first week
8.Dedicated device for them to connect? Available? prefer laptop like no phone ..screen size should be min 10″
9 week 1 intros n fun activities sessions –
Art painting
10 about toys which they like
11. Morals stories
12. Board game night
Marble run
Coding robot game
Choose a profession day
Chore chart
Second Lang learn

Things to keep ready in z call
Pen n notepad
Some on the spot answers so keep the google sheet open
New mail ID,

A very Happy Guru Purnima everyone.🙏

Welcome Mommas and thanks for enrolling and starting this journey with Aradhana- Venture for Happiness.

We are limiting our first batch to 20kids.
Let’s see how this goes.

The curriculum will be planned till December 2020.

Week wise and month wise goals and tasks will be planned and communicated.
Access to which will be given once the full enrollment is completed.
(Emailed Form filling and sending back)

For smooth and flexible communication time..we have started a channel.

So Enrolled mom’s for first batch pls have a look at the videos
1. Intro and why m I doing this
2. Enrollment process

It all started with one msg on Irvine group for inquiring about any online PreSchool.

Then whre there is demand ..thee should be supply.

I wen tfor it. Hopefully base will set up for day care.

78 6july 5 log

Happy Guru Purnima


Finallyyyy ..Frost step…Thank you God. For everything.












—+++++- When you was the first book use the dictionary which you have to explain how , then pass the book with another msg… look for and imagine ….a beautiful world …which you hope for and next person will….don’t forget to take feedback and work ok it ..on it ..and then again read the book with that feedback a d huge to the next person ..with another msg and take feedback …keep doin this ..and …let’s see how it goes…….I love you selflessness….can be a start for …… Scrabble
79 7 July 6 july

Happy birthday Mahi

Happy Guru Purnima


110 8 Aug
80 8 july…What a week the month that was……

7th July started showing symptoms
8 wed had dinner with friends at our home
9 thu shashi went home
10 Fri started hallucinating thinking Jesus has come and will die for us
11sat started hallucinating more by keeping myself dilution
12 sun got final wonderland feeling where all things happening according to my will. Most stubborn day for me
13 mon started working on the meds.


Started accepted reality little
14 tue Conrad did final payment for doctor gynaecologist
15 wed Shilpa live visit and akos has stayed over in the weekend that was where I lost control in my emotions
16 thu again believing that everything is connected through me…like telecanksis
17 Fri little better and meds working
18 sat gabbar is back I took control of house and food and started working at home
19 July sun -anniversary of our proposal acceptance Conrad always kept his promise
20 July mon – did Photosession of yours also on 19th.. as that will be Indian time …
21 July tue- doctor visit ..all ok so far. Pumping so I cn feed you.made u wear frock.
22 wed Better sleep afternoon as well 3 hrs avacado toast sandwich Costco grocery 99 cents
23 thu sleepy days started so I cn restwell before start of your feeds…so smooth day… psychiatrist appointment at 11am all well continue meds as early n good news tht I cn bf u.
24 Fri little sleepy in between afternoon n evening so days going well
25 sat.. filled water, Walgreens for my meds, India Bazar for grocery , then again Walgreens. Had Dennis bf, bhurji pav night I cooked kale, daal, boiled potatoes. Not in mood for cooking.
26 sun Anand called , love birthday.

112 the month that was…. 30Jul Thu- Ordered food from bawarchi – Methi mutter and biryani. Felt lazy for 4 days. Slept in the afternoon, enjoyed food for 3 meals.
31 Jul Fri – Got up did a routine brush milk,medicine, sweeping, bottle cleaning,pump inorder to feed in the evenings. Today’s special was dosa from remaining batter with aloo baji, mushrooms, dal khichdi, broccoli, idli muchurian. Made fresh batter, cut and kept lady fingers. From Monday to Thu had sandwiches for dinner with avocados, Tom, onion, sweet kale dressing. Enjoying a dollop of jaggery and tea after every meal. Getting tempted. Today’s dinner is leftover from above.1st aug sat
Greatest day as we had our first picnic with u. Really really happy to b out. We had love and Shilpa over and had awesome food…rajma rice paneer bhurji. Dinner ordered Palau paneer Navratilova Korma chicken biriyani and veg biriyani.
Loved the fresh air. Went to lake Chabbot. Not tht far from our house. Just 30 min drive.
I tried sweet brown sugar and coconut idlis and they came out well. Made again for next morning.
2nd happy friendship 💖 day. Had sleepy and tiring day. Daddy had release and took rest. He gets up while night in batches for you. I m taking conplete rest at night.HAPPY JANMASHTAMI
113 Tue log we had wonderful janmashtami celebration at Himas (neighbor) house. Sara a fourth graders we met and Mahi so celebration was wonderful. Had Pani Puri. Made chicken and paneer and daddy made veg Pulao. Loved the day….

Reading to u.

Baby prayer book of affirmations. My healing prayer….tangled and night prayers.

114 back after small.vacaton…Wed log 12aug happy days starting now….lots of knowledge bitsoicked up.  So uppression begins now
115 happy days starting.  13aug wished the God mother for India time birthday. Hima wanted gakar Halwa I made overnight. God’s messenger theory is working….yipeem.

Watched Netflix the family movie…. understood

120 Sep logs Sunday log

Beautiful Sunday just as last one and we heard mass. Lovely sermon. Biriyani by sujendu….thunder n lighting

Saturday day spent at love place. Accident on crossing of Stevenson. Aloo tikki n pakora

121 17 Aug log of 20aug

Aim – to prove man is here fastest animal


Hypothesis. Animal can b trained




We all have heard the story of rabbit and tortoise.

Who wins the race there….tortoise…why

Slow and and steady winnsbte race. a

Than old storysstorynew story rabbit wins the race by using the tactics.

Then we heard both together in the race. And then we learnt team management.

Now it’s new thing…and.a permiterter of circle…capture cheetah and rabbit and tortoise and then put t

123 relevance of the day


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Bible verse of the day


_I set you apart from the rest of the people so that you might be mine_ – Leviticus 20:26


In my distress I prayed to the Lord and the Lord answered me and set me free – Psalm 118:5

It means, if you are caged in any sort of trouble or situation, and you feel hopeless, pray to the Lord, and he will set you free from your troubles and anxiety🙏



Sent evite for your christeningPaneer gravy

Chicken biriyani



In the hope 4

125 134 days 1sep tue log relevance of the day

Google doodle

Rouitine for a month


Lime water



Sweep bottle feed lunch utensils



135 inspiration circle counselling Routine of milk pimpung regularly  and aiming for bm whole day yipee
136 3rd sep log want to go back to schoolll..and be the yellow tie again
137 4th sep gearing up for the baptism
138 5th sep Cslebrating the death anniversary of Saint mother tsres Nd sent Steve inmrvin and baptis.
139 sun Rest stand gearing up fortom.chole bhTura at love place
140 mon new india bazar dir tea leaves abs orhwr things. 999cents to return abd avacado. Enjiyed the family day.
151 Friday log 19 in 🇮🇳 18 Sep

1.#Life …Following image is beautifully crafted 19pointer significance of life by Dalai Lama…hope this initiates the warmth of our 21day motivational gratitude towards Life

2. 😊When you focus on PROBLEMS you will Have more problems. When you focus on POSSIBITIES You will have more OPPORTUNITIES. 😊
Good Evening . 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

Chicken mayo sandwich

Steamed carrot and brocolli

Mushroom and sweet kale sauce

152 sat log 19 sep

Menu for the day

Palak paneet

Navratns korma

Pulao by daddy

Chicken drumsticks



enjoying the day

Card for memory

Thought that I relate with dragon fruit .this represents me

153 sun log carrie 55mnth done week was good. Just the same routine.

eating light food. Palak paneer



lagana using brinjals you’ll see in photos

Watchinh new girl

162 tue log Saturday we listen to father Carvalho mass at 10pm . Feels good. Then usual…

12pm ge yup daddy takes care of u full 12 hrs. He loves u like crazzy.

In one hour finish following



beddin g



then pump.

Three times a day. Enjoy the the day

163 week backlog Went out on ssaturday evening for fish buying to seafood city and Sunday evening went to San Ramon to get shopping clothes for memeememe….
164 wed log oct 1  half birthday celebration time

always choose to be with the person who brings out the best in you not the opposite.



Be employable

Be searchable

Be reachable

Be resourceful

Be yourself

Chicjen and pulaom

165 2oct log Thu log

Startedbible stories


“Gratitude is the ability to experience life as a gift. It liberates us from the prison of self–preoccupation.”

– John Ortberg


166 3 oct 2oct log…updated the album till 3months.

Oct 2

When realization happens…
It may tend to lead us to go back in past and resent some of our choices but what we need to understand is that realization wins if we begin to understand it from this moment onwards…by being in present.

#Realization rocks 🎸


“When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many things that are going right.”

– Annie Gottlier


167 4oct 3oct log

“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.”

happy Feast of Guardian Angel

169 6o t ZzMone log


“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”

– Brian Tracy


168 5oct mon Log of sunday

cleaning day shifted furniture


“Whatever we are waiting for—peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance—it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.”

– Sarah Ban Breathnach


170 Wed log Tue Walgreens offer


The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.”

– Dr. Robert Holden


Ask suganthi group and start of something ….

171 thu Wed log

cleared the pantry closet.



“If the only prayer you ever say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”

– Meister Eckhart


172 fri Thu log


“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”

– Roy T. Bennett


173 sat 10oct fri


We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here *NOW* with the power to shape your day and your future.

Steve Maraboli


Be Graceful and gentle; be tpatiennive

Also.with one another in love

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