Cd2 day 14

     Prayers to the Lord, our God.

Happy F.E.A.S.T

       This year is the Celebration of Parenting..

366 Days of Learnings of Parenting

Thank you Carolyn for making us parents ❤️.

From here on , I shall put down the few learnings and episodes which we shared with you especially the “firsts”.

And let’s see if this helps to make our bond be more strong.

Day 1 Book title chapter name Moral and lesson
20Apr Princess theme Each of the 12 princess we chose for your birthday has a virtue which weeabt you to have and hope that you inculcate those abs be creative as Carolyn and develop new meaning to these virtue.














Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

–Joshua J. Marine

21 apr Bible stories for kids

Gift from family

12 beautiful stories from Bible
22 Apr Noah goodnight story

Divya Masi gave this one

Lovely bedtime stories which Israel recite everyday for you

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for;
it is a thing to be achieved.
–William Jennings Bryan


23 Apr Bible story prayers

Cj pj learning folder

Discipline is the bridge between
goals and accomplishment.
–Jim RohnChoose to be happy. There will always be some stress. The trick is to choose to be happy in spite of it.
24 apr Getting ready for another party Daddy made balloon pillars and we are getting ready to have friends over.

Do not confuse motion and progress.
A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.
–Alfred A. Montapert

25 apr and 26 apr Birthday party on Saturday for friends. 4.famikies came and we enjoyed the games recorded some bidets for you to see the first year memories. Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the
future, concentrate the mind on the
present moment.
–Buddha115Do what you can, where you are,with what you have.–Teddy Roosevelt114
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the115
Take a moment and feel grateful for all that you have.
27 apr tue mon update month of April had been little too casual in eating. I did achieve 128lb but have to start with regular exercise for being back into shape. Lot of cheat food eating. Pastries cakes creams cupcakes all yummy and superb. Now aim to again cut down on everything and start motivating myself to do walk.

You are doing great. Infac ur getting little too much attached to me. Also crying a tag more. Want to be carried around and be played with everytime .

Do what you feel in your heart to be right–for you’ll be criticized anyway.
–Eleanor Roosevelt

The fool who knows he is a fool is that much wiser

28 apr tue log Invited another set of friends for your birthday on Wed. Hopefully the day goes well


Don’t be fooled by the calendar.
There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of

a year while another man gets a
full year’s value out of a week.
–Charles Richards

Whatever has the nature of arising has the nature of ceasing

29 apr and 30Apr day 9 had a lovely gathering to cut your4th cake. Smash cake princess cake pink cake Choc cake. Enjoyed and took videos.

Don’t spend a dollar’s worth of time
on a ten-cent decision.
–Peter Turla

To find a Buddha all you have to do is see your nature

Buddha means awareness, the awareness of body and mind that prevents evil from arising in either.

May 1 superb day we went to park and had little walk. Weekend on new month time feels nice. Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of.
–Benjamin Franklin
May 2 Sunday log Dreaming, is a form of planning.–Gloria Steinem
May 3 Monday starts with another walk of fame excercise. Education costs money.
But then so does ignorance.
–Sir Claus Moser120
He is able who thinks he is able.
It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways
Delight in heedfulness! Guard well your thoughts!
A mind unruffled by the vagaries of fortune, from sorrow freed, from defilements cleansed, from fear liberated — this is the greatest blessing4days of Buddha Teachings about mind.
May 4 started Journaling the videos on youtube for you night time activity Rajma Chawal. Enjoyed the food poc for another mom first birthday…Posting on picture.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.

–Woody Allen


Winning over ourself and becoming better each day spiritually is the perfect way to start the day

May 5 got vaccinated second dose Either write something worth reading
or do something worth writing.
–Benjamin FranklinOne day we shall look back and realize that we worried too much about things that didn’t really matter.
  • May 6 and 7
horrible after math of the second dose. Symptoms showed after 12hrs fever chills tastelessness Either you run the day, or the day runs you.
–Jim Rohn126
Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.127
The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.
May 8 and 9 and 10




mothers day special week Enjoying each day like spending a year with you ?

Every strike brings me closer
to the next home run.
–Babe Ruth

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

Life is like the harp string, if it is strung too tight it won’t play, if it is too loose it hangs, the tension that produces the beautiful sound lies in the middle

The true master lives in truth, in goodness and restraint, non-violence, moderation, and purity

May 14

May 15

May 16

May 17

Carries routine food chart

One year plus

French toast

Ragi malt (to b added)



Lunch khchidi

Suji toast

Or cheela



Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship


To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear

Following what we preach is not an easy task.


Each one if us know we are so good from inside…then no need of validation from someone…just do good and spread your goodness around.

May 18 19 my new list of each day wishes for you….365 plus 30days starting today

D1 and 366

Wish that you become creative each day and hope this creativity grows in your actions and thoughts

Wish that you learn new things each day and apply them

D2 367

Wish that you become lover of books


Wish that you learn something from each book

When the library opens we shall go to pci one book each day will make video of its moral

D3 368

Wish that you learn new skills by yourself

Wish that you wan to learn new skills like swimming bowling

D4 369

Wish that you understand the relevance of each technology that you use

Wish that you be grateful for the things that you have.

D5 370

Wish that you apply yourself by understanding what at the back mechanism which is making the tool work like video game

Wish that you create something of your own

D6 371

Wish that you be happy with what you have

Wish that you stand up for yourself but politely say what you want.

D7 372

Wish that you be humble and kind with everyone.

Wish that you understand That by being good and helpful to others always is rewarding

D8 373

Wish that you understand the value of virtues that we wish you to have by praying to Jesus that you are abundantly blessed with them

Wish that you are connected to the Lord by praying for everyone

D9 374

Wish that you have a routine and also add new learning each day like a new word or new article

Wish that you participate in all activities

D10 375

Wish that you be happy with the features you got from God and keep them natural as possible

Wish that you race with yourself and better yourself day by day

D11 376

Wish that you forgive and forget to those who do wrong to you

Wish that you ask for forgiveness as well

D12 377

Wish that you lead by setting an example

Wish that you be. LEADER in choosing right way

D13 378

Wish that you are grounded always

Wish that you understand the value of having nothing or minimal

D14 379

Wish that you understand the value of even a waste

Wish that you create something from even waste

D15 380

Wish that you know the value of friends and make whenever wherever you go

Wish that you keep the bond of relationship entact which you make

Sorry your mom doesn’t know and is very bad init.

D16 381

Wish that you learn from your mistakes

Wish that you try to follow the commandments

D17 382

Wish that you love your Bible and understand from it

Wish that I help to understand Bible

D18 383

Wish that you become beautiful person from inside which simply means your thoughts are always kind and loving and positive

Wish that you always get the positive from others

D19 384

Wish that you recognize your talent soon and make the most of it

Wish that you create your own path of leading your life by learning whatever interests you

D20 385

Wish that you understand the importance of learning which means a set of language stem subjects and then find your earning path

Wish that you find yourself always having our support no matter what.

Wish that you know we shall be there for you in every way possible

Pls do share your feelings with us ..will really help our bind be strong

D21 386

Wish that you find a friend in us too

Wish that you grow in the most beloved manner

D22 387

Wish that we prat together and this make syou strong

Wish that we eat together and thank Lord

D23 388

Wish that you find library as your best place to be

Wish that you choose someone to be with you who sees you for you

D24 389

Wish that your power of intelligence amuses everyone around

Wish that you enlighten yourself each day with new thoughts

D25 390

Wish that you learn new skill yourself

Wish that you don’t change yourself for someone

D26 391

Wish that we spent time together in library

Wish that you be an inspiration

D27 392

Wish that your charm brings others close to you

Wish that you believe in yourself for what you are capable of doing

D28 393

Wish that you achieve your dream by doing hard work

Wish that you keep yourself motivated to do hard work

D29 394

Wish that you have your own morals that makes you

Wishthat you find someone who has those same morals as you do

I didn’t fail the test.
I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.
–Benjamin Franklin

May 20 D30


Wish that you love us and w as t to be like us and help us also grow with you

Wish that you confide in us and feel secure with us


Every human being is the author of his own health or disease
May all beings have happy minds

“All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?”

May 21 D31 396

Wish on your 13m birthday that you be happy wherever you are in whatever you do

wish that you understand That being in present moment is important which means make a priority list of things to be done by you and comppete the Day


month take accordingly also have an yearly plan

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace

Inspirational quotes also each day

May 22



D32 397

Wish that you are full of love for evryone

Wish that you are number 1 in line to help someone.


Wish that you keep yourself surroundingwith  healthy relationships

Wish that you understand the true meaning of friend

D34 399

Wish that you become like your dad

Wish that you abide by our words thunk and then decide your action

The challenge is to live the life without being a hypocrite


Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings *peace*


Delight in heedfulness! Guard well your thoughts


The life lived being positive influence on others is the best one.

May 25


The diary if bipolar mom.

The cherry picking weekend that was

The admission of telling that I worship your dad..

Wish that you enjoy the delight of little things in life

Wish that you give your best in everything raht you do

Wish that you become what you want to be

Wish that you believe in yourself and stand up for what you think is right

Having one positive thought a day in mind brings most joy.144The life lived being positive influence on others is the best one.
May 27 28 29 30 31 1 37 38 39 40 41

Wish that you find happiness in small things

Wish you excel in every subject

Wish that you bring smile on someone face everyday

Wish that you are grateful for all things you have

Wish that you always aspire for being good person

Wish that you make good choices and take our advice into consideration

Wish that your words inspire others

Wish that you take interest in learning musical instruments

Wish that you allow us to be part of life decisions

Wish that you participate in all things possible

Wish that you take heed in knowing books are the way to get the key for success



Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace146
He who sits alone, sleeps alone, and walks alone, who is strenuous and subdues himself alone, will find delight in the solitude of the forest.147
Indeed, the sage who’s fully quenched rests at ease in every way; no sense desire adheres to him whose fires have cooled, deprived of fuel. All attachments have been severed, the heart’s been led away from pain; tranquil, he rests with utmost ease. The mind has found its way to peace.148
Resolutely train yourself to attain peace149
Do not turn away what is given you, nor reach out for what is given to others, lest you disturb your quietness150
The fool who knows he is a fool is that much wiser151
The true master lives in truth, in goodness and restraint, non-violence, moderation, and purity.
June 2 3 4 5 6 42 43 44 45 46

Wish that you listen to us and take our advice into consideration

Wish that you are able to speak truth to us

Wish that you feel free with us

Wish that you become capable to live by yourself and not be dependent

Wish that you enjoy whatever activity you do

Wish that you teach us too

Wish that we learn from you

The one who has conquered himself is a far greater hero than he who has defeated a thousand times a thousand men155
The external world is only a manifestation of the activities of the mind itself, and the mind grasps it as an external world simply because of its habit of discrimination and false-reasoning. The disciple must get into the habit of looking at things truthfully.156
Mind precedes all mental states. Mind is their chief; they are all mind-wrought.
June 7 47

Wish that you choose a career which helps to grow in all aspects

Wish that you choose to educate yourself as this shall remain with you forever

If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts happiness follows him like his never-departing shadow
June 8 48





Wish that you love books

Wish that you create your own path

Wish that you take interest in whatever you do

Happy 2021
*Lots of days*

Don’t carry your mistakes around you instead place them under your feet and use them as stepping stone to rose above them.
Everyone thinks of changing the world but noone thinks of changing themselves
Let go of things that hurt you but never forget what they taught you.
You live most of your life inside your head. Make sure it’s a nice place to be.
The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
Kindness isna language which deaf can hear and blind can see.

wanted to record this feeling that

10march you took your first steps on the play mat on the monkey and tht feeling is priceless and second 10june you started correlating words saying what each animal says this feeling overtook the first one

So blessed to see your brain working so fast. Picking up superbly.

Lets see.the next milestone.


Prepping for 2 birthday on 25ht June Mahi

And 3rd july Ayansh. Last year made videos for both kids as gift from you. It turned out to b nice.


June 13 14 15 update on what you are talking now Cow says


Sheep says


Such says

Quack quack

Horse says neigh neigh

Sky is blue

A for apple

B for ba ba

Lion says roar


June 16 to 22 so many milestones are getting achieved you are trying to talk and that makes us really happy.

wish that you get all that you work hard for

Happy 2021
*Day 171*
God gives different talent to different people. Wherever He has you, He has you for a purpose.

June 23 24 25 with that you can and are able to speak the truth the truth us as qe won’t be judging you but always support you in your n decisions and also take into account i UT your valuable suggestions as you too are a person with a brain

Wish that you make best use of the waste  things around and create something beautiful and meaningful which noone can even imagine

The best apology is changed behavior and surround yourself with people who bring calmness in your life.
June 26 27 28 hi Carrie

Here’s a small letter for you


Your sample routine


8hr sleep

9 exercise

Almonds Soaked

Ragi cup

Oats milk


10to15 soulful learning

16 lunch

Plus activity

17to19 learn something new musical instrument or some skill

20to 21 leisure


books books books whichever you like

There are many flaws in me baby and I know some of them very well.  I’m trying to improve myself but I’m not trying enough. Hope by the time you are able to read this I’m able to overcome few of them.  I have lots of little learnings to share with you and share my true experiences that might enlighten you like for eg

Having a routine of things and planning a month ahead are few of them. ( from details about food clothing travelling even to a mall etc being always in ready to go mode even at home )

So long story short today I saw drishyam 2 movie, the hindi version is still to com . What i felt was family is very important and to have. It’s the unity that counts. May be because of this reason I really wish to have a hugeeeeee family who can trust each other and not judge each other and always ate there for each other no mater what. Keep praying to have such family where I can be the mom. I want to understand the new generation learn from them . Grow myself. Anyway I wish that you take all good things from us as parents and help us improve so we can be your teammate in everything that you all do.


One more aspect I wanted to share with you. It’s about the thought of whether moms should work . It’s all about choices. So.e moms have to make hard choice and prioritize what they want at that time and all so because each parent have only and only this vision to Gove better life ti their children and keeping this in mind everyone strives to be better and more capable. Hope you also become a caring capable person who others can look upto .


I pray that you become a spiritual soul and always think about others. Help them only when you are capable of and most importantly never forget that in life we need to strive for everything ourselves.  No monetary nor materialistic thing should be the goal unless you have achieved it yourself. So make the best out of the waste and anything that may not a value to others but to you its got an eye.  Even a smallest grain.

Lots of love



29 june 30 got anidea that i will document what curious qs uwill b asking to us…will be fun to read later …May e for me

Hope you read these logs one day at a time and get something from them. This is just the Monteirolegacy I want you children to have…so shall keep this site active till whenever possible

Wish that you love to read.
July 1 10 days of notes


Wish that you wear all the clothes I’ve saved for sweetheart really really want u to love each of the collected items….

So gist of the things that have been happening…Mahi birthday on the 26th june weekend.  Then 4th of July weekend with Ayanash birthday on Saturday..Sunday shifting of the house from Dan Jose to Sunnyvale. 170 rent thts very nice and then Monday rest. Then evey other day shopping for grocery and beautiful gowns daddy got for mumma from Brentwood. It really is splendid. And hope to see ubweating them someday.
July 27 lots of update Regular inspirational quotes for the year

Buddha quotes

Health tips are going on






Carrie bath food

Food lunch

Carrie lunch





Carrie food





Thaw milk





Aug month update Here it goes

Inspirational quotes everyday on wa status


Buddha quotes everyday on inspiration circle.

Trying to go library during day time with you whenever possible.

Finally daddy and mommy on same page to try another sibling for you to play with. I love having kids and so I’m praying very hard to get as many kids possible this time. Today I saw mom of 5 kids handling all of them so beautifully and I wished I could be tht mom for our kids. Going to library is the best place I can imagine for all of us as family to go with..

And this is what I wish and hope for

So here we go..willbbe doing all things possible which I can’t do during lying on my stomach

Sleeping on the back.

But one thing is for sure….will b trying to eat healthy as much as possible.


List of healthy things to eat on the go



Oats cheela


Suji toast


Egg bhurji


Aug 28 @5pm Saturday beautiful feeling had such a pleasant dream with Kareena coming with her book and two kids . It was Splendid. Never will I forget as she keeps coming in my dreams.




special prayer for you little one…

May you be as happe and Healthy as your big sister. May you be the lucky one to start your journey and have a lovely environment around you.

Yes we started planning for your baby sibling. Let’s see when God willing we have the attempt successful.

Each day it’s a motivation to have someone for you


For my sweet angels

Prarthana and Prassantta

Aug 29 at 530pm again hopefully So I had dream last night that we have our little angel in me. Having to restart the new phase just so you get company to play with is what we wish for and hope to achieve. Hope the journey is smooth and peaceful as yours had been
Aug 30 Monday janmashtanlmi day Hopefully the life has started…waiting to know period begins…
Aug 31

At night 1230am ie 1sep

Had a rough night. You are ill for the first time . U vomited and had congestion

didyn have fever. Only coughing in 2 hrs and continuous sneezing.  Guilty me as I gave u ice cream. On Saturday night.. and though it was home made and banana still it was too cold for u.. hope u get better in a day or Two. Also u did sleep well in afternoon today and we were glad. Daddy took off from work and gave u full time of his and had a Splendid recovery.

saw my mom in dream giving. Advice to start tailoring things.
Sep 1 Wht new updates


Getting dreams of nice positive vibes

Felt little cramp too at night. Hopefully things go as per the one drop scenario by daddy haahahah

So Carrie…just want to let u know that there will be times when your desires and attraction towards opposite gender will be so much..there is no harm in feeling that way but it will be more better if we focus on what we want to do in life hoping we get to know that through the help of us your parents and we can guide you correctly. Also will be so much happy if we can all share these feelings openly and feel comfortable telling each other and have no boundaries.
Sep 2 Carrie and my other kids….this is something just came into my mind today and hope someday you read this …Love to me means respect. Respect which comes from someone you admire most of the things about. And this feeling is very different for different people. Love is very subjective.

Need a little secret to share

Think about what and how to serve people and imagine that being manifold. Mother Teresa is just the beginning to give an example.


Sep 3 and 4 Celebrated your anniversary of christening and enjoyed making parantha and had fun The memories of you with us and another one on the way is really feeling wonderful.  Hope to give you your playmate soon…just keeping fingers crossed.
5 6 7 8 lovely long weekend celebration at our place for two days

Played all games like pictionary 250 uno poker dumb charadshappy birthday Mother Mary. Please grant us the hope of the house that we might live in….

Saturday evening at home paratha night

Sunday evening parknand Lemon rice night

Monday evening gurudhawara  with lovely food platter and amazing taste.

Got the info about the dream house that it can be ours but it will br costly so there is conflict. But I’m happy that I tried.. sound noone knows the future im still hoping that the when which I have on it may lead us live in it.

Hopefully we take a visit for it and check it out. We don’t have the money immediate to give in and thts y we are in a fix to go for it or no. Daddy has given green signal for 650k so I’m going to try for it and see how it goes.

That shall alowts be the home of my dreams. Hopefully I show u the pictured someday if we don’t get it….

But praying very hard for it to come to us??

Sep 7 log Going to park everyday trying to make you comfortable in swing. 3 days in a row. yipee Had bhindi Tofu palal paratha gobhj paratha


Sep 8

going to park everyday to give u fresh air . Niles park regularly.

We went to get tulsi plant and dollar store for giving new beginnings.

Yes the first symptoom has come….at night the morning of 9th felt cramping really really lots. Whole night couldn’t sleep and day also was lethargic and tiring.
Sep 9 What a lively day to begin with thinking about ur sibling love. Hopefully the outcome is good. Ek onkar satnam…rosary Nd lots of positive from around
Sep 10 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi


At the eveing hours of 9th while on the way to Costco gas pump I gave daddy hint that there might be someone coming in our lives…

To be your playmate. Yes I had severe cramping full day 9th. It’s not period day so hoping that we have found someone to be in this new journey…and wishing alls well for the new beginning

So the day is very positive and very spiritually connected…getting up at 9 to 10am having warm water with lemon



Made special Ganpati Lunch thali


Carrot peas cauliflower




Kadhi palak

Methi matar



May there be noone going empty stomach and Gid provides for all in some form or the other. And we be the messengers through whom His will shall be done.



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