How to celebrate F.E.A.S.T. by Finding ourselves first (Maturity and Intrapersonal skills explained)

Celebration should be done every day and more importantly it should be felt every day. Why should there be selected days to remember and few occasions to celebrate. Why not enjoy each moment, remember them and share with others too.

In my previous article I talked about the FEAST being one of the key goals at Aradhana initiative. This acronym has been described as finding, exploring, adapting, surviving and transforming oneself. If this word is probed in the minds of everyone, I believe that will be a revolution itself. This is also because in this celebration of FEAST, the daily life experiences are the acts of learning and help one find, explore, adapt, survive or transform in any random order. This can be wilfully done for oneself and/or by helping others sharing the wisdom which one has gained from the experiences.

Let us see how that can be achieved. There is a very easy answer to this. Each one of us is born with special type of intelligences and with lot of versatilities that we are unaware about. All we need to do is to find within ourselves those hidden talents and learn to listen to what our conscience tells us.

Now what is this conscience you will want to know. We call it our reasoning module. In this reasoning module at Aradhana we give the freedom to the person to reason out the activities which will help them find themselves. This will ensure that the process of knowing oneself can be geared up and we can act as catalyst to the way of finding yourself through you.

Most of the times the simplest way is by looking into ourselves and having an open mind to learn and improve. Having the clarity to understand our behaviour in a particular situation will make us grow more and help us find ourselves deep within. These are all called intrapersonal intelligences.

Sometimes, it can be achieved simply by the way we see ourselves through others. In other words, what more can help us to find us from within is, by knowing ourselves through the people around us. For eg if we ask our well-wishers among our family members or relatives to give their perception of us. This will help us to identify ourselves better and this is also called as feedback. Many of us know this as, the person who criticizes is the one who is our benefactor but fail to understand the other side of it. This is so because the person if really has the intention to correct or see you improve, will come personally to let you know the point of view which one may miss out. That’s when the next stage comes in to picture, how well are we ready to explore ourselves? This we shall in our next segment.

Sometimes we wonder while finding ourselves we come across asking ourselves these:

  1. How should I tackle a difficult situation/ a crisis/ a problem at hand or any other adversity
  2. What should I be doing, to be heard
  3. Am I doing enough in my life
  4. How to stand out and make way for myself among others
  5. Is meditation and yoga solutions to all thoughts running in me.
  6. Do I have any Talent and if yes then why isn’t that I know about it.

In Aradhana, we are going achieve answering all your queries is by helping you rediscover yourself. For all the above queries and many more, the answer lies only with one person and that’s you. In all such situations, a person’s patience is a real test which one has to fight especially in challenging times. That becomes a celebration of adapting, surviving and transforming skills.

Also, if we are self-aware of how we should react to a particular situation then the solution can be decided much faster. It’s like categorising our emotions into the folders in our memories and sorting them out for some situations so as to lead ourselves better in searching the answers within ourselves much faster. This will also help us to let out the emotions developed due to some incident to not takeover on to some other person or some other situation.

Although this process again requires lot of endurance and very few people are able to do, it is also called as maturity. This is specially tested at the time of crisis of how well, one is reacting to situations and mostly adversities. For this to be achieved one has to be in constant process of learning and grasping good and positive points from each one that he or she will interact with knowing their own emotions. Thereby learning a way out to find ourselves.


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