What happens when we have so many choices at our hand and we arent having the clear picture of what we exactly want?
We may have come across this many a times. Sometimes we can visualise these choices, sometimes we may not be able to. In the former one,we many try and use the weigh or pros and cons method but in the latter one, we miss out on seeing the other options. If we restrict ourselves to a narrow vision then probably we may feel sulky. The need of the hour is to have the endurance to still live our dream based on the situations that we come across in our day to day lives.

How can we do this? We can celebrate this FEAST by trying our best to make the possible choice at hand in the most pure and passionate way. This compassion comes with the understanding of other persons point of view and then acting accordingly​. It’s quite a difficult task and requires keen observation skills. It may involve some sacrifices and some adjustments too. It also helps us to grow and bring the change into reality which we expect from others. Hence before desiring change in others,we need to make ourselves flexible first in order to experience feeling of being content.

In simple words, bringing a smile on the face we come across will bring abundance of joy and peace as well. Most of the people do encounter this at their homes,workplace or their recreation centre. This feeling of joy drives calmness in the person and one also feels motivated to be around with such people.

Sometimes, we may resent our choices too. In those times,it’s important not to let the focus be gone and not feel at the rock bottom. The sooner we get back to understanding our passion and interest and at the same time, think of giving a little back to the society,then we may get little sense of true compassion.

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