Counselling – An Inspiration

We are born in families where we have been brought up with some values and these values of sharing love among the family members are being inherited by our parents from our ancestors. If we were to be called as one big family where we could learn and share all these ways of happiness and understanding among us then I truly believe that before even communicating the two people would know-

  1. In a situation where there is a mift that ‘Whatever happens, happens for good’.
  2. In a crisis, that ‘Everything will be alright’. Some patience and we will get through.
  3. In joyful times, ‘Blessings from elders, Hard work, Giving our best has paid off’.
  4. Times where we are in problems, ‘Patience and owning up to our mistakes will give us a better way to commune to other person’.

We all know it takes two to communicate but we also know if we have a mentor who can be a chaperone to us and guide us through their experiences will make our way to cross the hurdles in the life more easily as we will have views and lessons to learn from them. These life experiences can be taken from anyone who can volunteer to share and eager to shower wisdom.

Our objective at Aradhana is to bring these volunteers upfront and help others around by taking them through road of counselling, getting enlightened by seeing the destiny of possible solutions and companionship of people who are in the same boat as us.

After being a decent teacher for the past eight years I realized in this journey that even as a teacher, we can learn a lot from the students as well. This made me develop a sense of understanding that is primarily the main ingredient for the way to assist someone who wants help. I began my journey by taking a survey from people around me with respect to this term ‘Counselling’. Surprisingly to my knowledge I got variety of answers for this term and this made me realise that the true meaning of this word is getting hidden somewhere.

I began my search to this question. For this I interestingly added another question to my survey where I began asking who the students idealize. While I gathered the facts I also realized that an ideal for any two people can be same but their reasons for the same could be different. This made me rethink and develop another understanding that each of us being unique in our own way are in quest for that expertise in the field in which they are requiring help, this being not only the expert in the field but also the one we feel we can look upto.

Young minds of the students at that age have only few ideals and idols to look upto. Generally they live in nuclear families and taking advice from peers is what they find more approachable. Hence when they come across this term counselling, a certain hesitation and set back comes in their mind. This shouldn’t be. Example when students approach counsellor for higher education counselling in other countries, then that counsellor becomes most significant person but when it comes to talking and taking help from teachers and parents then they find it difficult.

This person can be an ideal if we find that the person giving the advice is also following what he’s asking us to do and thereby qualifying to be our counsellor. Our objective at U n I Aradhana is also to lend a hand, join more hands and hence give a new meaning to this word which is still a taboo in the minds of young generation.

So if any piece of advice is given by family is acceptable but this advice which is shared by an expert in the field of counselling is frowned upon. Also parents fail to realize that sometimes children may not listen and act upon the advice given by them, what they don’t realize is why are the children doing so?

More on that further..

Till then if we understand that to be a person who one can can confide in, also practices what he preaches, and also be trustworthy, one can be aspire to be an alma mater to someone.

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