Dual Harmonic Frequency

  Prayers to the Lord, our God. Happy F.E.A.S.T.

                                           OLD TESTAMENT

Dear God, give us the ensight to understand opposite person’s viewpoint.

There exists so many perspectives from each one’s unique mind. Even opinion in the same family may differ.

To have a harmony in any relation, it is important to share and interlink the thoughts between the two of them. This begins to match the frequency in both.

These frequencies will/may be different even for the same person at all times. The moment the interaction begins, if one has the ability to mould into the required frequency of the other person, it will surely lead to a peaceful state of both the minds involved. Imagine this being multipled!


                                   NEW TESTAMENT

Each person is special and each one of us is linked to God.

Peace and Love is the Dual Harmonic Frequency of all.


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