Easter Joy – The Three Pillars

Joy to different people mean differently. Each one of us looks for it in some way or the other. We find pleasure in doing things which brings us joy. What can help this multiply, is our approach to doing things at that moment.

Easter day marks the resurrected form of Lord Jesus who is omnipresent in every form. All we need to do is feel it. This also symbolises that we are not alone in any way and we have someone beside us throughout our life journey. Sometimes we may get distracted and lose direction but what we should not forget is, the fact that there is someone next to us who will not judge, mislead or misdirect us ever. This is also our self-belief which can be so strong that no matter what kind of hurdle comes across, it stands upright and shows us the correct path.

Sometimes this joy has a price to be paid. It involves our determination and hard work which are next pillars of our self-belief. This comes across every moment of our life but those who wilfully surrender and happily take these strides, are the most joyous. For them, there are no complaints, no concerns and no self-protest. The belief that one should have is ‘being at the right place at the current moment’ works wonders.

The foundation of joy should have another stronger parameter which is patience. Most of us know this but act to its contrary. This can be observed and adapted from our surrounding. Most of the times parents can help build this factor in the conditioning of the child. By acting the way that we want others to be seen as, can help this to become a promising factor to make life more beautiful and simple too.

How to feel and make life beautiful is
1. By knowing that God is going to take care of things in His own ways.
2. To keep trying in our way to achieve our goals by following His commandments.
3. By surrendering to God’s will.

It may take a while but surely it can be seen as beginning of ‘the happy ending…’, if one feels this joy from inside out and also spreads a little around.

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