Prayers to the Lord, our God. Happy F.E.A.S.T.


                                     OLD TESTAMENT

Dear God, help me never to demean, insult or embarass anyone.

Such a typical emotion as jealousy, envy, insecurity overshadowes our pure soul sometimes. We know we do not wish to be in that circle but it draws us closer as we start becoming closer to people and make friends.

At times, when we wish to come out of it, being honest may even hurt more. How do we fight this. The answer is very simple. Always be supportive of the positiveness in the person when everyone is around. And when you are alone, let only that person know how you wish he/she can improvise. This will deepen the relationship even more. It may cause drift in the beginning but eventually things turn out great. No jealousy, no insecurity, just plain old friendship.
Because friends know…they will always be there at the time of need and he/she will stand by you no matter what.


                                   NEW TESTAMENT

He has always been our true friend.


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