Engineering a Solution while Playing a Role

Studies should be fun. Can we say this? All we need, is to observe children. If we ask children what they want, we shall know that they just want to play. Ask them why they enjoy playing, and you shall get no answer. But if one observes carefully (especially their care giver), while playing the brain activities does get stimulated and this gives pleasure. And this one can ask to themselves as well. On the same grounds, if this playing is incorporated with the studies, while the children are growing up then their learning skill can manifold.

Soon when the understanding skills begin to develop in the child, they comprehend this fact that for them, their parents are always their protectors, they are going to support them no matter what comes across and very importantly, their parents will understand them implicitly. This implicit implies, that children absolutely unaware of what is coming ahead of them and after ten years, trust their parents completely that the path and guidance they will get, will be for their best. All they have to do is play all their life. Then how do we define this play for them? That is where we play a role.

It is a very thought provoking solution. It takes much more than understanding skills from their parents. It requires an observation skill. It is important to understand that each child is unique and has got his potential of applying his unique skills into something that will make learning, not just interesting but also playful for them. Reminding the parents that each time when their child cried, they played ‘peek a boo’ to make him smile and got his attention.

If one observes more religiously, the children who aspire to become something in life are not just self-motivated, at the same time they have all the love and possible support of their parents as well. When such children do studies, it becomes play for them. In most cases, what parents fail to understand is, when their child is not interested to study, rather than finding a solution of what their child wants, they hunt for more problems as to why is their child not like such above mentioned kids. This brings comparison of these priceless skills. Skills which they are unable to explore in their children which is making them unique.

Many a times it is difficult to extract that learning ability in the child as each one has also got their own way of grasping. If one begins to understand and is aware about this, it will be pretty evident that the versatility in the child can be brought out and then it will become much simpler for them to choose their career path as well. This will also help them excel in the activity they enjoy doing most and it will definitely be a playtime, keeping their child like memories within them.

My Role: Being an Engineer and teaching in an Engineering college, I observe many students and I notice that each one has got the potential to do very well in their lives. There is so much to learn from them as well. I keep praying that with each coming batch, I can lend a support hand to them, be available for them and finally make way for ‘engineering a solution’ in the most subtle way by playing my role as a role model to them.

Dedicated to all my dear students so that they remember to sow the seeds of joy in their coming generations while making them study, thereby aiding them to choose the most suitable career path and helping the future generation reap the fruits as per their abilities.

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