Envisioning a Barter World

(Shortcut method of becoming Rich but Long-cut method to grasp it)

A story of a ‘thing’ which wants to be possessed by the person who values its worth.

When does one value a thing most? I say when one feels one needs it the most. This may sometimes be having the grass greener on the other side( ie not we but other person having it), therefore having the want for it more. Sometimes it may just be the desire for it, as it may seem that the pleasure derived from it will be the most. But most importantly, if one acquires it through their own hard earned money, its value becomes priceless. Can this be implied that richest person will acquire it first? Who is this rich person then!

We need to understand this first that each one of us being unique in our own ways may hold different value for those things as others. For example, some of us have a brilliant talent of making useful productive articles just from scraps which, for other people may just be pile of waste. This makes us understand that each one of us is equipped with talents that we may or may not able to discover in ourselves. Also at the same time, we need to realise that there exists a dependency on others for our living. This is the reason we all co-exist and are not truly entirely independent of each other. There are multiple facets in which we may lack expertise and others may have those in surplus. We shall understand this a bit later in article.

We all came into this world not knowing where our lives will take us. Many of us are fortunate to find our livelihood through the talents that either (a) we are born with or (b) may have polished through the growing years. This is also fruitful in situations where there is abundant support from the people around who help us reach the acquired goals that one sets.

What happens in those cases which are not in above two categories? According to a general survey, when the motivation of certain object of desire is perceived, the only medium to acquire that is visualized to be attained through is MONEY. Hence, while growing up sometimes our focus is misleading as to doing something to attain maximum money. This is almost a secret desire of each one of us while growing up- To be Rich.

During this attempt of becoming rich (by various means), we tend to delude ourselves into a world where monetary power is the barometer of valuing things. Sometimes it even causes peer pressure in adolescent age due to not having enough. There is always a desire for things which others possess which sometimes are difficult to afford by parents. What remains unappreciated are all efforts being taken by them to educate their children. This education which seem like a burden at that time but is truly what makes us richest of them all.

In an ideal situation, if this education is seeded in the minds of the growing children as the means to achieve what we desire, then not only will the misconception about earning will change but also there will be a new hope of perceiving things differently. This shall be- to be well equipped with the knowledge of our choice/interest, rather than running in a cattle race. There has been a generation of engineers, MBAs, foreign educated students etc. the question lies – do we really know what is the core subject of our interest. This interest which can help one learn more about it and eventually earn through it.

How can this be visualized? Here’s a solution- let us ‘Revisit the Barter World’. There was a time when there was no standard medium of exchange of goods that one possessed. This was the period when humans survived based on the skill they had, in order to exchange from the output they made.

Through this talent share, there was a rise in the skills of the people and their abilities to make living for themselves. There existed a struggle to possess the best skill in the market in order to attain the exchanged produce from various other traders. Therefore, the motivation was to be rich in the art of their talent and gain the things which they desire accordingly. Although, this barter exchange became obsolete as there could not be a sustainable way to meet the measure of demand and supply of the goods made as well as the services created; but it gave rise to understanding the possession of the skills required to create market to acquire things.

There was another aspect in this Barter System. It also led to rise in inheriting family trade throwing a very dim but thought provoking light of how we sometimes have in our ‘genes’. How sometimes we predict to have children of doctors becoming doctors; or a cobbler’s son becoming a cobbler. In some cases where there are opportunities for the change of profession, children who are gifted in enriching themselves with knowledge, can definitely make the most of it. The key factor here is to value this education/knowledge/wisdom which we obtain/acquire/inherit.

Gradually as the time passed by and the standard medium of exchange came into existence, the focus shifted altogether. This medium in terms of ‘Money’ was now perceived to be key to becoming rich. Young generation was now motivated to earn money than skills. It is clear that through some or the other means of knowledge one shall earn and we all are doing that, but somewhere down the line the significance of skill based education has gone missing. This education which can possibly enrich us in encouraging the talents in the growing stages of the child rather than trying to teach them to act like ATM machines. The cobbler’s son can gain knowledge of his choice at the same time have the skills obtained from his father as well as pass on those skills to his son. This ensures self-development and self-growth.

This skill based learning not just makes us rich but brings families more close. Hence uniting them in this diverse world. If the objective is fed correctly in the minds of the children and they are made free from money nets, then the output from them will definitely be more than expected as they will not struggle to fit in just to earn money but to keep discovering themselves. Hence parents should encourage to develop those hobbies and talents of their children which can make them richer day by day within themselves.

During this course, it will also help us to be rich in emotions like being compassionate, helpful, kind, supportive, and grateful for what we have from the people around. Through this wealth we can attain what we truly desire and possess what we truly deserve.

A simple approach- FIND what you truly are good in and makes you happy. EXPLORE around how much is the demand for it. ADAPT yourself to learning those skills, SURVIVE from the competition that you will face and TRANFORM into better. Celebrate FEAST every day.

Once we see this celebration being shared all around, we will definitely visualize a more productive barter system in this century.

PS- There is a cute story which might show us another aspect of knowing what being rich actually means.

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