F.E.A.S.T Yourself by Exploring (Part 2)

Explore is quite a versatile word. For a traveller it means seeing new and unvisited places, for a toddler it means exploring the area beyond his given limits, for a commoner it means something which is to be discovered and we all know that this word does brings something exciting. This is because we all have the curiosity gene which make us evolve each moment.

Through this F.E.A.S.T. we shall see how exploring can also mean simultaneously exploring the world around you and thereby exploring within. We get up every morning and see a view. This view could be different for different people. Some may see family members, some may see a beautiful scenery and in today’s era, it is more often our mobile phone. Many of us know that morning time brings freshness if one has had a nice sleep and therefore whatever picture we provide to our minds directly impacts it. That is the reason we say to either listen to devotional songs, or perform deep breathing, do meditation and other things. What if our minds are not willing to do any of the above?

They say the best way to live is to live in present. The best way to show devotion is to show dedication in work, the best way to meditate can mean be to calm and composed. Then how can we do all these things. Also can we do all these things together? The answer is we can try.

Every morning we being in the same routine, can definitely explore. This can be done by doing and trying different ways to make our day start just like an ignition engine. Similar to breakfast being peddle to our stomach in the mornings, our minds are out for surprises too. It is very powerful and exploratory in its own way. Even before the breakfast that we eat, it already creates an image of that hence we can visualize it through our eyes, smell it through our nose, hear it while it is being made and even touch it once it is ready.

In the same way, it also senses many things as soon as we are awake. Exploring those little things which we sometimes miss out can be rediscovering and rejuvenating. We may try exchanging greetings and pleasantries with people around in a different way each time. This simply is exploring. It can sound boring but it does become interesting if one tries. It is not just with others but one can try also with oneself.

As the day begins, we can explore so much more. This exploring of the world around us can be also dependent on the schedule, the places the person has to be and places he might end up being. What remains face is that man is a social animal and hence he will encounter people around him for some purpose. This can also be an exploration. If one understands that from each person there is something that one can learn then definitely there will be a discovery element. This can be achieved either by observation or by interaction but with one additional goal, what can be learnt something new.

This communication can be more exploratory meeting/observing anonymous people. How many of us try and build that with unknown people. This leads to development of interpersonal intelligence.

While we are in the process of introspecting to find ourselves during FEAST, we also need to be in constant process of learning. This way our abilities will manifold to even exploring and building interactive skills and will lead to many more discoveries of elements within us as well. Have fun Exploring!

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