Prayers to the Lord, our God. Happy F.E.A.S.T.

We are what we have and we become from what we give..

                                           OLD TESTAMENT

Dear God, help us to be united in one family and spread your word of ‘Love’.

Each one of us is born into a family that God saw was best. Every family is overwhelmed when a new generation comes into the family frame. There may be celebrations and traditions that follow. While we are growing up we look up to these families for their support.

Families try and educate their offspring with the right values. Education is not just limited to learning in school but it exists from the surroundings we are born into. Qualities like humility, caring, sharing and praying are the ones which we learn from the environment we live in. Therefore, its important to have our parents as our role models.

A Family is complete when all members support and be pillar of strength for each other. When we become the part of the family it is us who can bring all together. There should be fondness, amiability, modesty, incisive selfless love in you.

Not everyone might be lucky to have a family. One cannot comprehend the feelings of such children unless one goes through themselves. What we can do is, be supportive in some way or the other and even though not linked via family bond, we can still spread a little love to others as well. Being helpful, kind and generous will surely extend the family and develop a sense of selflessness within ourselves.

Knowing that we are a part of this diverse world, if we learn to respect others we might be able to make it a united world. Being present for someone in their sorrows and grief can be a good start. Spreading a little happiness around can be another step. All this will surely help to spread His word of ‘Love’.

Long live the Lineage of Love!


                                   NEW TESTAMENT

One can learn from each other. There is no inequality in family relationships.

Happy are those families who learn to forgive each other. Happy are those families who pray together.


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