Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Who can be the users of this site.

Ans: a. The women all around the world with their families can be a part of it.
b. It will be motivating to see my students reading some of the articles and understanding them.

Q2. What is the objective of this site.

Ans: To have sessions with the team of Aradhana based on the program assigned by the team and also depending on the talent that the women are interested to learn and share knowledge about. The programs are as follows:
a. Teenager FEAST program – Guidance for Career and Talent Search
b. Marriage FEAST program – Marriage counselling, Personality and Prepping
c. Expectant FEAST program – To be Moms and their Dietary Requirements
d. Children FEAST program – Family and Children Coordination and Solutions
e. Golden Fifties FEAST program – Lend a support, Wisdom sharing and more.

Q3. What type of counselling is meant to be done by Aradhana and How.

Ans:The focus will be based on the experience by the member of Aradhana team who will be assigned as the mentor for each counselle as per the program. To be specific the major lookout is the type of job they aspire to do, at the current moment. ( Must read article on Job )
This counselling shall be done using communication model chosen by the individual and the uniquely designed FEAST book of Activities.

Q4. Where the session will be held.

Ans:The session headed by the session in-charge will be held according to the counselle availability and mutual understanding. For details write to

Q5. Is the counselling going to be boring?

Ans: The counselling is a concealed word for the fun and full of activities that will be made available at the initial sessions. The activities will be picked and chosen by the individuals as per their hobby interest. Hence the uniqueness in the program designed.

Q6.What is the talent hunt program.

Ans:In this program those who are ready to volunteer and trade their talent to learn something in every session will be made session in charge for the next session. This will lead to objective of enhancing the personality of the individual.

Q7.What is the methodology used in Aradhana for counselling.

Ans:We at Aradhana, believe in ‘Make your FEAST Library‘ concept this shall be explained at the time of the counselling. The concept is very innovative as these books will be designed by the family and not about reading the ones which are written already.

Q8. What is the need and purpose of these programs at Aradhana.

Ans:After having a careful research done on the families it’s been noted that most of them are unaware about the benefits of the counselling sessions and therefore to bring a revelation in each home our F.E.A.S.T. shall lend a support through different programs.

Since our mission clearly stated the women being the souls of the house , we aim at nurturing them at every level based on the talent that they have and eagerness to teach others as well. And that’s y it’s you and I Aradhana.