Friday log

Prayers to the Lord, our God.

Happy F.E.A.S.T

       This year is the Celebration of Parenting..

366 Days of Learnings of Parenting

365 Days of Taking Care of you and begin to understand yourself to nurture a new life.

45 Days – Preconceive Knowledge

90 Days – First Trimester Knowledge

90 Days – Second Trimester Knowledge

90 Days – Third Trimester Knowledge

50 Days – PostCare Knowledge

S.No Day 1 of 366 Wonders of Parenting
Jan 1 Dear Carolyn Welcome to this world. Thank for making us parents. 

Humbleness and patience are two keywords for existence…hope you imbibe them.

Jan 2 Lead by example My wish is to keep inspiring you and for this I want to as good and happy as I want you to be… love you
Jan 3 Happiness is a BLiss Living in happiness each moment is the way to live life.
Jan 4 Sometimes ignorance is a bliss I don’t know baby if I’m able to give you as much knowledge as u need …but I hope to give it as much as possible with books around you
Jan 5 Audio books listening hope you like the sound of the books and able to understand them little…
Jan 6 Good deeds always pays well.. Always remember good deeds will bring happiness around..
Jan 7  Role Model  I wish to always be an inspiring role model for love
Jan 9 Humble bee if you crack this code and remain this, your honey will be closer than ever…
Jan 10 live each day to the fullest living the day  starts with being thankful to God and parents. Completing the required chores. Having healthy meals all day. Gaining knowledge and trying to see how it can be applied. Thanking the God again for the everything we have.
Jan 11 Pleasure in doing everything TO enjoy and do things makes them more fun. this is one of the things we wish for you to do..hope so
Jan 12 Wise words from wise man 1. Do not educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. – So when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the cost.
2. Eat your food as medicine, otherwise you will need to eat your medicine as food.
3. Whoever loves you will never leave you, even if he or she has 100 reasons to give up. He or she will always find one more reason to hold on.
4. There is a big difference between being human & human being.
5. If you want to go fast – go alone! But if you want to go far – Go together!And in conclusion,
The 6 best doctors in the world:-
1. Sunlight
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self-confidence
6. Friends
Keep them in all stages of your life & enjoy a healthy life.
“Love the people The Almighty sent you, one day He will need them back.”
Jan 13 Reading helps a lot Always remember sweetie, reading will widen your imagination and make you alive each moment. so never stop reading.
Jan 14 /just want you to be a god person at heart Having compassion for others is a very rare quality. If you can understand how you can help someone by you being a reason of smile on them , then that is the day you lived well.
Jan 15 Be happy yourself when it comes to giving hapiness to others its important to be happy within, and if you canb share the feelings with us , surely it will help communicate better.
Jan 16 Always say positive about people we all tend to forget that all are GOds angels and we should always respect others be it anyone. therefore , always talk positive about anyone, look for the things that will aspire you to be like them.
Jan 17 positive mind leads to positive words when the mind will be filled with positiv energuy of love then automatically words that will come out will be positive.
Jan 18 good from bad, figure out yourself !! Watching Tara sharma show for parenting and it has been amazing to just see such a positive mom. i liked one quote from boman irani, he said, do not tell children that dont do this since i have done in my time, its not good. but then they should be allowed to do what they want to do, figure out their own way.
Jan 19 Life is a full circle.. As parents we are going to try to give you experiences that will help you remain healthy and positive. This may include some discipline so when you are old enough to understand , hopefully you be grateful.
Jan 20 Full try to full you Its important to understand what makes you happy and if possible  be communicative to be able to express yourself to your near and dear ones..
Jan 21 we wanna set you example we know that children imitate their parents and so hopefully we set a good example for you.
Jan 22 Be an inspiration Just be inspiring for others..that is what we wish for.
Jan 23 We are the multi taskers Always nice to see as women being the multi taskers and it’s in our capacity that we can do it. Hope u get that energy as well.
Jan 24 We are all one family  Being one helps . If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.
Jan 25 Hard work is more important than talent .  The thing in our hands is hard work. Let’s make sure we do this and give our 100%.
Jan 26 Discipline dear It’s very important that we teach you to be disciplined an d it might be hard but if you could just know that it’s all for your good….we would love for you to forgive us for being so strict
Jan 27 A little diary Just Wana have a memory of each little thing you do and share it with us and keep this alive
Jan 28 Making memories By sharing the experiences you will see on paper will help us know the Outlook from your perspective..that will delight us.
Jan 29 Love your own company the best way to keep yourself busy is to learn to love our  own company.
Jan 30 Let us know sweetie, its difficult to confide in someone especially one of your parents, but if you can willlingly can share all your thoughts and emotions , it will really be helpful for us to know what are your desires and wishes as we are always going to be there to love and support you and would like to tell from our experiences if something we feel , you need to know at the right time.
Jan 31 Think before you speak the more important part being think good . its difficult absolutely to have positive thoughts all the time butu if you can push away as much negative and look at the day with motivating thoughts, you willl always flourish.
Feb 1 My ideals.. if you were to ask me who to be inspired with, i have two names for you, Steve Irwin , and MS Dhoni.
Feb 2 You are your own school we want you to learn from your experiences…that is the best education you can get and learning from such experiences help you grow the most in life.
Feb 3 Start now when ver you feel you learnt something new and you wish to apply , do not regret not knowing before instead start implementing now. you will always start from zero no matter whoever is ahead but when your passion and hard work will combine, it will be the best. Noone can stop you from acheiving what you want. The whole universe will help you do it. You ll see.
Feb 4 My healthy diet plan food for iummunity building

warm water


oats, chia seeds, egg white, 2 slice bread

fruits – guava, orange, banana

lunch- gravy , greens, dal, curd, chapati, ghee

coconut water

light snack- upma, idli, cheels, dosa

tomato soup

2 apples

dinner- veges, chapati

 feb 5  daily diary your daddy and me are different but we still love each other a lot. we also respect each other a lot and want you to respect us just the way you want to in your own way. we want you to be inspired by us and our habits. there are some things we wish you can learn happily, like a musical instrument, swimming, art and craft etc and most importantly love reading. As we find peace and happiness in doing this all day long.
feb 6 we are there to protect you we shall always be protecting you and guiding you , hopefully for your own good. it simportant fro you to learn on your own as well, especially from your mistakes, hopefully you come to us for the same guidance that you think we can give you.
Feb 7 Morals begin …dear.Each day new moral learning will be fruitful for you I Won’t Go To The Temple Again…

A daughter went to her father and said…
“I won’t be going to Temple anymore..”

The father said:
“may I ask why?”

She said:
“when I go there All I see is people on their mobile phones during prayers , some are gossiping, some just are not living with integrity, they are all just hypocrites…”

Father became silent, and then said:
“OK… can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?”

She said:
“Yes.. what’s that?”

He said:
“Plz take a glass of water and walk around the temple 2 times; but you mustn’t let water fall out of the glass.”

She said:
“yes… I can definitely do that.”

She came back and said
“it’s done and here is the Glass Of Water”

He asked her 3 questions:
1. Did you see anybody on their phone?
2. Did you see anybody gossiping?
3. Was anybody living without Integrity?

She Said:
“How could I have seen anyone else?…. I didn’t see anything; All I was focused on was the glass and the water within it., making sure the water never dropped.”

He told her,
“when you go to temple ,
this is what you should do… you should be simply focusing, thinking and connecting to God, and see how you can progress and help yourself to help others.. this is so that
YOU don’t ever FALL in life.

The Daughter thanked her father for helping her understand the inner learning of the essence of Our focus with God.

Feb 8 WHat an eventful day…definitely have to log Here is the list of some of the most eventful happenings of the day…..

let me list it down in a sequence that i cn remember and make it like a log of the day and how happy it was.

1. getting up at 815am.

2. having warm water, sweeping, brushing, almonds.

3. freshening up, breakfast- egg white omlete, 2 slice bread, otas , chia seeds, milk , saffron.

4. prepared orange juice fresh, kept the pulp for orange cake.

5. prepping lunch. karela , daal, pulao, chapati.

6. preparing things for bleesings day for you. specially online search of buying things.

7. having lunch , take bath and ready for walk at 2pm.

8. superb day wore no jacket and had a wonderful time with pallavi and sarthak. memory pic with sunshine.

9. came home litte more online shopping ideas for the party.

10. felt tired took one hour rest, only to get up and see Daddy coming homne at 5pm.

11. most wonderful feeling of the day. brought smiles and glitter on my face.

12. had moong daaal dosa , banana vanilla mix, tea .

13 prepped dinner , veg pulao with basmati rice.

14. now comes two most important gift opening of the day. Mike that we got for valentines , it was spelendid experience.

15. buy buy welcome baby gift. there are numerous things in it. all r awsome.

16. went to dollar tree and 99 cents fro decreo and other things shopping and now making a collaborative list of things which are bought and for what purpose.

17. making the cake two kinds round and bread style…lets c how it turns out to be. @930pm

18. Lis tof things bought (already and now ) just to get an idea of checklist of things.



THEME – Love is in the air. celebrating mom to be, Showers of blessings

Evite and guest list.


  1. Disposables
    1. plates-costco
    2. cake plates-dt
    3. spoons-walmart
    4. cake spoons-dt
    5. trash bags-dt
    6. zip lock bags-99
    7. cups- walmart
    8. small water bot-walmart
    9. cold drinks-foodmax
    10. cake knife
    11. serving spoons
    12. bowls
  2. table decore
    1. table cover 4-dt  (2 food, 1 props, 1 main)
    2. 5 sectional dishes on table , cake dish (NEED TO GIVE HEIGHT- dt milpitas
    3. soft toys- valentines dt theme
    4. boy girl eggs hatching- dt
    5. hearts light for cake- dt
    6. TABLE SKIRT, TABKLE TOP- filll with circles
    8. mesh decoration – on table top n side- dt
  3. venue decore
    1. left wall- bonappetit (made with hand- letttering)
    2. backdrop-heart shaped tissue flowers ( papers – dt, walmart)
    3. tisuer flowers readymade set of 6- 5pkt- dt (red and pink)
    4. right wall- games , wish board
    5. behind- congrats mom to be
    6. baby shower banner
    7. rose petals- dance floor-dt
  4. photo booth and props
    1. table cover -hearts-dt
    2. photobooth- dt
    3. props- amzon in
    4. bubbles
    5. pre maternity shoot- board heaert -dt n chalk
  5. games –
    1. main game -hope photoframe gift-wish writing
    2. kid game -3 memory game
    3. adult game- 3qs
    4. prize – eggs with chocolate
  6. goodie bags
    1. personalized cup
    2. egg with choc for easter to kids
    3. jewellery piece for ladies
    4. soft toy
    5. tissue paper to cover
    6. ribbon


  1. chart sheets fro wish board – 99 for 2
  2. tissue flowers – 4sets – dt
  3. backdrop- wrapping paper caream color – 2 – dt
  4. tinsel making- wrapping paper- 99- glitter
  5. backdrop stadium look-photobooth-dt fr
  6. glitter bottle- 2 dt for circles on showers of blessings
  7. tinsel decore- xmas offer – 25each – 8 (50ft)- 99
  8. ribbon roll thin-3 (.25)-99- dtribbon (.25)
  9. goodie bag ribbon -(.25)
  10. big ribbon set (.25)
  11. prop sticks- 99
  12. foam red boards- 2 -99
  13. color pages -36sheets-99
  14. color pages large-2 set -99
  15. glue sticks- 99
  16. children reading n worksheet books, globe blow up, map US- dt fr (very good collection)
    1. memory cards -32gb 389each
    2. baloons- heart- 50-115rs
    3. baloons normal-160
    4. jewellery set
    5. baby hsower banner
    6. congrats mom to be- 179 n slash
    7. props- 159
    8. double tape- 150 for 3

Step 3

FOOD PREPPLACK CARDS and table cover


1. chips, cold drinks -start

2. starters- samossas , chilli chicken

3. main course- paneer tikka masala, navratna korma, chicken chettinad, veg biriyani, chiken biriyani, raita, chutney,

dessrts- mango fruit custard.


 Feb 9  Some teaching  As Buddha says…
Only when your “Will” is there then only prayers will be effective but until you find a way to get through those prayers yourself the prayers won’t work .
Feb 10  party planning tips 2  Making the itenary and itenary card

Finding a comparer

Deciding the games

Thank you note and speech

Feb 11 Movies I recommend Kids section starters

Jurassic Park series

Jumaji part 1


Legally blonde


Feb 12 Book morals so  I decided i am gona read to you when you come and keep a record of all things you learn from it and you keep expanding it as you wish when you start reading and writing. I would love to read the things you will write and know you rperspecive if eah thing you discover yourself. 
Feb 13 Gratitude A very small and humble request to you dear children, we may not be able to give you asll the wordly pleasures that are available. If there is one reason that I have learnt and loved your daddy the most is because i fing him the most grateful for all things he has and this has been from the time he has born. This is the reason that we wish for you all to go to church and learn to live a life full of gratitude and always be thankful for each and every thing that you have , no metter if its old or new, no matter if its used or unused, as long as you are protected by us, we shall take care of you all with utmost care and love.
Feb 14 Love means care Love of Valentine’s day

It’s love, ? when father makes time for his wife and children.

It’s love, ? when a mother gives her children the best piece of cake.

It’s love, ? when husband makes tea for his wife and takes a sip before her.

It’s love, ? when wife sends her love in the dabba for her husband.

It’s love, ? when (very rarely) children put their energy to give their parents a head massage.

It’s love, ? when (very often) your friend holds your hand tightly on a slippery road.

?Love is when you send a small msg to your friends to make them smile and you are thereason for it.


? Love ? is actually another name for CARE

? Enjoy this Valentine Day 2020 …?

with Lots of Love ~ Conrad, Prachi and Monteiro Jr. ?(our special Valentine this year)

Feb 15 Memories Make Say thanks to the Lord for each day and make memories by writing each day the positives of being you in this beautiful world.
Feb 16 our valentine date so this was an unexpected impromptu date night dinner for your daddy and me and we will remember this forever as next time we are going to celebrate this special day with you. Cant wait to meet you and doll you up evreyday. 
Feb 17 valentine greet n meet God sends his angels whenever needed and we are thankful to Him for such miracles..we had our car battery breaking Down twice now and both times someone came out of the way to help. Sunday brunch at Shilpa house.
Feb 18 Monday stay over We stayed back at Shilpa house and had wonderful time. Hope ur having fun reading my blogs as well.
Feb 19 daddy all rounder hi baby, your daddy is such an all rounder , i cant tell you. he amazes me by showing all acts of kindness towards the home and me. he does electrician work, all handyman work, and recently i discovered he does sewing so well, even better than me. i wonder what more tricks he has upto his sleeve. i love him and hope you leanr a lot from him.
feb 20 making u all rounder how do we try fro this…ok so i ve made an organizer to keep few notes on things that you migth like to learn and lets see how that goes. it will also contain exxtempwords so you can work on the talking instantly whenever needed. hope this works well
Feb 21  daisy creepers  we were thinking what can we add to the favor bag and then we thought to add “life” to your blessings in the form of dais creepers. they glow during the day  like sunshine..
FEb 22 rolly polly there r lots of ups and downs that will come in life. sometimes there will be challenging times involving others and their emotions. although its expected for us to be good all the time but its not completelyt possible. i would wish for you to have fiath in me adn trust me to tell what and how you feel . i will not expect but i would love for you to involve me in the emotional part of your life. 
Feb 23 cherishing the memoriers of decoration day nad finally the baby shower day God sends His angels to look after us.  Hope you get your angels as well.
Feb 24 Assuming.good wgen you assume the good things will happen it will automatically me
Feb 25 Staying healthy
When you are healthy in physical self then you are healthy in mind as well
Feb 26 parenting tips PARENTS, DONT WORRY !

1. Don’t worry about your kids not remembering world history ..Teach them your family history..especially family medical history…it will sure help them in need

2. Don’t worry about your kids unable to locate continents and capitals on the world map..Teach them the names of roads around your house and landmarks to reach home from any location of your town

3. Don’t really worry if your kid does not win medals in sports and does not remember who won world cups…Teach them to exercise and stay fit

4. Don’t bother of your kid scoring 100% in mathematics…Teach them to budget their expenses , save for emergencies and transact money at the shops. Let them know of your income, loans, property details..

5. Don’t make your kids memorise and recite hundreds of slokas, thirukural etc…teach them the meaning of one at a time and how to apply in daily life

6. Don’t try to push kids into becoming big musicians or dancers and win competitions..Teach them to enjoy and appreciate music , so they know how to relax when they are in stress.

7. Don’t compel kids into driving their own bicycles or scooters because others are doing so…If they like to take the school bus to spend relaxed time with friends or a public transport , let them do so..

8. Don’t worry if your kids don’t eat every item you cook..Teach them to make their own sandwich…they will relish it more than what you made..

9. Don’t push your kids to read and memorise autobiographies of Mahatma Gandhi or Saina Nehwal…Teach them to write their own biography…They will then want to make their life interesting and worth writing ..

10. Don’t compel your kids to socialize ..Teach them how to make their life interesting with less dependency on others.

11. Don’t impose religious activities on your kids…Teach them the relevance of each and help them to become spiritual..Spirituality is the key to keep themselves and also people around them happy..

Remember, a Parent’s only goal for their kids is to keep them HAPPY.. You don’t need to spend a lot of TIME, ENERGY , SPACE or MONEY to reach that goal of HAPPINESS…Teach your kid to be HAPPY with the available resources.

Feb 27 tuesday log as the day progressed with all normal eating , there was a little dehydration , so i landed up in pallavis house which made me more happy. she fed me with vermicille and tea and aloo paratha and lovely cold pineapple slices. this was the forst day i felt pampered and that to from someones else house. hahahaha
FEb 28 very very positive days beginning the best way to feel positive is to start cleaning and organinzing . i started this activity from arranging 1. my craft, art and stationery supplies. 

2. kitchen arranging and replacing old sheets.

3. next came the wash basin , make up, accesories supplies. finally did that.

4. moving on, making a list of all baby products is todays task.

 each day one activity keeps mind occupied and helps to have a clean start.

Feb 29 leap year countdown cant wait to meet you. friday fun. last night we weent to 99 cents, new india bazar, foodmax and target. had supoerb fun with daddy. for lunch made methi, mushroom, baigan, dosa batter.

cleaning task – closet , coat closet and bedroom this weekend

mar 1 weekend clean up after a nice relaxing enjoyable rehauling the closet and bedroom cleaning, we are starting with studies in pre-k.

contents for the pre-k

Family tree

kids encylopedia


Mar 2 starting of something new trying to make u leanrn with this , hopefully. starting with this set syallbaus for a month. lets see how it goes. wil give u upodates each day. Today one kid  with writing abc. 

homework – to write captial AND SMALL LETERS

Mar 3 puja classs reinstated this is a tribute to my sis who has been my inspiration to leanr and alwayts make sure to give our best and stand up on our feet with only one weapon ie knowledge.
Mar 4 Knowledge has power They say ” do good” so goodness will come back to you, little tweaking it, i believe, “:think good ” and GOd will automatically take care of everything
Mar 5 Schedule for march month 9am morning warm water with amla.

1030 lunch and bath

1100 class for one hour

12300 sleep for 45 min

130 lunch

200 walk

330 free

option of yoga/ craft work.

fruits. snacks’

730 dinner

1000 sleep

Mar 6 Daily Log Little exhaustion.

so lying down more frequently.

wil be making one thing only from now on. third trimeseter going quite well, yes i wil take  more restr from now on. its the 31st week, nd i pray that you are safe inside me till the time the cure comes. Apetite has incresed so i broke it down to lunch part 1 and 2. one i take before walk and lie down for a while and other one i take after walk to fill myself with energy. one coconut warer bottle everyday and little fruit that encompasses the meals.

Mar 7 65 days to go  what difference ive noticed:

feeling little more sleepy

feeling little more exhaution

feeling little more scrachy around the tummy side

feeling more tasty food cravings like cake, noodles, manchurian. all different types of full thali like gujrati, bihari, sadhya, Punjabi etc. veg taheri n boondi raita


Mar 8

Happy women’s day ❣️ Cleaning little. All set. Now working on your closet.
Mar 9 Happy Holi today’s log is the Sunday spent. Daddy had to go ofc for his release. Mommy started her day usual. With onion paratha as the new flavors today. Then I made Methi aloo palak and enjoyed with paratha. Ginger special tea and finishing the day with good rest in the afternoon and followed by good night sleep at night. 
Mar 10 daddy wfh monday orange delight , noodle prep, aloo palak, teheri, zuchini poizza
Mar 11 tuesdayt updates i was oin roll…doctors viosit, heard youir heartbeat., recoirded it, then targetr, uops store, tmobile store, foodmax, hgope thrift , 99 cents. all ion one day. then madfe spagetti n masnchuriasn , lovced it likle madly.
Mar 12 Wednesday log got up late, Daddy made egg bhurji for me, I prepared teheri again and Manchurian also again as we both were getting taste. Need to take care of my calories now. Doctor visit alarmed us to keep track of what and how much I’m eating. It’s a bit too much. Walk with Daddy in the evening. Fremotb hub . 
Mar 13 thursday log second time manchurian , raw b an an a an d briocoilli bhaji.baigan gravy. planned movie niught on friday with desserts (gulab jamnuin, nmamak pare )
Mar 14 Friday log morning roiutine , new in dia bnazar, a whoopinjg 100 dollar buy (made video), 99 cents , all veges an d snacks strocked. (for emerghency) gobhji nand onion paratha. loved the different lunch. esp with white butter. made oran ge cake . had tea party at pallavi , made kachoiri chaat. (mint chutn ey, onion,. aloo, methji chutney. sev) movier niught wioth potluick polanned again  fro saturdasy., hope all goes well. dinner made spagertti again. daddy loved it.

i also want to record the times ivbe felt special during preghancy. when someone offers to gfo ahead in  line. one timne i removced advantage of being pregnent, last satuirdsay we went to india bazar and dsarey soy sauce got over in their aisle so i requested imn gertting tastre of havcing noodles can u pls get the soy sauced from back, ands than kjfully the lady manmger was very kind and un derstood myt plea and b roiught the soy sauce. il remember this one as i asked in  thge n ame of pregn=ancy. hga ha ha

Mar 15 saturdfsay log potluicvk to night with movie n ighgt at pallavi. carrot hjalwa made stanfdionjg 3 hrs. with starters , beertroot and siuji squares. took hair bathj, felt fresh., weathjer rain ty tofdsay full dsay.
Mar 16 Weekend planning and preparing So our Sunday began with getting a drying rack for hanging your clothes after hand washing. Then we headed towards Costco for milk, eggs, and some sale items . Then we headed to India Bazar for exchanging coconut and got few more things. Then we headed for foodmax but water was not available. So came back home and ate rice daal. Then I got taste of dabeli and made with bread toast and it taste awsome. Now m planning to do some creative way to cover your closet . Let’s see how it turns out to be. Best use of magazines. 


n im planning to redo the closet

Mar 17 Monday Log arbi and aloo methi. roti daal rice. runm to 99 cents and walk to dollar tyreretro decoratre closet. staRTED WORKING ON IT
Mar 18 tuesday log wonderful dayt. coinrad didf cleasning whjicvh i liuke at the beginnming of thge day. then we both m,ade breakfast (egg bhurji, brerasd, oatrs), and lunch (caBBASGHE, DAAL RICVE ROTI ). WE WENT TO FILL WATERE AND COISTCVO (CURD ERTC), 99 CENTRS. I WENMT TO WALK WEITH PALLAVI TO DOLLAR STORE , GOT THINGS TOI DECORATRE cloiset)coimpletred front sdiode of it. had the firest lkoad of clothes washed for yoiu. now have to oreganijze it introi cuibbys.
Mar 19 Wednesday log  day started with finishing the plumbing gwork of kitchen. Archana gave breakfast so bad heavy lavish gobhi paratha. Then rested and had chat with  Shilpa and Shashi on group call. Then one hour call with avavni. Then already made bhindi, roti, daal for lunch. Had that. Then went to India market for little strol and did no shopping. Then went to Pallavi house and lovely carrot halwa. Enjoyed the time and you heard voilon being played and kicked. Hahaha. Now triy g to start the cubby work of the organizong your closet space. 
Mar 20 Thursday Log Fishies FRIENDS polus sheldon and shrek (algae eater) today is oe of our dream days comew true. got 8 children. loving them. 
Mar 21 friday log  hadf a wonderful visit to livermore for teaching relteed flash cards, then to hayward for werapping paperthen new in dia bazar fro some basic pav bhaji masdala needs . wondewrful day. felt little contreactions loike menmstrual type cramps fro a while aroiund 12pm
Mar 22 saturday log till afternoon we didf cooking – chole , vermicillki kheer, arnbi b hajio. planned to inv uitre pallavi family, but didnt work oiut. went top walmart to ger diustilled waeter fore fishies ansd then 99 for exchan ge things. evening nice qualityt timew with dsaddyt an d then  researechging ion buying things for u. slept well. majhor updsate- starting to get /feel crampbe indicating that yoiu are preapring to com now.  told family abouit asdopting 8 fishies and so happy we are enjotying ansd wish yoiu do as well.
Mar 23 Sunday log Doing things in routine be really helps . We have purmorning usual bfast routine. Then group calls from India and friends got connected. Had special Manchurian and collected baby things. Wipe warmer diaper genie carrier n got water filled. 
Mar 24 Adventurous Monday Daddy was very king to take us for long drive ..we went to Castro valley for mini fridge, then headed towards San Ramon for grinder ,then we went to get the red rug from Tracy and finally Livermore for portable snuggle baby for you. It took 4hours ,Daddy got tired and we had fun. After coming we ate cabbage carrot peas bhaji, daal rice roti paoad. Had a wonderful time. Enjoying every bit of being with u. Last night no cramps but last evening little cramp pain. Rest all good. Waiting to meet u.
Mar 25 Gudi Padwa special Palak rice. Completed closet project. Most of the nursery set up done. 
Mar 26 wednesday log celebnratred gudi padwa festicval b y m,aking nan and paneer lababdsar. then pallavi gavce man o sheerra after her puja nand the bab y enmjoyed it. thanksd Pallavi.
Mar 27 thursday log rava cake, finiunshed paneer n d methi sabnji. palak riuce foir niught. car seawt and stroller installation learnt, made4 video also.
Mar 28 fridsay lkog wonderful day with costco run an d india bazar. got lot of things,. gto diapers and wip[esd fr u an d gto nice grocery from indfia baaqr/. then  tookj hed bathj. u r doing great by kicking me. lunch we hasd left over poaslask rice wiothj beans anmd din en r soyas curry woith parathas
Mar 29 Saturday log Again got the urge to have chole bhature and made and had . Rainy day today. Very heavy food. Enjoyed with coconut bites. 
Mar 30 Sunday log daddy’s release so before up early. Bfast as usual and baigan masala, lake bhaji, khichidi, roti same dinner also.
Mar 31 Monday log weather was good. Made lunch for UK family. Banana and brocolli bhaji, roti , daal, rice. Had that for dinner also. Got some things from boulevard lady. Very nice toys and other things. Hope to see u using them . 
Apr 1 Posting 10 affirmations In order for my baby to look upto me…I shall always have to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

2. Be strong ( let your inner strength be the most positive powerful force that can gear u up physically and mentally both. Eat well and hence think well.)

3. Always keep your mind busy with some activity ( creative more useful and entertaining) 

4. Try to catch two ducks at once. ( May not be possible every time but wait for it oppurtune moment)

5. Brings me to be patient. This is one quality which I don’t have as I’m very impulsive ) so try to not be like me. As being impulsive is good in one way but acting on it without thinking little bit leads to some questionable choices. 

6. Don’t feel pity for yourself at all ( there are sooo many people who don’t even have what you have so always always be grateful and feel proud of what’s in store for you. )

7. When things don’t happen the way we have planned , what He has planned will be the best, is what we can HOPE. 

8. Do the most out of those things what is in our control. Things which are not don’t let them overpower you. Hard work is the only key to success as this shall be only key which will be in your hand. (Noone else’s )

9. Never blame anyone else for your actions. You always have a choice , a choice to do the thing that moment or no. Either choose to do it or not do it. 

10. Always be kind and caring. If you want to fast go alone , if you want to go far , go together. 


Finally got the taste of soft idli from the batter 1:2 and Methi seeds with ultra wet grinder. This was Wednesday. Tuesday we had full south Indian platter with left over batter from past.



Apr 2 Happy Ram Navmi. Shutdown and lockdown benefits and family time since Mar 8 Most promising msg being circulated

Few lessons learnt in past few days:

1. United States is no longer the world’s leading country.
2. China won the 3rd World War without firing a missile and no one could handle it.
3. Europeans are not as educated as they appear.
4. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA.
5. Rich people are in fact less immune than the poor.
6. Human beings are opportunistic and despicable no matter their socioeconomic position when prices are rising.
7. No priest, poojari, usthad or God saved patients .
8. Humans are the real viruses on the planet.
9. We can spend Billions of Rupees on poor without red tapism.
10. Health professionals are worth more than a footballer.
11. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.
12. How animals feel in the zoo.
13. The planet regenerates quickly without humans into play.
14. Majority of people can work from home.
15. We and the kids can survive without junk food.
16. Prisoners in jails for petty crimes can be released.
17. Living a hygienic life is not difficult.
18. Only women are not supposed to know cooking.
19. There are a lot of good people in the World.
20. If you build more schools, you have to construct less hospitals.

Eating wise we had idli s and left over r sambhar rice. Made fresh batter withultra grinder

Apr 3 thu log Tips for post PARTUM

1. Ajwain water 2. Lauki in any form 3. Lemon honey for tummy 4. Hot pad on uterus with ajwiaj ghee mixture 5. Daliya intake 6. Oats intake 7. Soft food for easy motion like khcidchi 7. Pinni atta ladoo 8. Lots of juicy fruits 9. Massage the body 10. Lots of positive attitude 

Lunch we had Methi parathas with white bbutter.

Apr 4 friday log coconut jaggery idli as soft as they can be. paneer chilly an d spagetti for lunch. body massage by daddyt. 
Apr 5 saturday log masala dosa platter today. little cvramping. saw iroin man 2, street dasncer
Apr 6 Sunday log biriyani pulao, bhel, sheera yummy Sunday.
Apr 7 Monday log mix veg paratha with butter then for dinner aloo tamatar bhaji with paratha.weathee better but cold
Apr 8 Tuesday log Last night we got paneer Shimla matar gravy awesome gravy by shashmita and rice kheerr so had that for afternoon with broccoli and paratha. Dinner samosa and uttappa. Went for grocery to Costco and previous day ordered new India Bazar through mail and all things got ready by next day. Sopu kes up the order and raw material for loadoo making. Triying for besan ladoo, saint ladoo, atta ladoo pinni ..
Apr 9 Wednesday log  Full night I dreamed of having Methi matar Malai. And made it for lunch. With dal khichidi tadka and enjoyed Mishti doi.  Made onion paste , tomato paste and then added flavor. Did little photoshoot . Loved it 
Apr 10 thu log Medu vada party with left over Methi matar Malai . bhel an d idli and b reads sandwich with chicken  n uggetsd. medu vada failed as dal was nmot properly grinded. sop tryting again tom. 
Apr 11 Friday log tried meduvada after grinding the batter but the culprit was Methi seeds which was not needed to be grinded along. So now will make dosas out of it. Next target was making ladoos for the post delivery so we both enjoy in our milk. Made Besan ladoo , coconut ladoo, atta ladoo with special gum and Kamar kas. Hope we enjoy them together. Love u my little darling.made spinach gravy ate with cutlets
Apr 12 Saturday log got up early feeling little crampy but all’s well. Then slept again and got up at noon. Felt like having aloo paratha so made lots of then and enjoyed with Daddy. Evening fried the rice which I made earlier for masala rice. All’s well
Apr 13 Easter Sunday log got up with home Mumbai call and made egg curry and brinjal gravy with rice and roti and papad . Went to 99cents for groceries and Walmart to get water for fish. Felt like having icecrema do took three types. Had strawberry flavor since it was bit hot today. Treat for Easter. Evening made potato fry and all gravy left over. Cleaned the tank and changed the filter. 
Apr 14 Monday log  had a late start as I saw movie last night. So had milk and then straight lunch. Superb daal tadka by daddy and brinjal rice roti . Had a lovely photoshoot in the community and all’s good. 
Apr 15 Tuesday log simple food again. Cabbage brinjal left over daal rice roti. Same at night. Finished watching MasterChef 2019 .
Apr 16 Wednesday log we had PIZZA day today. Made with wheat flour and with all Veges . Chiekn nuggets and ham included. Had and enjoyed 
Apr 17 Thursday log sev Puri and paneer matar sabji. Paneer palak gravy. 
Apr 18 Friday log hair wash day

Cloth wash day. Set the automatic feeder for fish.paksj paneer n rice n paratha.

S.No 1 of 90 Third Trimester
Sep 1 Reading Bible passage each day and journaling the understanding.
Novena month
Mother’s word are divine and following them makes one strong and humble.
Sep 2 Ganpati Bappa Morya The one who remains humble gets exalted….
Sep 3 labor Day weekend Three day holiday and Ganpati Bappa Morya ??. Memory if this day as we felt like you are with us. 
Sep 4 Mushroom Masala  Made with love and for someone gives so much happiness 
Sep 5 Happy teachers day children are the source of God.
Sep 6 Sleep is divine Feeling great with the sleep
Sep 7 Cravings  biriyani
Sep 8 Happy Birthday Mother Mary Lovely gift from you Mother Mary..thanks for everything.
Sep 9 beautiful week begins week 7 of the beautiful journey
Sep 10 First vomit of the pregnancy early childhood education classes began and anniversary of mastek joining.
Sep 11 Lectures day had Beauty sleep. Feeling ok.
Sep 12 not eating properly glucose water is the way
Sep 13 blisful night sleep after 3 nausea attempts could sleep properly
Sep 14 finally a day Friday morning at 1130. Having wonderful day peaceful and rejoincing. After getting up having rusks helped.
Sep 15 happy Engineer s day The Solution makers are the ones we call engineer.
Sep 16 happy first appointment All’s well. Had the first ultrasound.
Sep 17 blessings  Many many heart congratulations for another year.
Sep 18 Gearing up for east coast getting ready for the trip for a week
Sep 19 Big day announcements to the family
Sep 20 On an East coast tour Statue of liberty beautiful experience
Sep 21 New York City Tour mercimirising experience from hop in hop off
Sep 22 Sunday night Tour New York and NJ Night view splendid 
Sep 23 Niagra Falls  Monday Niagra falls tour
Sep 24 Washington  white house rocks
Sep 25 Atlantic City Awsome Atlantic city
Sep 26 Philadelphia city Downtown and sky high building
Sep 27 Indian street Jackson heights Lot of variety of Indian food
Sep 28 Breakthrough


You have a Purpose and you are loved.
Sep 29 Real deal Back home recovering
Sep 30 simple food simple living pakoras are in taste
Oct 1 Novena month Mother Mary help us
Oct 2 another craving husband made food
Oct 3 pulao day curd rice and pulao
Oct 4 Paneer wins paneer bhurji calling
Oct 5 Love of Methi paratha Punjabi paratha memories from NY
Oct 6 Chinese it is gobhi Manchurian and fried rice treat
Oct 7 Dushera Chole Puri Happy dushera festival
Oct 8 Bread pakora  cravings continue
Oct 9 bread besan toast another yummy day of bread toast
Oct 10 child Education class fun and amazing experience
Oct 11 brinjal curry Flavor of curd in brinjal and potato
Oct 12 poha delight yummy poha 
Oct 13 mix veg paratha tastes sooo good
Oct 14 bhindi favourite Indian street new york
Oct 15 panda Panda Express memories orange chicken and rice
Oct 16 Ave Maria Mother Mary in our house
Oct 17 French toast  scrumptious delicious
Oct 18 Super strong atta ladoos
Oct 19 full platter potluck party food
Oct 20 Dahi vada yummy vadas
Oct 21 picnic day shaver lake on 
Oct 22 pulao for picnic mix veg pulao 
 MAY 16 Choose your choice when you have the chance to choose

Don’t you ever loose

This is one opportunity for growing ahead

This shall keep your motivations rise up from bed

MAY 17 Learn to forgive


When the chance comes learn to forgive as sometimes it becomes difficult. The one who know how to do it is the person you should look up to, since this shall be the starting steeping stone for your paying for your penance.
MAY 18 Making ammends Sometimes it’s just so difficult to make amends and this brings distance among people. Ensuring that it remains calm and silent makes a big difference.
MAY 19 Explore the place around you The more you are expressive the better. Go out and explore the world around teaches you a lot.
MAY 20 Happiness is from within Doing something for someone brings happiness and doing something for yourself brings happiness from within.
MAY 21 Opti-malism When we see a ray of hope we feel optimistic and this makes our life optimal. When we have our life optimal then we admire everything around us and this creates positive energy. When there is positive energy then everything seems to fall into place.
MAY 22 Library is heaven when we are in search of a book it means we are in search of heaven for a book can help find all lost hopes and brings imagination into live.
MAY 23 be Inspiring and be inspired If one aims to be inspiring then nothing can come in the way if their success ladder for they take failures as stepping Stones and praises as driving force to lead by example for others to follow.
MAY 24 Mode of change One can be a mode of change for being adjustful to situations. This brings change in character and improvises on oneself.
MAY 25 Be the Carrier If one aims to be the Carrier then automatically things fall into place for they know what it takes to be the medium and the link joining everyone together.
MAY 26 Get Togethers some feel blessed, some feel bold, some feel emotional and some feel like gold whee they are in get-togethers. so celebrate each moment with each person everywhere.
MAY 27 Recovery Time tells us to recover

No more hiding and in cover

Feel good and hover

Be always close to your lover.

Try and make someone recover.


MAY 28 Let go When nothing falls into place and journey seems difficult put on your gear shoes and start a new wave new moment. This will help you let go of the previous emotions and help move on.
MAY 29 Job-more when there is no work go for job more. Find a way to suit your capabilities and be job more. Do the assigned work dedicatedly  and job more. Complete the task and be job more.
MAY 30 Celebration mood


When there is happiness around then we must celebrate and when there is nothing to celebrate then we must be happy.
MAY 31 Optimal Being optimal and being subjective and being cooperative.
JUNE 1 smiley keeping a smiley face keeps you healthy more.
JUNE 2 I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is sleep you at my dream
JUNE 3  I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a are my road..
JUNE 4  I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a book …you are my words..
JUNE 5  I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a seed are my plant..
JUNE 6  I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a plant you are my fruit..
JUNE 7  I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is food …you are my salt and desserts..
JUNE 8  I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a movie are my Hero..
JUNE 9  I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a Flower are my petals.
JUNE 10 I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a class you are my nerd ..
JUNE 11 I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a sea you are my boat..
JUNE 12 I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is summer and winter you are my shade and coat respectively..
JUNE 13 I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is a a body..

You are my soul..

JUNE 14 I want to show you how life is with you..each day and everyday If life is nowhere you are my only Hope..
JUNE 15 Humanly possible If nothing works just do what’s possible for you
JUNE 16 Rise up and Shine When there is happiness inside be the happiness around …rise and shine.
JUNE 17 Master of your own when you master your own self like what your body needs and how your body is functioning you will become key to your mind.
JUNE 18 majority in your work when your work speaks then nothing else is required for speaking.
JUNE 19 Mostly happy keep maximum amount of time as happy and realize that happiness within you.
JUNE 20 Surprise Yourself When the moment comes surprise Yourself .
JUNE 21 Sudden Steep when there is sudden high there is sudden Steep and when one can handle both then is victory for sure.
JUNE 22 Another Day each day passes and each time new day comes..what’s important is to spent the day such wonderfully that everything looks satisfying at the end of the day.
JUNE 23 New Day when there is beginning if the new day…the new set of goals are in the mind and those motivate us during the day .
JUNE 24 Happiness Around Glow in the face keeps the glow around..this is how keep the happiness flowing around.
JUNE 25 Easy as Easy if everything is easy then everything becomes easy..
JUNE 26 Experience it Giving advice is easy but to experience it on ourselves on the same advice  is the key..
JUNE 27 Every soul has a dream We all have dreams and each of us have a way of fulfilling them depending on our life cycle.
JUN 28 Magnanimous There are times when you feel nobody but in those times we need to keep ourselves calm composed and clean such that we our behavior reflects our character.
JUN 29 Live upto When we don’t have any idols then the best ideal is be the idol and Iive upto our own expectations.
JUN 30 Major in There will be situation when we wont be able to decide in what we major in , at this time we need to learn from our present and see ourselves enjoying the future.
JUL 1 Dream Projects Imagining situation which can make up our fairy world and make us believe to live in them.. here goes few of them.. Flying cars are one way to go
JUL 2 Dream Projects2 Imagining a world of dream projects such as capturing the sense of smell and storing it to find which one belong where.
JUL 3 Dream Projects Greater good comes when we act as superheros through our work and one of them can be developing skills and talents by each one of us and exchanging those with each other.
JUL 4 Dream Projects To be able to fit in the place where we are needed and required and to give our best shall be the dream recruitment.
JUL 5 Dream Projects When the classroom becomes fun with things that approachable and searchable quickly and help to understand the students faster then the growth will be seen.
JUL 6 Dream Projects There can be talks of growth and networking where intelligent solutions and applying those solutions become easy.
JUL 7 Dream Projects Having the capability to change things around us in order to see a better evolution among us can be the dream for someone.
JUL 8 Dream Projects Learning through playing can be a suggested method of understanding the nature of grasping the knowledge.
JUL 9 Dream Projects Keeping a balance of technology and real life in such a way that either of them doesn’t lose it meaning in life
JUL 10 Dream Projects Starting from the womb we can culture the mother through the learnings which can help nourish the life from within.
JUL 11 Dream Projects Once the baby starts to learn from outside environment we can create an atmosphere of positive learning for them.
JUL 12 Dream Projects As soon as the baby starts to leave for his companions to play with we can support them by educating them to participate in every activity possible.
JUL 13 Dream Projects The ultimate goal of attaining happiness shall help one know what exactly the quest is for. So understanding the cause of everyone happiness.
JUL 14 Dream Projects Understanding emotions and creating a measure for each one of us shall help to scale the level of persons EQ
JUL 15 Dream Projects Having the ideas and multiplying them for the benefit of others really helps to achieve the desired goal most quickly.
JUL 16 Dream Projects Each one of us has some uniqueness in us and if we are able to crack it open we shall see we have the power to move the mountains.
JUL 17 Dream Projects
  1. Looking out for someone in the times of their need helps us to know that someone will look out for us at our time of need as well..
JUL 18 Dream Projects Dreams are like wishes from the genie bottle only this time it’s the rub of our hands so dream or wish something that’s in your hands and capacity to achieve.
JUL 19 Dream Projects into the future.
JUL 20 Dream projects Use the SUN to charge yourself
JUL 21 Dream projects Spread your Energy around
JUL 22 Dream projects unleash yourself
JUL 23 Dream projects Lend a ✋
JUL 24 Dream projects join hands
JUL 25 Dream projects motivate people around you
JUL 26 Dream projects bring HOPE
JUL 27 dream projects leaving legacy
JUL 28 Dream projects Caring quotient
JUL 29 Dream projects making Memories
JUL 30 Dream projects adjoining nature skills
JUL 31 Dream projects Mars
Aug 1 friendship month gather all friends who are near you don’t lose them for even if they are new
Aug 2 friendship month care for each and every one around you and make down hopes of dew
Aug 3 friendship month if you are new then don’t let the old ones go but if u r old let the new one also glow.
Aug 4 Friendship month Many of us are blessed with great friends we need to cherish them forever.
Aug 5 friendship month once a frienship forever
Aug 6 friend month when you feel low…be with friends and glow
Aug 7 friend month when in need friends are indeed.
Aug 8 friendship month  Good things come to those who bbelieve in the true friend ship.
AUG. 9 friendship month when we have the pleasure of doing things free ….we set ourselves free
Aug 10 Friend ship month the feeling when everything goes as per planned.
Aug 11 friendship month Never blame anyone for your actions and definitely never regret your choices. Learning to live with them is the key to success.
Aug 12 friendship month God resides where the home is full of Love
Aug 13 friendship month Hope anchors the soul and friends fill the hole.
Aug 14 frienship month daily report

One line

Sunday morning * church tofu sandwich Sunnyvale dal khichdi chicken.


Rajma chawal.

Aug 15 frienship month Tuesday magazine booked. Mushroom palak.
Aug 16 frienship month daily chores idli sambhar chutney
Aug 17 friendship month visiting kids done..bhindi
Aug 18 friendship month dark sky meteor showers Friday night daal
Aug 19 friendship month Saturday great church day parade in Fremont fish
Aug 20 Friendship month out for picnic at Sunnyvale. Las Palmas park. Potluck lunch chole Puri.
Aug 21 friendship month Conrad cooked chilli chicken .stayed at home
Aug 22 friendship month Tuesday tmbile offer mystery gift. Beans
Aug 23 friendship month relax Wednesday mushroom gobhi
Aug 24 friendship month Thursday marathon for Jane the Virgin. Cookies day
Aug 25 friendship month Friday ..tofu sandwich. Early to bed
Aug 26 friendship month CPR class full day Saturday.
Aug 27 friendship month Sunday afternoon nap. Chicken burgers at lake Elizabeth
Aug 28 friendship month Monday Chicken burgers.
Aug 29 friendship month Tuesday idli sambhar chutney
Aug 30 friendship month Wednesday chickenpalak.
Aug 31 friendship month rajma rice.
S.No Day 90 of 90


FEB 15 PART of me Series Hey Baby, it’s me. I know you are inside me and I want to take care ❤️ of you from this moment and forever that you will be with me and your daddy.
FEB 16 PART of me Series I have been longing to have you in me. I have been praying for you ever since i met your daddy. I want to welcome you to the best of my ability.
FEB 17 PART of me Series Playing music and listening to hymns is helping me know you. Wishing well and healthy and happy you.
FEB 18 Right Thoughts

Daily 5 Learnings

There are so many things one can do dear baby, you will know once you are able to read. There are few which I have read and want you to read from me  because it will help you know that one’s thoughts reciprocated into actions is one way to get your dreams into reality.

Buddha Teachings ” How would HE think” Ten Pointers

  1.  All that we are is the result of what we have thought, we are who we think. Our thoughts makes us.
  2. Right Intentions that is what really matters, care for everyone and in totality needs to be addressed.
  3. Think loving, compassionate thoughts, creating the intention of doing no harm and of refraining from unskillful actions and words, you are taking a step on right path.
  4. Embody your inner voice and live yourself with the Lord.
  5. If we speak or act with pure thought, happiness follows like a shadow that never leaves.
FEB 19 Right Thoughts

Daily 5 Learnings

  1. The way we think and act creates new habits and conditions for how we will act and think in future.
  2. Admire your own virtues from the depth of the heart, saying strongly words like I’m at peace, I’m happy, I’m joyful, I’m intelligent etc.
  3. Experience for yourself as this brings more clarity in the thoughts that occur in our minds fro something or someone.
  4. Right thoughts will definitely produce right actions. At every stage if one has the right kind of thought that can help, and someone who cares really can be the road to every new stage in life. (from childhood to adulthood)
  5. Repeated good intentions generate powerful inner voice.
FEB 20 Right Thoughts

Daily 5 Learnings

1. I care for everyone

2. I care for everyone.

3. I care for everyone.

4. I care for everyone.

5. I m the care of everyone.

Having to care for everyone means having God caring for you. Giving care to everyone means caring for God Himself.

FEB 21 New Learnings Each Day
  1. Mark everyday important by listening to the word of Lord. You ever know how much wonderous it could be.
  2. Good work needs no praise. Infact the more silently good work is done, the more praise comes from above.
  3. Envision the goodness factor in everyone, keep a log and retrospect whenever possible.
  4. Always have an open mind to absorb every view, but always believe in your own judgement.
  5. immediately change a negative thought into positive one.
FEB 22 Peace of Mind 1. Everything happens for good.

2. Whatever has been planned by the Lord shall be the best for everyone as we all are connected with each other through Him.

3. Let it happen. If things are according to our wish, its good, not according to our wish its even better. The unspoken truth of life.

4. We need to find/make our own path. A path which we are proud of when we see ourselves as how we are.

5. WE know ourselves better than anyone else. If we just have faith in what we act and think about ourselves and especially others, we would reach out goal one day for sure.

FEB 23 Valor Mind 1. There will be so many like you around, all you need to do is have patience, as with time everything is answered.

2. Hear the love stories around you. This will make you more strong.

3. Put your faith in the Lord as he knows the best for you and for everyone else.

4. Dont attempt to punish anyone by your words or actions, as each one of us has come into this world with their positives and negatives, we have to see only and only positives.

5. Get everyone together, make this as your goal.

FEB 24 Piece of Mind
  1. If you are not able to decide what  to do then do the most joyous work at the particular instant which brings most peace in your mind.
  2. Remember that parents are the sole source of knowledge and their blessings is the key to attain anything and achieve greater goals.
  3. Wherever you go spread spread as much happiness and knowledge if possible.
  4. Whenever someone shares some knowledge give blessings to the person from your heart.
  5. Its important to understand that all lives are connected hence we need to live for everyone else in their heart.
FEB 25 Power of Mind 1. If anyone ever asks from you, it means your time is needed by the person hence be ready for it every time.

2. Be courageous in stating your aspirations across in the moist polite manner possible.

3. Dont ever feel lonely as the Lord is always watching over you. Along with this there are so many souls who are with you, they shower their blessings if you do the right thing.

4. Meditation is really helpful.

5. If you can find people around you, who share the same goal as yours, always take initiative to bring them together.

FEB 26 Wonderous Mind
  1. If we get the ability to feel anyone’s pain, we also have the capability to cure the pain if we just pray.
  2. Prayers are most strong.
  3. Live the life that will help others around.
  4. Find a mentor who can guide you in the acquiring the knowledge that you wish to know and grow.
  5. The desires in you should be in favor for everyone.
FEB 27 Curious Mind 1. We will surely be at peace with ourselves once we think and act like God.

2. Renounce the fruits of your actions.

3. Humility is the key to your every action.

4. Let every movement be thoughtful and conscious.

5. Compassion allows one to transform resentment into forgiveness and fear into respect.

FEB 28 Motto
  1. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  2. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  3. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  4. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
  5. Lord, Make me available wherever i’m needed.
MAR 1 Petulant Mind 1. Ageless thinking

2. Benevolence

3. Respect

4. Awake and Aware

5. Help others

MAR 2 Ultimate Thoughts
  1. Finding happiness for others , in others, from others.
  2. Be aware of the snowball effect of your thinking.
  3. Keep the mind in calm state.
  4. Be focused.
  5. When concentration is needed for specific task, use the power of observation and no need to think anything else but be at that moment.
MAR 3 Devoted Thoughts 1. Look life as a child.

2. Accept things as they are. Every moment and circumstance in life is opportunity to experience things as they are.

3. View failures as victories in wisdom.

4. Consciousness needs to be kept clean from all wrong thoughts.

5. Restrain from acting on angry impulses.

MAR 4 Insightful 1. If you do good work, you will surely get an insight to doing more good work.

2. Actions are important which should be always in accordance with well being of all around.

3. Note the thought before preparing food and try to make it consciously.

4. NO judgement can make you move on more easily.

5. Right thought means thinking kindly and letting go of all other thoughts.

MAR 5 Vibrant thoughts
  1. Pause and answer something, it gives sense of reflection.
  2. Experience the jot of spiritual living.
  3. Make every attempt to leave the mind in present and natural state without thinking about past or what could be in future.
  4. Clearing the mind can be done with reading something healthy.
  5. Every morning the first thought should be a wish to devote the day to the good of all living beings.
MAR 6 Zen 1. Practice clearing the mind by looking at something stable and still like waves of a beach.

2. Keep the mind at focus point at this moment.

3. Meditating helps to bring focus.

4. Enjoy the experiences in life as they come along.

5. Look at things like you are looking for first time.

MAR 7 Willful thinking 1. Thoughts manifests words,

words manifest as deed,

deed develops into habit,

habit hardens into character.

.”. Make thoughts about caring for others.

2. Right thought, right concentration,

right action, right motive,

right learning, right understanding,

right words, Righteous you.

3. While sitting and breathing, think yourself as pebble falling through clear water. Imagine it sink toward a resting spot on gentle sand of the water’s bottom.

4. If you are filled with many thoughts, bring yourself back to the room you are in.

5. Concentration can be achieved by knowing the to do list and completing the back log work first and moving to next work one at a time.

MAR 8 Redeeming
  1. Help others with the only intention of helping them and without wishing to get recognized for it.
  2. Set an intention of the day and repeat that to yourself, such as I will be attentive , good listener etc. It helps at the time of distraction.
  3. DO not wish to be anything but who you are and where you are right now.
  4. Compassion is understanding that all are in this together.
  5. Staying calm and being stable is the key component of understanding.
MAR 9 Appealing 1. Post and hang pictures and thoughts which you find appealing to look at and brings positivity inside you.

2. Self acceptance helps to bring the good in you.

3. Cultivate middle state of mind, not too happy and not too sad.

4. Happy person is one who is spread around with company of good books.

5. Ponder over three beautiful thoughts, generosity, loving-kindness friendliness  and compassion.

MAR 10 Gift of loving thoughts
  1. Create positive thoughts that support the immune system.
  2. Take pleasure in the daily chores.
  3. Happy people think happy thoughts.
  4. let every in-breath calm and relax the mind and every outward breath release any tension or thoughts it is holding.
  5. Discover the blessing of the inner silence.
MAR 11 Walk and Stumble 1. If we are open to experience and change, we can find ourselves to be able to deal with life’s different weathers.

2. We aren’t in charge of life and can’t control what people think of us. If we realize this we can live freely

3. Your treasure house is in yourself.

4. Be willing to listen.

5. Read a book you ll know you will disagree with , there is this way to sharpen your thinking.


MAR 12 Liquid Gold 1. One of the most important and precious love is the liquid gold from mother.

2. Every time you think of helping someone you plant a very powerful seed within your mind

3. Stop and become aware for a minute. Feel the sensations in you, your relationship with others, your mind and spirit. This helps to momentarily relieve oneself from habitual thinking and take a step towards awareness.

4. Instead of trying to think through and plan everything out, dive into the present moment and tap into wellspring of your intuitive guidance.

5. Gradually drop the ideas of who you think you should be, which you think you want to be, or who you think other people think you should be. These thoughts distracts one from living a joyful life.

MAR 13 Why walk when you can fly… 1. When you put others at the center of your life, it releases your natural desire for happiness and liberates you from your self-employed centeredness while helping you to enlighten your heart.

2. If you recognize worry for what it is, acknowledge it, put it to perspective, refuse to let it control you , that’s cultivating spiritual living.

3. Be cautious in what you believe and think of others.

4. Be grateful all the time.

5.  Kind hearts are gardens, kind thoughts are roots, kind words are flowers, and kind deeds are fruits.


MAR 14 Living Your Way 1. Find your own joy.

2. Explore your own inner self conscious.

3. Adapt to the changing circumstances.

4. Survive the difficult times.

5. Transform into the better self.

MAR 15 Words are not enough for you my babies
  1. Starting the day by reaffirming our intentions to practice loving kindness and compassion for everyone can be great beginning of the day.
  2. 2. Overcoming situation by shifting our concern from ourselves to others by acknowledging that all are on same boat
  3. Being free from judgement helps to evolve ourselves.
  4. With our thoughts we make our own world.
  5. While meditating if the talking helps to relax do so.
MAR 16 Leave your essence.. 1. All around us are different fragrances. Each having their own distinct one.

2. All around us are equipped with our own desires and own struggles to achieve them.

3. All around us come into this world with our own unique forms to survive through these challenges.

4. All around us are looking for the inner peace which resides right inside them.

5. All around us try to bring pexep to everyone who surrounds us.

MAR 17 All babies are same… 1. Just like the person’s innocence can’t be measured ,the babies cannot be compared.

2.Just like the water in the ocean can’t be measured , the babies souls’ cannot be tampered with.

3. Just like the falling leaves from the tree can’t be measured ,the babies beautiful heart cannot be seen through.

4. Just like the drops of rain from heaven above can’t be measured, the babies cries cannot be explained.

5. Just like the future of a person can’t be seen ,the babies bring their own fortune and luck.

MAR 18 Look around.. 1. Beautiful thoughts are free.

2. All living beings are Buddhas endowed with wisdom and virtue.

3. Concentration helps to be at present moment.

4. Magical things happen everyday , if we allow them.

5. Mindfulness keeps negative tendencies in check.

MAR 19 Intimidating who 1. Look for the inner oasis.

2. Direct intentions to benefiting others.

3. As soon as disturbing thought comes across shoo them away.

4. As long as one keeps thinking good for others the path for the their dreams will be cleared.

5. Sending positive vibes helps to imbibe other people’s energy as well.


MAR 20 Unleash 1. The desires can be fulfilled when we start fulfilling others.

2. Satisfaction comes when we discover our inner self.

3. Knowing oneself is the beginning of the journey.

4. Revolutionize the world with your thoughts.

5. Remember the care you have got from others.


MAR 21 Divyass Inputs as a Mom 1. Observe and getting the job done and focusing on it.

2. Don’t let the perfect become enemy of the good.

3. Trust your sillyssilly instincts.

4. Ask for help from the universe.

5. Be your own advocate.


Remember God helps those who help themselves.

MAR 22 Awareness 1. Remain mindful and awake rather than being carried away by thoughts and projections.

2. Each person has an awareness , an inner witness of the source of that person’s own intentions.

3. Raise yourself up to higher spiritual perspective by remembering that everything happens for the best.

4. Do not create pain through your thoughts.

5. Beautiful thoughts are free.

MAR 23 Mirror Image 1. Your conversation is the mirror of your thoughts.

2. Acknowledging intentions and taking responsibility for them gives possibility of transformation.

3. Mirror yourself each moment. Live in the prrspre moment.

4. Pray in front of the mirror by asking the Lord to give everyone what they need most at this time .

5. Make your mind a sanctuary for sunny and positive thoughts.

MAR 24 Rejoice and be Glad 1. Rejoice in knowing you are alive today.

2. Rejoice in understanding that life itself is a miracle.

3. Rejoice in the relationships you have and have made.

4. Rejoice in natures beautiful creations.

5. Rejoice in being yourself.

MAR 25 Holy are you.. 1. You are very spritual inside you.

2. You are holy inside you and you know it.

3. You are caring and forgiving.

4. You are adjusting and absorbing.

5. You are the love of God.

MAR 26 Blessed are you. 1. The more you are concerned about the happiness of others, the more you are building your own happiness a the same time.

2. The best way to bring peace to the world is to bring peace to ourselves through meditation and mindfulness practice.

3. Make it a point to start the day with positive and special thanks to the Lord.

4. Regard each day to be good day.

5. Focussing on what we are doing right now keeps us in the moment and replenishes us every second.

MAR 27 All that I have… 1. All that I have…is for u o Lord.

2. All that I have…is by u o Lord.

4. All that I have …is related to u o Lord.

5. All that I have dedicated to u o Lord.

MAR 28 Lord I offer my life 1. Lord I offer my care to everyone.

2. Lord I offer my love to everyone.

3. Lord I offer my compassion for everyone.

4. Lord I offer my help to anyone who asks for it.

5. Lord I offer myself to You.

MAR 29 Mantras Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah |
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||Meaning:
1: Om, May All become Happy,
2: May All be Free from Illness.
3: May All See what is Auspicious,
4: May no one Suffer.
5: Om PeacePeacePeace.
MAR 30 looking forward… 1. Sometimes we look back to remember some memories that is also looking forward to.

2. Sometimes we wait for something to happen that is also looking forward to.

3. At times things happen accordingly so it becomes looking forward to.

4. Sometimes it’s unusual happening that too is looking forward to.

5. When sometime Lord’s will happen we should always look forward to it.

MAR 31 we will get there… 1. How much is the strength in getting everyone together.

2. How much of strength it is, in having a family.

3. How much of strength it is to have unity in decision making.

4. How much of strength it is in meeting new people.

5. How much of strength is inside you.

APR 1 we know You are with us 1. We know you are with us every moment and so we don’t need to worry for anything.

2. We know you are with us as we can feel you within us.

3. We know you are with us as we sense You in other people around us.

4. We know you are with us and care for us each moment.

5. We know you are with us and we promise to keep our hearts and minds clean for you to be happier each day.

APR 2 Your Day 1. You can make your day by being grateful.

2. You can make your day by appreciating the nature.

3. You can make your day by admiring someone today.

4. You can make your day by learning something new.

5. You can make your day by being yourself.

APR 3 Lord resides in you 1. Lord walks with with you.

2. Lord is always guiding us through our deeds.

3. Keeping our hearts pure and kind for everyone brings us close to you.

4. Lord we know you want us to be patient.

5. Lord we know everything will be fine as You are with us.

APR 4 Right Actions 1. When the right thought is there, right action follows.

2. When the right words are there the right action follows.

3. When the right intention is there the right action follows.

4. When the right mood is there right action follows.

5. When the right environment is there the right action follows.

APR 5 Right Speech 1. When there are good thoughts right speech follows.

2. When there is positive aura around you then right speech follows.

3. When there is clarity in thinking then right speech follows.

4. When there is perception involved from opposite person’s mind then right speech follows.

5. When there is response and not reaction in the words then the right speech follows.


APR 6 Right View 1. When there is positive vision the right view is imminent.

2. When there is patience there is right view.

3. When you put yourself in others persons shoes the right view can be visualized.

4. Everyone has their own perception.

5. Each of the view must be respected.

APR 7 Right Intention 1. Intentions are different for different people.

2. Understanding of intention comes from how pure the motive behind it is.

3. Intention is always useful when thought for others happiness.

4. When there is right intention there are right actions

5. When there is right intention everything just happens right for you and for everyone around.

APR 8 Right livelihood 1. There are various parameters for livelihood.

2. Livelihood is living minimilistic.

3. Livelihood is living with family.

4. Livelihood is living comfortably.

5. Livelihood is right in the right surroundings be it home decore, homly atmosphere and homely people.

APR 9 Right Effort 1. Right Effort means effortless submission of yourself.

2. It means a working towards applying yourself with appropriate amount of energy.

3. Right effort needs right balance.

4. Right effort shows just about the right dedication.

5. Right effort helps to get desired results.

APR 10 Right Mindfulness 1. Plan to do some activity that give u energy and look forward to doing it.

2. Once we see how much better it is to do good than do evil we will begin to like the inner goodness side of ours mindfully.

3. Learn to find joy in everything you do.

4. Good karma always comes back

5. Gradually develop habit I’d mindfulness by acting after taking a one second pause.

APR 11 Right Concentration

1. When the mind distracts from the present moment then ask yourself what is causing the diversion and out it down.

2. When the concentration is in the present moment the the work will be most effective and focussed.

3. What needs to be done is the right work at the right time. It automatically generates concentration at present moment.

4. If the priority is set then the work at the moment is give the the right concentration

5. Right concentration brings productive results.

APR 12 # Mutant Energy

1. When one knows the talent inside them their mutant energy is the very high.

2. When one doesn’t know the talent in them then to discover those makes the mutant energy high.

3. When one doesn’t wish to find out the mutant energy inside them then their mutant energy is already high.

4. When one spreads the joy around him/her then their mutant energy is higher.

5. When one receives the mutant energy , absorb it and radiates to others then the mutant energy multiplies.

APR 13 Your idealogies

Food for Parents

1. Love for each other show which thyt will respond through love.

2. Be on the same page so that consistency remain.

3. What you preach , practice it first. This will help children know what you follow.

4. Reverse psychology works or no..try

5. Parenting is living childhood again.


APR 14 Little Things

1. Like putting on your favorite top one day before the laundry day.

2. Like cleaning the kitchen night before the next day.

3. Like smiling on the accident and clumsiness that you will do.

4. Pro active

5. Multi task.

APR 15 Grow everyday

1. It’s important to grasp from surrounding and adapt to it and grow everyday.

2. It’s also important to understand others and learn good things from them and grow ourselves.

3. It’s important to read little little grow our mind everyday.

4. It’s important to listen to our instincts and update our believes and hence grow ourselves.

5. It’s equally important to help grow others around. This can be done by support.

APR 16 Gently  1. How gentle are we when we talk to ourselves.

2. How gentle are we when we talk to others.

3. How gentle are we when we talk to children.

4. How gentle are we when we greet somebody.

5. How gentle can we be from what we are before.

APR 17 Abide by Lord 1. There will be situations where we feel helpless , just pray t the lord for all goodness.

2. There will be times when there will be no hope , still built a new hope each day.

3. There will be places where you will be vulnerable, still fight your fears.

4. There will be people pulling you down ,still get up and dance.

5. There will be a new day tomorrow and keep that in mind and abide by Lord’s will .

APR 18 Work Actions 1. If we follow the right words, right action follows.

2. If we follow our instincts , the universe resentful action follows.

3. If we follow the words of elders, blessings follow.

4. If we carry the light the new way follows.

5. If we follow our dream the paradise awaits.

APR 19 The Wonderland Be like the kite which flies in the sky not knowing where it will land,

Play like a child with sand in the hand,

Flow like the river merging into the ocean so grand,

Smile like all the colours of the rainbow band,

Whenever you tremble get back up and stand,

Feel all the emotions in the a way that only you understand.

APR 20 Set to Perfect How often we appreciate our life so set
And sometime feel shattered when dreams are not met
Must feel terrible I bet
When promises are not kept
And relations go in debt
How often we feel satisfied after we slept
Lord never wants to see our eyes getting wet
He always sends His angels to console us after we have weptKindness prevails even when cruelty has creptLet the positivity in you uplift when everything has been swept.This will heal the scars that have been leftAnd with practice thy shall become perfect.
APR 21 Way to your Day When you have so many options to weigh

And you have no words to say

Take a moment and just pray

In front of God let all your problems lay

And you will find your way

All the doubts shall go away

And peace will come with no delay

This retrospection shall complete your day

These prayers shall be with you today tomorrow and everyday

Dont you forget it okay!!! Just smile anyway …

APR 22 Anticipate Cultivate

When life becomes complicate

Our first instincts makes it more sophisticate

This causes the problem to duplicate

No matter how much the problems seems intricate

Dont just go on to dictate

There are so many positive thoughts to cultivate

If the heart is closed please open it’s gate

Then only our inner strength will start to communicate

And all our problems will start to mitigate

If you like this idea, implement it , why wait !!

APR 23 Upmost

What if the thing we desire the most

Seems far more unreachable like it’s on the other coast

We want quick results so we can boast

And get many parties to host

The fear of failure haunts us like a ghost

But what if we give each failure it’s share of toast

So it can guide us in the right direction like a lighting  post

Then success will come to us as easily as a meal to roast

And we can gladly share it among our dost.

Follow this to the utmost !!

APR 24 Being a True Friend

There are some wounds that we cannot mend

But with the soothing voice of a caring friend

There are some rules which we can bend

With our will so strong ready to fend

There is no money that we can send

To replace a helping hand that we can lend

There is no telling where our roads will tend

Just enjoy every moment with your friends from start to end!!!

APR 25 Lord by my Side

With Lord by my side, I have nothing to hide

With Lord by my side, I can withstand any forceful tide

With Lord by my side, I have all afirmations laid to abide

With Lord by my side, I don’t even fear when I slide

With Lord by my side, all my worries glide

With Lord by my side, I have someone to confide

With Lord by my side, my heart feels so wide

With Lord by my side, I have the perfect guide.

APR 26 New found will

In life we add all this frills

To get an extra thrill

But when we get tired of this drill

We have nothing left but time left to kill

When love dawns on us we get chill

And no more have to take any pill

Or pay the hospital bill

Cos happiness makes all holes in the life fill

We begin to swim with the magical gill

And don’t deter to climb the enormous hill

We cherish this new found will

To make a difference in this world starting from nil.

APR 27 Recipe for Successful Dream

Success is like a dough which needs to be knead

Often at times we are not able to succeed

We sit back and repent on the unfulfilled need

But before we proceed

Let’s think about all those who don’t have enough to have their family feed

So get over this greed

And plant a gratefulness seed

And you shall start to braid a success necklace bead by bead

Be an inspiration for others to read

Set an example by being the lead

Start by doing each day one good deed

And soon the success will start catching speed

  1. There shall be no need to plead

And perhaps you will find your true calling indeed !!


APR 28 Dread to Wed

Some say it’s easy and some say it’s difficult to be wed

It’s like making a dough from scratch to prepare the perfect bread

But often at times we seem to dread

To take the initial few steps and tread

It’s important to know that it’s all in our head

As long as we together keep moving ahead

It doesn’t matter if the steps and thet progress is  as thin as a thread

Each night before going to bed

Let the wings of your soul spread

Remember the good old tales that you have read

If sadness dawns be hopeful instead

And surely what we want will come forth before we are dead !!

APR 29 Happiness Decoded


How can we be in always happy mode?

Is there any secret password in our mind that we can decode

Start by thinking about those who are unfortunate and handicapped and lift any load

Take a moment and for these beautiful souls sing an ode


Develop a feeling of gratitude for we have all our limbs abode

Using this positive energy tune the minds channel into a pleasant episode

And the happy state of mind will never erode..

APR 30 Like

When we do things on daily basis that we like

We are surely bound to get a hike

We can find time to ride our favorite bike

Our efficient behavior is not just a spike

Working and relaxing almost seems alike

Our heart doesn’t wait for happiness to strike

Cherish each moment ,our heart speaks louder than any Mike

Forever it remains young and childlike !!!

MAY 1 why fear

Why do we fear

Cos we worry about losing what’s dear

Life might become devoid of all cheer

What if we experience each tear

So that it help us hear

Out inner voice which is often not very clear

It will help us change our gear

To a song more pleasing to our ear

To a beautiful smile which we can wear

Today , Tomorrow and every year !!

MAY 2 Sympathy to Emphathy

There are people who ask for help

There are few who give help

There are those who give sympathy

There are very few who give empathy.

MAY 3 Good People

Good people are scattered so that can spread their good news around

Does this seem to be totally sound..

Appreciate Goodness…it’s close to Godliness

MAY 4 Daily oil

When we get caught in life’s day to day toil

It seems like we are in turmoil

We forget to smile at small things like the smell fresh of the raindrops falling on the soil

No matter how many of our plans get foil

There is no need for the mood to get spoil

By doing a simple task each day which helps our heart to unwind it’s coil

We can be like the oil

Which remains afloat even when mixed with water that has come to boil.

MAY 5 Formula for Happiness Duplicate

In life we don’t have to wait

For a reason so special and great

In order to enjoy and celebrate

Cos each moment has the power to generate

Beautiful memories that can penetrate

Every corner of our heart to make it Illuminate

And cause the happiness seeds to germinate

This intoxicating joy will in turn fascinate

Each person you meet and make it duplicate.

MAY 6 Bee happy

Sometimes we ask ourselves what’s wrong with me

The road between our head and heart seems like a sea

Let’s stop judging ourselves and drink some tea

Accept the situation and let it be

Take as much time as it takes to set our minds free

So that it will be able to see

How our heart beats and buzzess like a bee…

MAY 7 Deliberately

How can I be so silly?

Do I do it deliberately

I wonder what the reason for this sillyness truly

Sometimes I feel I’m a bully

Sometimes I feel act naturally

Most of time it’s the feeling of doing things eagerly

One day or daily

Things ate going to get better hopefully

As I do not do anything purposely

I wish I act more morally

And this wish gets fulfilled instantly

Even when I’m being accessed remotely

This shall bey prayer morning and night daily.

MAY 8 Mother’s Day is coming

Mother’s day is coming

All mother’s faces are glowing

They are happy as their lives are flowing

Look like to them it’s snowing

They keep asking where we are going

Seems like always they are knowing

Sometimes their minds are blowing

At times they want to go rowing

Wish they just as always they keep the happiness seeds sowing.

MAY 9 Love actually

Love is so mysterious

Never ever become serious

Always consider “us”

Let your love story become famous

Both of you always try to be humourous

MAY 10 Thanks be the Lord

Let’s make a feast table

Whats needs to be done is to be stable

We keep wondering if we are capable

Our eyes have to be like an eagle

We can sing along with a jingle

Let’s be God’s sweet angel.

MAY 11 Hail Mary

It’s good to say hail Mary

It’s good to be merry

It’s wonderful to be like a cherry

It’s nice to ride a ferry

It’s awsome to act for someone as a fairy.

MAY 12 Mother is the most special

All the love is nothing compared to mother’s affection

All the love is nothing compared to child’s first motion

All the love is nothing compared to mother’s care in her notion

All the love is nothing compared to mother’s taking care out of precaution

All the love is nothing compared to mother’s first milk potion.

MAY 13 Rejoice and be glad

Rejoice and be glad from within

This shall mean that it can reflect out

Out when it comes spreads so loud

That more and more joyful songs are sung aloud.

MAY 14 Groove to your song

Let’s groove into our tune of songs

Let’s mingle into the music of gongs

Let’s make this place into a musical theme

Where music and dance can can only be seen.

MAY 15 Make Everyone Smile

When smile spreads it catches like a flame

It has such a power over it’s opponents game

It makes you feel like a Fame

It is usually always the same.



 Day 45 of 45







JAN 1 Welcoming Womb Preparing the mind and body for the healthy conception begins with keeping an open mind and being adaptive.
JAN 2 Positive Thinking Staying positive is the key to bring the new life who entails within.
JAN 3 Emotionally Ready Becoming parents is one of the gifts from God. This should be one of the high points in their romantic lives.
JAN 4 Being Patient This need to b built up slowly and gradually for the parents to be.
JAN 5 Setting up Environmentally and physically consciously applying a healthy lifestyle.
JAN 6 Avoiding Stress Small and petty things may lead to this. Seamless and smooth transition needs to be made to parenthood.
JAN 7 Go Outside It restores a sense of balance to mind and body. It helps to connect with nature.
JAN 8 Mindful Meditation Trying out relaxation techniques helps to focus and strengthen oneself.
JAN 9 Treat Yourself Looking for options that helps you relax. Enjoying the moment is the underlining statement.
JAN 10 Sleep is essential Optimum Sleep is must for the body to rejuvenate.
JAN 11 Stimulate the mind By doing some kind of exercise and/or engaging in some puzzle solving activity.
JAN 12 Smile Plenty Living the day with a smile just makes up for everything.
JAN 13 Environment Friendly Its good to love the place you live and the surroundings as well. it helps to be positive.
JAN 14 Exercising a little This can bring the body into motion even if its just a 10 minute walk.
JAN 15 Healthy Check up Going for routine check up helps to get to know things about the body.
JAN 16 Diet Plan Following a healthy diet plan helps to keep the required nutrients in the body.
JAN 17 Letters to the Baby It would be nice to journal this time around for the beautiful thoughts to flow in for the new life inside you.
JAN 18 GO nuts Eating nuts in all forms at this stage makes the body stronger.
JAN 19 Get Fruity Including a fruit in the meal everyday can be a blessing and build immunity.
JAN 20 Pre-Conception Check Up It is advised to get a check up done prior to conception for the good of the baby.
JAN 21 Avoiding Caffeine and other harmful products To prepare for the baby we need to be extra cautious of what we put into our system.
JAN 22 Prenatal Vitamins Optional but useful addition to the diet supplementary.
JAN 23 Building Immunity Care and measures can be taken to boost up the immunity of the mom to be.
JAN 24 Make a Routine A nutrition full routine and healthy diet plan from the beginning helps to get into the groove.
JAN 25 Listening to Spiritual Music This helps to be in the state of melody and help to resonate positivity.
JAN 26 Being Calm Helps to relax and lowers the anxiety levels.
JAN 27 Having Fluids Drinking water, juice from fruits, fruit smoothies, yogurt helps to maintain water levels in body.
JAN 28 Maintaining Weight This can be tracked and ensured to keep as per the body mass index.
JAN 29 Informed Parent Becoming an informed parent is important in all aspects.
JAN 30 Speak Intelligent Our words should reflect positivity and be in more softer tone.
JAN 31 Reading Smartly One should start reading things which help bring balance of thoughts.
FEB 1 Loving Yourself Loving yourself is the best thing for a complete understanding of body, mind,thoughts and yourself as a whole.
FEB 2 Healthy Stocking It is very important to keep a stock of healthy food and snack options around you.
FEB 3 Engage Engaging in some activity can help to keep mind busy and channelize energy in right direction.
FEB 4 Make Peace Its important to have peace inside and around you.
FEB 5 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in Good things happening for you
FEB 6 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in Hope for everything that will come for/to you.
FEB 7 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in Joy that will come and that you will spread around.
FEB 8 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Enchantment that will come.
FEB 9 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Fondness for the new life in you.
FEB 10 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Core Values within you.
FEB 11 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Family Morals which are imbibe in you.
FEB 12 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Understanding with your partner.
FEB 13 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Prayers that will make you strong.
FEB 14 Believe in Series- 10 Believe in the Holyness residing in the both of you which will nurture the new life

Ephesians 4:2 in

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

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