Ganpati Bappa Morya

Praise the Lord.

Just like any other Indian knows, that the best way to start any work is to Praise the Lord and I chose this header for my first topic of the post for the same.

With Lord Ganpati’s Blessings I want to introduce to you, a F.E.A.S.T for all, in my way or rather ‘ you and I way… UnIAradhana’ and in a UNIque way too.

I had penned down an article during Ganpati festival many years back. This Ganpati festival is celebrated in the most endearing way all over the state of Maharashtra and other regions. It brings us all together as one unit and I experienced this when I began observing people during this specific festival. For any true Mumbaikar, seeing all people around in festive mood, decorations and lighting across the roads and then realising that these happy times unites us all, be it in a society or communities spread over. All around there is happiness to be seen. Not just during the ten holy days but also the anticipation, starts much more before the festivities begin. Important days being the day when Ganpati Idol is brought with huge procession and lots of sound and music and the day the Idol is taken for submerging in water with the hope to bring it again next year.

Man has always been a social animal and through these celebrations people try and become more close to the people living next door. This season is truly special for those who await for bringing Ganpati idol in their homes and hope for happiness for their families and their well wishers. Not only homes, the housing societies have also come forward and brought all people under one roof to rejoice and multiply this happiness. There are functions where the toddlers get a chance to showcase their talent, on the other side one can see, variety of authentic food being prepared and served, some being sponsored and some arranged through collections and donations. One of the most favourite offerings to Lord Ganesha, that is relished is ‘Modak’ comes in humongous forms and sizes and people love to get a bite on it after it has been served to the Lord on the completion of Aarti (prayer to the Lord Ganesha).

Like all of us have our own ways to offer Lord our prayers, our happiness and our griefs too, this is an offering I aspire to share with all and everywhere through my Aradhana by sharing some of my ways to FIND, EXPLORE, ADAPT, SURVIVE, TRANSFORM thereby sharing a F.e.a.s.t. with all. With this thought, just like these festivities bring all of us together and share the bonds of Love in truly unconditional form, I take this step into the digital world, hoping to live upto the theme that I have chosen which is to Find oneself, to Explore in and out, to Adapt to situation, Survive from the circumstances and to Transform into better. That’s F.E.AS.T for you !! If you reallly reallly want to…surely it will be for you.

Happy Feast to all my readers.

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