Give Life, a Dose of your Drug

Life as it seems, may not be fortunate for everyone. We all have our share of problems and to which we all have to find a solution ourselves. Some of us suffer and get help through medication which brings us relief. There are some who rely on drugs for their pain and then start depending on it. Is there any way to overcome this addiction?

The main question lies here is not about dependency on these drugs, for they relief the pain for a little while but to find a permanent solution to, not be dependent at all. For this, how well we know ourselves can be a decisive approach. In order to pursue this, one needs to seek for things for own self and not for how others wish for us to be. In simple words, being ourselves is the key.

We have heard and known this for a while that ‘hard work is the key to success’, what we need to understand is what comprises this hard work. We often are weighing ourselves in comparison to other people and their success ladder. The important factor lies in understanding our capability and our success ladder which has to be piece by piece joined by us. This is like rediscovering ourselves and improving ourselves day by day. This shall become our ground of hard work and not being in some race of multiple and varied verticals where we don’t belong at all.

Next thing is to comprehend whether or not being in state of rediscovering we are making it simple for others to follow and learn from us, and our mistakes. They say ‘there is nothing like a free lunch’ and hence knowing this fact that everything has a price, if we keep programming ourselves with this thought, then sooner or later there shall be no help or assistance from anyone. Even we will find it difficult to do so as we had be not given any support at the time we needed the most. But does this have to be like this? This is where we need to break-in.

We need to make a call, decide whether we want to be supportive not just to our immediate family members but also to people who approach us. Either this or be like the hand which holds the sand in its fist so tightly, that when the sand will drop off automatically we won’t even know. And then cry over it.

To save us from that, while we are in the process of reinventing ourselves, we can also guide along and thus be useful, also give back a dose of our drug to the society and thereby saving many lives.

Help others, pray for others whole heartedly and God will provide not just for you but linked with you all the many more who are in need.

In other words, Be the healer!!

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