Happy F.E.A.S.T to all

I want to thank Almighty for showing me so many wonderful years and for making me understand that through Love and only Love, anything can be achieved. Sharing this Love and Happiness with others will be my motivation, bonding and connecting with those who have same fascination, playing with the words which comes in my imagination and thereby giving a gift to the future generation.

We came in this world, through the union of two people from same or different culture, who again are bonded by this Love. It plays a covert role in the child’s life as this love that he or she gets from their parents is truly selfless and priceless, but till the child becomes parent himself, the mystery doesn’t solve. It becomes difficult to decode this love in the teenage years and as we grow up more, this love again, may sometimes lead to families living apart. Depending on the environmental factors and support system to the child, the upbringing of the child is labeled by many of us. It could be the cast, native place, language, religion, family background, and even the work that parents do. Isnt it? Remember sometimes how curious we are, just to know about someones history, is it just in good faith or simply typecasting the person. I believe, here is where we need to Find our-self and deep down ask whether background or the person matters more! We can very easily judge others but we are sometimes very poor in judging ourselves first. Self realization and introspection would do wonders. If a person learns from the mistakes and can evolve himself never showing a stop sign to learning, he or she can maximize their abilities and chances of evolving.

We come across many moments in our daily routine, just pause and remember one, where some stranger had an impact and that impact has registered in your mind that made you take some form of initiative to interact with him or her. Lucky are those who could carry forward that coincident relation and that relation became a part of their life. Some people call it fate. I do too. Other times, it just flushes out of the memory..its hard to remember the auto-rickshaw fellow who had dropped you safely to your destination, right na? Well, he qualifies for a stranger category too but only this time he doesn’t qualify for us to take initiative to start a coincident relation!! Have we evolved not enough, to bring a smile to his face by initiating an expression of gratitude. Oh how thankful am I to have such in laws, who truly showed me to Lead by example and till date, never have I seen such a day where they have not been thankful to even the security guard every morning, for giving them a good nights sleep. Question- Do we Explore ourselves enough to express gesture to these daily event around us?

Many of us know that the key to communicate better is, to perceive from the eyes of the recipient. In doing so, the understanding between the two is manifold. At the same time, it is also known that humans sometimes are incapable of handling those situations due to impulsive and impatient behavior and thus, not only them but also others outside the conversion also face animosity. Fights and arguments, accidents, mishaps, words of negative emotions are all such moments one sees almost everyday in life. The question lies, Are we doing something about it ? There are two ways to see this if one is not involved primarily. One, is to ignore which is quite easy to do, and the other one is to do something about it which is even more easier to say but difficult to actually do. Lets be honest, we all do wish in our hearts to bring change, but the moment of truth, unless we are a part of the situation, we would never feel the pain. Therefore it is required to Adapt to the circumstances which others feel and this can be achieved if we try to understand the plea of the person in grief. 

How fortunate are we to seek the wonders of Internet, this era of technology, this freedom to express ourselves and the life that has been. Are we kind enough to our Alma-mater or are we still mulling over what we have not seen. Take a look around and observe how most of the people are still out there happy and pleased, sometimes even not knowing whether they will ever enjoy all luxuries in their life which we almost have all seen. Are we doing enough to Survive on our own or are we just enjoying the fruits of someone else’s efforts. Do we truly deserve what we have now? In other words, are we making use of the available resources upto their optimum level without disrupting the environment.

I think the time will come where Transforming into something better will be the key. This transformation is the solution which will help people know that what we are now and we can be. To set the goals in life which should always be, to reach the highest point in life spreading the word of Love along the journey and hence, transform the word from ‘me‘ to ‘we‘.

F.E.A.S.T. will be for all those hungry to Find Oneself, Explore the surroundings, Adapt to the situation, Survive the adversities and Transform for good. With this, I highlight fragments of Feast to my dear readers and look forward to your views and suggestions in the further articles and stories that I shall put to make my point even more clear.

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