Hard Earned vs Hardly Earned ( Its all about Perception)

Earning can be perceived in multiple ways. Earning can, not just be monetary but also seized from different people through their goodwill. It is all about the game of perception. It is how we seek for it and be content in it.
Sometimes there can be a situation where we think we worked hard enough for the goal of achieving its required earning and results, but that doesn’t seem to be counted and accounted for. Again, this is only our perception.

It’s a known fact that hard work and dedication never goes waste and therefore we may at that instant feel ‘hardly earned’ but in the long run it may come useful. Also, if the work is done with the correct intentions then there will be someone who will value it and then it shall be the ‘hard earned’ effort.

It’s like the metaphor which we have been knowing for quite a while, ‘half glass filled or half glass empty’. If we are to perform a test and figure out who sees in either forms then, depending on the thirst level of the person that can be analyzed better. In the similar manner, the performance of the person should be seen and compared with the level of skill set one holds.

The analysis of hard earned versus hardly earned is only a percept. It depends on how one visualizes it. If at any point in time, a person enjoys anything that one does, it transforms into a hard earned time invested in that thing. In other words, if one values the time spent on the current work then the outcome of that will be surely productive. Then one may not bother of the monetary gains or earning.

This is also useful in the way to get into doing something which actually requires minimal exertion and hence doing that work is effortless. This is when we say it comes naturally. And therefore we gain instinctive power.

How to make this simple? We can ‘love what we do’ and do ‘what we love’.

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