Prayers to the Lord, our God. Happy F.E.A.S.T.


Looking for inspiration to journal in the New Year, I figured what better way to celebrate the FEAST than to listen/read to the word of the Lord. This series will be an ongoing daily compilation of my interpretation of ‘The Bible’. We will begin with first book of ‘Genesis’ and so forth, commence the new year with the understanding of the various teachings especially for celebrating the mesmerising stories and encouraging humanity, here’s Hoping…


                                           OLD TESTAMENT

[Begin the day with…these beautiful bountiful prayers]

  1. Here’s hoping we are thankful to God and our parents for our life on this Earth.
  2. Here’s hoping we appreciate the sunshine from the Sun and darkness in the night for us to sleep.
  3. Here’s hoping we are grateful for the water that quenches our thirst and the air that we breathe in.
  4. Here’s hoping we all have shelter over our heads. Be thankful for those who have and pray for those who don’t so they can have someday.
  5. Here’s hoping we value each morsel of food that we take-in and pray that others don’t remain famished.
  6. Here’s hoping we are thankful for the variety of seasons so we experience different types of days.
  7. Here’s hoping we realise that all that we have is from the grace of the God and His bountiful creations. There are good memories to be built each day which may seem that we are living in heaven on Earth.


                                   NEW TESTAMENT

God Has His plans of bringing life into this world through His exceptional creations.

He does things that no one understands them at that moment. We may keep resenting, revolting and be unacceptable, but for those who have patience and have faith, they see that the fruits of the labour does always pay.

Whatever happens, happens for the Best!


A Prayer of Hope of my own.

Hope we be present for those in need.

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