Interest = Want = Hunger = ?

When I was growing up, I remember my English Teacher, Mrs Ahmed, explaining all the synonyms of the word ‘WANT’ to us like whim, wish, fancy, desire. Somehow her voice still resonates in my ears as I began to realize that this word truly has a power to change our life and that’s why, when she laid stress in explaining those words, it began to ring a bell inside me and I started hunting for my wants.

My next question was what should I want and desire for? During the education years our motivation lies to clear and move to next class. Little do we know, at that time, what we will want to be or which graduate program are we going to choose? Moreover, leaving exceptional cases aside, we take very little effort to sometimes make a plan for ourselves. This plan can be involving our hobbies and most importantly our interests. Knowing for a fact that we perform our best if, our heart is in it and we enjoy that activity and at the same time it is interesting to us, then that gives us another motivation to do and want something, from that activity which will bring us joy.

Therefore, these interests that we nurture in ourselves while we are growing up can definitely become our motivation for wants and aspirations, in future. To help achieve this, it requires a zeal within us which can be aided with our efforts to make short term goals for ourselves. These goals can act like milestones and motivate us for the next one that we make.

In order to fulfil our desires to reaching our dream goal destination, its necessary to breakdown those in such a way that along the journey we celebrate through F.E.A.S.T. We Figure out what we truly want, we Explore through different experiences in life, we make ourselves Aware and prepare to adapt, we learn to Survive through the situations and begin to Transfigure ourselves every moment. This comes with the process of acquiring learning skills along the way and from each one whom we meet. This burning desire of acquiring skills can be supported by a desired hunger.

Sometimes, we can be in a state of illusion with what we actually want. We may not understand for a while and then our dreams may seem fading away. That’s when this word ‘hunger’ comes into picture. For this hunger to develop, it is important to know the purpose of our being there at that very moment. This realization may take a while. It may even involve some path breaking decisions to be made in life. But what is more important is, to understand this degree of want which ultimately should become a hunger within us.

In some cases where we fail to get our next want and remain content, there should be a new hunt of desire to sense this hunger in someone else. This gives meaning to our wants. This should not be mistaken, that it is about being dissatisfied and asking for more. This aspect of hunger should be felt and shared with those whose hunger we now know, as we were in the same place too. This may come with familiarity of circumstances and achievements that one gets as his/her hard work and dedication has given results. Maintaining a balance of the morals and then to be an inspiration to someone, is the by-product of being in the state of hunger.

But as this hunger increases, temptation also increases. The next possible question is how to control on this hunger? This state of temptation free life can be made into a ‘model’ life that one can look up to. It sounds theoretical but it is practical too. One needs to choose to live a life of being an inspiration to others to follow them by simply being humble.

They say the tree with maximum fruits is always bent down. In the hunt for these fruits which shall quench our hunger, if one lends a hand to those with whom it can be shared then automatically one shall notice, all things will fall into place and all our interests leading to our wants will be fulfilled in accordance to ones’ wish.

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