” JOB “

There are many synonyms to this word and many people mean it differently, I got inspired to pen down something interesting about it that I figured, hoping it becomes useful for the ones who are already into one and those who are aspiring to do.

One can easily relate this word with an understanding that we need to do job or work for our living. But the question is- Should we do it just for our living? Some great philosophers have rightly said, a job is result of the efforts taken by all those who collectively want to achieve something productive and with the right leader, this can be possible.

If for instance, all jobs were to be paid, then I suppose our mothers would be very rich by now, having all work done efficiently at the same time handled multitasking. This also gives us a recollection of how much of help we were to her, by handling her daily chores, running few errands for the house again not getting paid. So in other words, in order to succeed in running a house we all took part and played a role and that’s called cooperative job. Also the odd jobs that we did, did not mean menial at that time but it meant more because we know we did for our house. Can we not feel the same while working for someone else? Knowing the vision and mission of the workplace, it is our choice and decision to work for and this can also be felt like working for our home.

Therefore one can understand that doing a job with cooperation of the people makes it run smoothly and effectively. There is no such work as independent work and there should not be any shame to ask for help in doing the work. In the similar manner, there should not be any category in the job defined, and no one should look down upon the person who is doing it. If one is doing the job with sheer dedication and loyalty, I think that’s the best job.

With this simple understanding, if we are to work in any place, where we fit in as an individual, through our capabilities and can help to cooperate, communicate, delegate, set an inspiring example for others to get motivated, wouldn’t it just make the job easy!!

I also recall someone saying “Its easier said than done”, and therefore I want all my readers to know that I do have an easy solution to this situation. For this, there are few dos and donts to remember which are as follows:
a. To think a job is easy will itself make it easy.
b. To find a way to utilize and also make use of available resources is an art of doing that work.
c. To be able to avoid the rework and get it done once effectively at first go, will take some time but surely is possible.
d. To be able to anticipate the next imminent set of events can surely be achieved at advanced level.
e. To be able to share an understanding and faith on the leader of the job as well as other people involved in the job can again lead to fruitful outcome.
Applying to any one of these will surely help, not just for the completion of the required tasks but at the same time it will give an impulse to others around you, in doing theirs.

a. Having an undesirable approach to the job, meaning not having our heart into it.
b. Grumbling and pointing out what others are not doing.
c. Making a gigantic list of activities that I have done to be able to display others.
d. Unwilling and unhappy about the modifications in the job list.

In other words if any of the words above are closely felt, then one should know that one is not suitable for being there. The reason being, if the objective for which one has taken the job and goal, is not clear, then only resentment will be attained.

I am sure there will be few who are still looking for a “solution” that I spoke about earlier. These list of dos and donts seemed too preachy and hence for those who are still inquisitive, I have just one word: ‘Being Proactive’ is the key to all the answers.

This word is very rarely used and experienced according to my knowledge, but if it is used and practiced by everyone I am sure there will not be any list of don’ts. This ‘pro-activeness’ summarizes the word ‘Job’ for me. For example, simple things sometimes, if taken care and recognised can guarantee the smooth running of the job and satisfaction in the eyes of all around. Let me highlight a few of them:
a. Acknowledging and appreciating the work done by the people around you from time to time helps to encourage and we can learn from them.
b. To be in continuous state of learning, knowing we can learn from anyone, not just from our superiors but also from subordinates.
c. Just being present or involving ourselves outside the boundaries of our job profile and beyond that for the continuation of the learning process.
d. To update ourselves with the useful and forthcoming assistance that may be needed, again showing pro activeness so that the leader can identify the over and above talents in you and again be useful for the overall outcome as a whole.
e. To be able to accept the mistakes that we may come across, correct ourselves and to again learn from them.

These few pointers can surely help to play a proactive role in, not only boosting ourselves but also to be able to create an environment wherein no one will think there are doing a job for living but think we are living for a job.
Lastly I will quote a great person who is an inspiration for this article for me. He rightly said, “Everybody does job, everyone willing to get a job will get a job, what we should do is, reach a place where people should be desperate to search for us, anxious to wait for us to come for job, look forward to take us for any job.

In other words, Be searchable, Be employable and Be available for those who need you.”