Let Love Seek you..

(More about Love – on popular demand)

Love is the most frequently used and also one of the most overrated word (for some) in this era. So much has been spoken about it, written about it and depicted, in almost all forms all over all around. Keeping aside our love for our family, well-wishers and people around us for whom we care, we are focussing here on the love that would be ‘by our side’ for the rest of our life.

Many many years back, one of my dearest friend shared a very beautiful thought with me,
‘ When you love someone let it go,
If it comes back to you, it’s yours,
If it doesn’t, it never was.’

Although featured as one of the catchy dialogues about Love on the big screens, it carries lot of understanding along with it. It doesn’t tell you to completely let go of the feeling that comes with it but it makes us understand that for that Love, we do not need to change our core self entirely. In simple words, to want that same feeling reciprocated from the other end, we need to be the way we are.

Being in love with ourselves is the most central aspect in Love. They say, ‘for making someone happy, one has to be happy from within.’ This happiness firstly has to truthfully explored in us. Honesty is the first ingredient of enjoying this feeling and seeking this love. [Note – honesty and being truthful are meant differently]. Being our-self merely invites others as they look through our transparent self. It can be even seen and felt just by the look in the eyes. Poetically speaking, it makes you feel like ‘looking through the glass’.

Next is to ask ourselves, what ‘Love’ means to me? What am I looking for in my partner that would define my perfect relationship? Words like trust, understanding, honesty, passion, care etc propels in our minds. Least of all we think that these same feelings are also expected from us. We just hope and wish for those in our partners. How ironic. Therefore, in order for the love to be responded in same way, we need to dig deep and have our clarity of thought first. Flattering the person in front of us by pretending to be someone else will not lead to a lasting relation.

Evidently speaking, friendship do sometimes lay the building block of this mutual admiration feelings turned into strong bonds between partners. Admiration turned into respect from the partner becomes the added ingredient. It may seem cliche but it does work this way. What should be done for unknown acquaintances? Rather than being in pursuit of this true love, we need to shower Love from within us onto others just by being our-self. This shall be observed and noticed by others and when felt, will definitely get back to you.


Many of us are simply hunting for so called ‘true’ love. Some of them are scared to commit to already found love. Some of them still hoping for someone better than present love. What we are failing to understand is if this love has to be hunted or waited for, then we shall only fall for it not ‘rise’ in it. Again, read between the lines. Humbly speaking, there is no need to search for the perfect partner unless you are one. Even then, there isn’t. The bottom line is, there are going to be hurdles and puddles along the way. Sometimes in seeking for love or sometimes in letting it go but if the will is strong and honesty in our living, surely there will be someone seeking these qualities in you.

What should we seek out for? The answer is happiness. This should be the quest for our being. During this journey of being happy which we plan to embark for ourselves, there will be people who are in search of same quest and together it will blend to form the recipe of your choice. So spice it up and keep modifying. Enjoy being in love.

To the point speaking, keep doing what you love and love will find you.

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