Passion Pure Paradise

Five Point Answer

Define Passion: Passion are those little packets of hidden treasures within us whose map is encoded and the key is only with one person. That person is you. These packets have got unique identifiers and the key to unlock those, lies in the balance of our pure heart and our powerful mind.

How to decode this map (Description): Emotions complete our being. Our existence evolves as we begin to understand them. These emotions have varied degrees which are incomparable to anyone else’s. Passion is the highest level of this emotion which if and when is understood, can definitely give him the clue to the next milestone in the map.

How to reach and pass every milestone: Steps
1. Passion -begins with finding ourselves and our innermost desires.
2. Patience – is needed to keep looking and hunting for this passion.
3. Persistence – to constantly be in search of this passion and keep learning.
4. Purity – to be able to answer ourselves within and no one else.
5. Pleasure – once a milestone is reached to be able to enjoy and slowly move to next one with same pure intentions.
6. Power – to channelize this gained pleasure into places where others may need.
7. Paradox – to be able to deal with the hurdles and irony of the desired passion.
8. Perform – to show excellence in the passion and service others.
9. Pat_ _ _ _/Pat_ _ _ _ _ – a set of decoded words as the ninth step. (revert if you find it)
10. Paradise – final destination in your fairy tale whose key is with you.

Why do I need to find my Passion: In the quest of the informed and the spiritual knowledge when one needs to feel the desired satisfaction not just at the end of the day but for the peace of the world, then true passion surely will lead to pure paradise.

Example: Sleeping is also one strong passion within some people. A very useless and no productivity passion yet some people don’t realize, once this passion will be awakened, decoded and soon when the person shall get up, surely that day the paradise will be reached.

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