Prayers are most Peaceful Powerful Energy Source

Prayers are the most powerful and hidden inborn talent that we all have. It works wonders or we call them miracles in multiple forms. The best part about them is, that its definition is also our own and everybody has their own form of praying which is what makes us unique.

When we are born, we are unaware of this hidden talent within us. Then it is nurtured with the help of our parent’s values and their love for us. This also can be learnt in multiple ways. The key is to keep the purity in thoughts and be appreciative at all times for all the things that we have, especially our life.

As we grow up, freedom of being ourselves makes us perform prayers in our unique forms. The only factor involves in doing these prayers is, peace of mind. If one is able to feel that, then he can enjoy every bit of role that he plays in his life.

The control factor involves in praying is, through our actions. Sometimes they may transform into positive part of the prayers where everything seems to fall in place for us. This most strengthening energy source being our parent’s blessings. These are called family prayers. As we move along, our care giver and our mentors in the life also become useful energy source.

Sometimes we may tend to do mistakes as well. We may hurt someone through our actions or our words spoken. But at that time, or may be later, the realisation acts as a prayer. At the same time we also need to learn to forgive others who accept or may not accept but this makes us learn forgiveness as one form of prayer. In those times, one values the person more than being right.

At times we may do good for someone but we feel we are not getting the credit of good coins in our piggy bank of good deeds. What we fail to understand here is, if the intention behind that help is pure and is felt by other person that leads to learning the most self-satisfying prayer. Most of these situations does happen unknowingly. Here when we say we apply, ‘the left hand also should not know what right hand is doing’. Nothing else will matter then and the piggy bank will always be overflowing.

Some people pray very hard through their work. This prayer is called the dedication prayer. This generates another powerful energy source that resides within us. All we need to realise is, sometimes in the process of this work, there are other people involved who too are messengers of God. Without purposely hurting anyone if the work prayers are performed then that place becomes the place of worship.

Some people also pray through meditation. This helps them to celebrate FEAST each moment. For them mediation can simply mean sensing through different means: watching a baby sleep, listening to the shore of the calm sea, observing children play, admiring nature, gaining knowledge from different means and so on. These energies in such people can then be felt too.

This enlightens them with a source of energy that they can channelise it into generating more powerful sources. All is required for us to find these sources in ways which can make us powerful, peaceful and pure. And this shall be our ‘Aradhana to God’.

One form of Prarthana by me:
“Ask not what you want from God, ask God what you want from me.”

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