‘Resisting Temptations’

  Prayers to the Lord, our God. Happy F.E.A.S.T.


Prayer for the Beloved Father
Our Father who lives in Heaven, may your name resonates all around the world, your will be accepted in the same way on this Earth as it dwells in Heaven. We are grateful for the food and shelter that you provide for us each day. Forgive us for the mistakes that we have done and caused harm to others. May they forgive us. Help us to forgive others as well. Most importantly help us to resist the temptations and fight the evil thoughts.

                                           OLD TESTAMENT

Dear God, help us to live in content.

It may seem an easy thing to say but to fight the temptations is the toughest thing to do. In reality, these temptations lie within us. It may alleviate from our surroundings and our peers but most of time, they are the desires which we want to accomplish some way or the other. Sometimes, it is also called as our ‘inner voice’.

Pleasures and enjoyment from these temptation pulls us towards them. In pursuit of these temptations and short lived happiness, we tend to forget the path we chose to attain them. Hence it is important to educate ourselves about the outcome of these temptations before we act on them.

How can we surpass them? Luckily, we do have a solution. Each one of us is gifted with the conscience that breathes within us, lives in us and for some it surely acts as a guiding soul which gets us through the day. It experiences and grows as we grow and it helps us to fight the demons which we know are the temptations that surround us.

How do we define these temptations? Are they same for all. How do we differentiate between good and evil? This happens the moment we begin to be unappreciative of what we have and seek happiness in materialistic world. We wish for things which do not possess. This may lead to seeding the evil desires. We stop listening to our inner voice.

The correct way to overcome this is to put in the efforts by ourselves. When we face hardships and pain during the achievement of the these temptations, we understand and may value it more. This will make the soul be very satisfied and this feeling shall be long lasting.

Sometimes we may give in those temptations but that’s fine. These become our learning experiences. If those experiences help be remorseful of the wrong choices, builds endurance along the way, we shall outgrow ourselves and then may be we can guide others. Hence the wisdom from our elders surely act as an assistance which we should take into accord.

After all, we all know we came into this world with nothing in our hands and will return also with nothing but the blessings which we shall collect from our surroundings.

Learn to evolve and help other evolve too!


                                   NEW TESTAMENT

We are all God’s messengers and through us the will of God will be fulfilled. He will guide us to places we shall be needed for He knows whats best for us.

At times we may be misguided and mislead but as long as we accept our flaws and face the hurdles with courage, we will be guided according to His will every time. He will guide us at to be at the right place at the right time.


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