Transform and Transfigure out of Free Will in F.E.A.S.T.

All of us enjoy living in freedom. We are also glad with the digitization, it has given people platform to reach out to so many more and enhance this freedom. This gives us a power of being ourselves. And this power to transform something or someone is also within us.

Our belief system has an important role to play in this transformation. As we grow up, we gather all different types of knowledge elements around us. These are moulded into our thoughts and applied accordingly by ourselves. These become our actions which define us. It is, how we choose ourselves to be. Majority of these times depict the learning curve which we can choose to take it, in any direction. The question is when do we figure out the changes in the curve?

We all know we should have a positive approach to our life. We are aware in this journey of life, mistakes and failures also are milestones that one may face. When these milestones are touched, the phase of transformation begins. Through these situations, one learns, adapts, survives and has the choice of improving to come out of it. This seems easy to say but it is equally difficult to approach. One can understand that through patience and experiencing more and more, one learns to improve his learning curve.

What actually transforms us is our thinking process. From the adversities that we face, if we get the understanding that these mistakes can be shared as experience to those who are unknown to such situations, we can bring transformation to their life as well. But is this really possible?

We, at Aradhana are aiming to pen down such first-hand experiences, include the stories untold by the people themselves, so people who are in need can be aided. Our aim is to build a chain of people joining and lending hand to each other. Also as we evolve, experiences evolve and thereby, keep changing the status quo by learning and revolutionising not just ourselves, but through us transforming others. This shall be possible if people want to use their free will. This is the celebration we would like to call it FEAST by finding, exploring, adapting, surviving and transfiguring ourselves. We believe we can bring this change as the fact remains that ‘power of changing you is only in you, your words, your thoughts and your will.’

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