Treat and F.E.A.S.T. with your Choices

Life seems beautiful if it happens just as the way we planned it to be. Everything falling into place, we may feel being lucky most of the times and it is also aided with us having a positive attitude towards life. Sometimes it may feel like, all our inner wishes are coming true. Does this imaginary world exist only in our mind or is it reality?

It’s a difficult choice to pick one answer, but I will try to put forward all possible views.

Firstly, the question is do we have our fairy land. Along with this, who all do we want in this land to be with? As we know no one wishes to in a deserted island alone, exceptions excluded. So once we begin to think about this dreamland, then we may begin to conspire things to get there. This conspire includes our hard work, our dedication and multiple other factors which becomes our support system and help us grow. For this we need to make choices.

Secondly, we need to decide what we want in this imaginary world of ours. For instance some of us run for fame, some for money, some may, for pure success. There can be multiple possible reasons for those. Also, sometimes we have someone to look up to, reaching that successful stage. And in our fairy land, we already have placed all those people who we get inspired from and wish to be with in it. Again, we need to make choices for these.

Next comes, how have we planned our journey for this dream to be achieved. These involves again multiple numerous difficult choices that one has to make for the survival of the dream. To look for this, one can take a few pointers of journey through FEAST where one collaborates and transforms himself to make choices into reality.

In this whole journey, one needs to account for their own choices on their own. When we start understanding, that our existence is not dependent on anyone (until a particular stage), then we should be able to make those choices without blaming anyone and holding anyone responsible but ourselves. This helps a person to grow more. Through the various learnings, experiences, struggles and achievement stories from successful people of our co-inhabitants dreamland, this will become simpler.

If one really needs to find an answer and wishes to know an easy way out for choices to be made, then the answer lies only within you. If one is ready to bear the consequences of the decision made and comes to the acceptance terms with those choices made, then making decision becomes much more simpler. In this scenario as well, there is the most simplest choice to choose from. One, is falling in the category of being whine and finding all excuses for not having the things happening accordance to their desire, and the other ones are survivors of the deserted dream island who make difficult choices also look so simple that it doesn’t affect which island they are on, as whichever one they choose to be becomes the dreamland, not just for themselves, but for others too. During this process, they also enlighten others as well. After all they know very well, our choices are only the reflection of how we are and what we choose to…..

Note:Factors mentioned above also include our choice of our lifestyle( a trivial but thought provoking remark)

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