Lets talk a little about science today. Ever felt a vibration? In scientific terms, vibration is anything that causes resonance between the minutest molecules in any cellular structure. Now, in common terms, most of us are not aware that we emit these vibrations too.

These vibrations are called our thoughts. These thoughts which come in our mind, not just for ourselves and but for others as well, creating hidden and unseen vibrations. It is left unto us that how we channelize these vibrations which can create positive sources of energy. We shall learn more about it.

Let us take simplest example which we can relate with every day. Many of us love listening to music. Ever wondered why we specifically like a particular genre of music at a particular time. This is because, the musical notes which our senses sense make these vibrations flow in our body. What does that do?

These vibrations then emit energy within us, which makes us become more positive. That’s when we say depending on the mood we listen and choose our songs. Try that with singing too. It will work with same logic.

All great musicians and artists are creative in their field based on the vibrations that they bring into their work. In other words, we call this their passion. These vibrations can then be felt by others too. That’s when we enjoy the music and appreciate someone’s work. This is because we connect with them through it. Once, we all are in same frequency then we say melody is created.

For all of us this melody may mean differently. For some, these melodies may even come when someone talks, some of us may admire someone’s behaviour, and for some it can be the energy that even an unknown person brings into the room and so on. What actually, is this melody and how can we create them ourselves?

We can definitely do create this melody. These sources of energy are the power of our thought process. When we encounter any situation, we release a thought/s in our minds and that thought flows across. This may sound a little unscientific to extent and also unbelievable, but it is true. Knowingly or unknowingly we are allowing our thoughts to cause those vibrations to surround us throughout.

What is required from us, is to keep that transparency and honesty in them. It is too much to ask and apply, but in order for others to feel this positive energy, these positive thoughts conversion are required.

For instance, if we see someone in trouble, even if we cannot ask or do something about it, if we can bring a thought which will bring peace to the other person’s hurt soul, then we surely can create a tune. This tune will surely be felt by the other person. We can call these thoughts in simplest form as Blessings.

Blessings are purest form of vibrations. Many people feel those every day. Some feel from within, some draw energy form others and many may unknowingly be passing to others through their thoughts. Soon when we begin to learn the real meaning of praying and especially for others then we begin to understand how powerful that melody became which will echo in our minds throughout the day and years to come.

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