Prayers to the Lord, our God. Happy F.E.A.S.T.


                                     OLD TESTAMENT

Dear God, help all of us become aware of our V- element.

Lord we will be virtuous in the way that we shall try to do right thing, at the right time, in a right way, in right amount for right reasons and toward the right people.

Aristotle rightly said, ” There is no need to be specific, because if you are virtuous you know what to do all the time. you know how to handle yourself, how to get along with others, have good judgement, read the people around and then plan your words and actions at the right time “.

One of the Virtue element is COURAGE which means finding the right way to attack.
Another element which is important is HONESTY which suggests that one should be a balance between brutal honest and being a liar altogether.Being virtuous is Delivering right truths gracefully, breaking bad news gently, offer constructive criticism than soul crushing.

One more element associated with it is being GENEROUS which suggests balance between being stingy or too much prodigal. Giving to those who dont have who need it should be the idealogy at the same time being smart enough to understand what to not give to those who dont need it for now.

Hence the golden mean depends on the situation and ability to produce the required right effort at that particular time.

Therefore Aristotle suggested that being Virtutous is a skill (a way of living) which comes with experience and so does being wise once learnt from both the good/bad situations and gaining practical wisdom.

In order to learn this virtuous behaviorism one needs to develop the character with habituation and when continually doing the right thing becomes the part of life for that person then he gradually becomes virtuous. The faster way to develop though is to follow those who are already virtuous and emulating them, these people are call moral exemplars. The advantage that everyone hold is we all have the ability to recognize and emulate them from others. So it can be easily learnt by watching them and replicating it.

At first, it may be difficult and look fake but gradually it will become our robust character trait and eventually it will become the part of our mannerism that we want to manifest.

The important question is whats the need and motivation to be Virtuous. Virtue theory states that if we are virtuous then we can attain the pinnacle of humanity. a simple word ” EUDAIMONIA “meaning a Life well lived, human flourishing.

A life of EUDAIMONIA is a life of striving. Its a life of pushing yourself to your limits, and finding success. A Eudaimonistic life will be full of happiness that comes from achieving something really difficult, rather than just having it handed to you. Its like sleeping at the end of the day peacefully having a satisfying sweet pleasure in our minds and we pushing ourselves to the best person we could be that day.

This is Morality for Aristotle. It means owning to our strengths while working on our weaknesses.


                                   NEW TESTAMENT

He showed us the right path and His mother was always by His side.