Wish Swishhh

Ever notice a shooting star and wished for something. Ever used your fallen eyelashes for making a wish. Ever made a wish while seeing a postal van. We all have our own secret way of wishing for things that we keep it in hiding. Well some of us might do. What can be other ways to wish for? And do these wishes ever come true.

We all have heard about the famous Genie of the Lamp story. One day it got me into thinking, at any particular instant, given a chance of three wise wishes which we may be granted what are we gonna do?

Take a moment and think. I’m sure we can come up with something depending on what point of time we are in and may be ask for things we might be lacking in. I’m also almost certain about one more thing. We would definitely be thinking with respect to ourselves first. It’s natural and instinctive. One should be honest to admit it. Also, to add to that we should hope for giving our best to work for those wishes we asked for. We obviously know wishing for ‘landing on Mars’ wouldn’t be possible if we are not keen enough to learn the way to reach it.

Now imagine the same situation of Genie in the lamp only this time, we cannot be secretive but have to speak out loud about these wishes in front of everyone. Again take some time to rethink over the wishes made earlier. Are we then going to ask for same or we may change and ask wish for others as well. I think we might. How will this be different now? Something to ponder!!!

The core question is- Is it wrong to be in constant desire of something? For those who feel content; given a chance can/may wish for someone else as well. What is this chance actually? Isn’t it every moment. Life is giving us those chances each second of our lives. If we truly, genuinely, selflessly wish for something which may be beneficial for all around us, wouldn’t it be more effective. Yes it will definitely be. Tried and tested.

People who have gone through many struggles in life, worked hard for their wishes to come true and have made a name for themselves, have a very beautiful thing in common. ‘Humility’. This humility naturally develops from the wisdom that they collect which lands them from the flight of wishful thinking onto the actual ground of being pragmatic. They no longer wait for wishes to be fulfilled or any Genie to appear or offer bribes to God to fulfil their needs. They always remain thankful to the Lord for whatever they have. They live with ‘Gratitude as their best attitude.’ Difficult for some but always attainable.

What about those who are still in the quest and keep wondering as to why things don’t fall into place for them? Even when they try hard, why there is more struggle for them? Why is God not answering and granting them their wishes in spite of them doing everything possible at hand. How do we solve this situation? Is there a solution. Possibly yes.

Let’s do an exercise. We all know practice makes man perfect. This practice is the repetition of the activity in order to excel in it. Correct! Now consider this practise in terms of asking wish from God. Make a habit of spending a minute at the most peaceful time of the day of yours and consciously in your mind speak to the Lord about what you want and how are you going to make it possible yourself. Try and include others as well in this wish. There’s no magic here. This is only a conscious attempt to constantly feed in our minds about the desires that we wish for and even keep repeating by saying them out loud sometimes. Is this of any use?

A famous author rightfully has written,
‘When we truly wish for something with all our heart, mind and soul,
all the forces in the universe will somehow conspire to make it happen.’

This may be true considering we selflessly include others also in our wishes. Those who believe that through Lord we all are connected and while we desire for things of our own, others too are wishing for something at the same time. These wishes then get interlinked and interrelated somehow. Thus, knowingly or unknowingly together we all help each other make them come true.

There are many incidents where people observed that, in places of need, God provided without any difficulty automatically. This happens not by mere coincidence but by His unrevealing plans for us that even we might not foresee. For others, the ones who patiently wait, they know their God sent angles will come and rescue them from their difficult times.

All we need to do is, “Wish well for others, especially those who are in most need of help from Lord even though we might not know them. Keep them in our prayers every day and surely God will answer to our wishes at the time of our need”. Be Patient, Be Polite and Be Positive in Life.

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