Women Power

A Very Happy Women’s Day to all Lovely Ladies

  Prayers to the Lord, our God. Happy F.E.A.S.T.


                                     OLD TESTAMENT

Dear God,
Enlighten us.

Woman is the soul of any home. When she decides something, she focusses on it and gives her best. What more she wants. She doesn’t want anything back. That is where her beauty lies.

She moulds everyone around. She brings happiness to everyone’s soul. She cares for whoever she can. That is where her beauty lies.

She will eat less if food is not enough, she will cry on her own when noone will watch. She will try to show she is happy, even though she may be not. That is where her beauty lies .

She will be ecstatic when her family is around. She will be involved as much as she possibly can. She will never take credit for what she does. That is where her beauty lies.

She is an awesome multitasker. She has memory of multiple minds. She knows how to keep house a home. That is where her beauty lies.

Only SHE and SHE will know who she truly is..Unless you meet her.


                                   NEW TESTAMENT

He made us powerful women and we are gifted as we are part of Him.



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