Work as our Identity

“What is truly yours but came from somewhere else?” A very common riddle that we have encountered many a times. The answer is our Name. It does mean a lot for everyone, as that is our identity. This identity that is bestowed on us by our parents, is something that they truly wished for us to have and having some meaning and relevance for them as well. We shall be always be thankful to them for this as this truly embarks our entry into this world as our being complete, with our family name.

Although most of us know we don’t really get to choose and pick one of them but we can and surely create something more of that identity to conspire it to become more meaningful. The meaning and origin of our name also forms a part of our identity sometimes, when we are asked about it. Other times, we are ourselves inquisitive to know what made our parents bless us with this name that we have. We all are also very proud (in a subtle way) of this name and we ought to be. It represents us, in front of the world that we step in. My riddle is, ‘Does the name matter more than how the person is?’ If not, then what does!

We know for a fact that our name defines us in our education field and our further prospects that we come across, but there is something more that we do carry with ourselves and which is entirely ours and represents us. This is our way of work and our true identity. This identity which is not just seen in our house around family members but also around the people whom we encounter each day.

This work compiles many aspects. It includes our behaviour with people and our collaboration with them. Also, our acceptance to any domain of work that fits our ability, our mistakes and then learning, improvising, adapting and bringing a change in ourselves (as fairly explained in detail in previous articles about FEAST). To add to that, our principles and values with which we show the dedication and code of ethics, brings out our true identity ie our work identity. One has to also understand that for different people these work ethics could mean differently, as they are reasoned by us for our sustainability in that particular environment. And that’s something, one accounts for their work identity.

This work identity which is created by us, is in our hands entirely. It is like a clay in the moulding stage which can be moulded into any shape that we desire. This again can be remoulded and modified according to the situation. This work of craft can be polished by us through various learning skills along the way and thereby using them in a productive manner, not just for ourselves but for all around us to be inspired.

After all, we all know “God’s people shall enjoy the fruits of their labours.” And this labour should be one’s reflection of identity that one can aspire to be remembered for.

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