Survival of the Fittest or Survival of the Thoughts

There are different ways to understand our being. Some say we have to deal with the situations as an when they come, some may tell us to build the endurance to face the crisis and most of them, know it as surviving for our living. Survival can be being co-existent, being persistent and also having the skill to be able to do that. Is this purpose enough then?

Many of us are seen fascinated with the people who have seen success in their life. What sometimes we may miss seeing is the amount of hard work involved with the motivation that their future generations can also survive. Then how can we learn to survive and also aspire to be successful at the same time?

It is the time of the hour we understand that we need to work for our survival not just in terms of increasing our living standards but to be able to have a legacy to share this survival with. It means bestow upon the words of wisdom to our future generations for them to learn the optimized and improved ways of survival. In this regard the success stories and famous quotes given by people shoulder the responsibility of encouraging our want to increase our survival rate.

This can be achieved taking small steps at a time. For instance following the morals we believe in, which we tend to miss out on. From childhood we learn multiple stories, recite numerous poems, and they all teach us something. May be sometimes it is required to back to school phase and now, when we have the understanding of those stories and what great works we have read, we should be able to apply them. This is forgotten most of the times as we grow up.

We at F.E.A.S.T, are here to make that survival easy by giving a unique perspective for the survival instinct, giving a way to overcome those mistakes one has already made and attempting to revisit the new reformed way of surviving through ones’ thoughts which one experiences along his way and sure can pass it on for other to share.

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